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State of the Dad

Just got back from seeing my Dad at the hospital. He looks and sounds 1000% better. We forgot his teeth so he hasn’t been able to eat anything until we brought them tonight, but with all the stuff they’ve been pumping through his IV he hasn’t been doing too bad. The digestion problem still hasn’t been brought 100% under control, but it is better than it was when we brought him in yesterday.

He has become reconciled to the fact that his beloved Caddy is no more and is recovering from that emotional loss. I think his replacement vehicle is going to be another Cadillac. So another emotional roller coaster over that car…

There must not be very many people in that hospital because the guy at the front desk knew all about the tests Dad had had that day and told us about them (but not the results) on the way to the elevators (so we would get the right elevator for the wing he was in). The wing he is in all the floors are floor 1 but you have 1, 1A, and 1B. Why they couldn’t just go Ground, 2, 3, and 4 I don’t know, but they didn’t. That’s the government for you, I guess.

Speaking of imaging tests there were some he couldn’t do because his back would go into spasm when they tried to put him against the sensor or just on the cold table. It is very hard to get a good image if the person your trying to get an image from is curled up in the fetal position 😛

And to complement that image in your minds my pain pills are wearing off and I’m starting to get a throbbing knee and hip pain from whatever it is I did to my leg earlier, and the additional damage I did to my knee from moving Dad around when the phone rang at the other end of the house which only gave me 4 rings to answer before going to voice mail. That one (moving Dad) really hurt and hurts now. because of that I will bid you a fond adieu, and see you tomorrow with more bike wrecks, infrastructure, and people being stupid around bicycles.




Why no post yesterday, and the Feed

Dad took a serious turn for the worse yesterday as his pain levels spiked and his digestive issues went really bad. I won’t go into deep details because he’s my Dad and deserves privacy, but the parts I can tell aren’t very good. He had been not eating even though he enjoyed what little he ate he just didn’t want anything except ice cream (that I had been spiking with protein powder) and even ice cream he wouldn’t eat very much of. When we decided to take him to the hospital it was mostly for he intractable pain levels he was experiencing but what he was admitted for was he was in early stages of renal failure which apparently started about the same time as all the other difficulties. They caught it in time and had him on IV hydration and nutrition when I left him last night. They were also checking to make sure he hadn’t caught any kind of diseases from being in the creek however long he was in there. The doctors think that would be a high probability cause of the loss of appetite and kidney shutdown. UPDATE: As I was putting this post together Dad called from his hospital room to tell me he was feeling much better, and that they keep finding things wrong with him. I’m going to be seeing him this evening so there will be an additional update late this evening as a separate post.

Up first by way of severity and proximity to WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell, a cyclist is hit from behind on the shoulder of a busy highway and bike route in Austin TX. Fatal wreck on Loop 360 concerns Austin cycling groups and Cyclists: Do you ride on Loop 360? also Cyclist dies in accident on Hwy 360 AFAIK the cyclist was in the shoulder when he was hit from behind by the weapon vehicle. LEO are still trying to determine why the weapon vehicle left the road and hit the cyclist. Because of the speed involved the cyclist’s helmet was not a major factor in the wreck aside from adding to the debris field. I’m not sure anything could have been done by the cyclist to prevent the weapon vehicle from hitting him in the shoulder of the road, but SBR would have prevented that from even being an issue.

Still in Austin the victim of a hit-and run will be left with permanent paralysis to the left side of his head a well as loss of hearing. Update released about injured cyclist’s condition Best wishes for the cyclist, curses and doom on the driver. May the driver somehow be required to compensate the cyclist for his damages.

An idiot in a fast car hits-and runs a cyclist in Houston. HPD: Driver runs over woman, strikes building and Driver hits cyclist before crashing into building The driver was arrested and immediately made bail from comments on the articles and the FB page. No way to avoid a wreck like this as the cyclist was crossing the intersection legally when she was hit. SBR might not even have prevented this wreck as it depends on drivers also following the laws which wasn’t happening with this speeding driver that ignored the signals when he hit the cyclist.

An 11YO salmon cyclist is severely injured in SC Pickens boy hit by car while riding bike and Child Injured While Riding Bike The kid was pretty busted up as they say in the south. Be conspicuous and ride with traffic to avoid, SBR that even m American 11YO can understand and use to prevent.

Kid in a bike hit and injured in MA. Car hits Easton teen on bike in Norton LEO is blaming the cyclist for not wearing a glow in the dark clown suit despite it not saying the time of day the cyclist was hit from behind. At this point I can’t say what would have definitively avoided this wreck, but SBR that can be used by people wearing normal clothing would definitely prevent the wreck.

Kid hit by a bus in Vancouver WA. Boy’s death spurs concern over C-Tran route The video linked in the article comments showed the cyclist about 1/3 of the way across the intersection when the bus started moving and impacted the cyclist with the side of the bus. the cyclist was crossing the road with the light in the crosswalk but riding salmon for the direction he was travelling. I’m just agog trying to figure out how this could be avoided because there was wrong on both sides, the cyclist riding salmon and in the sidewalk, the bus driver failing to yield to a person legally using the crosswalk and there before she started to move the bus. Even Dutch-style infrastructure would have had bikes and buses on the same street in this downtown setting but would have had a speed limit of ~18 MPH (30 km/h) so the bus and the bike would have been about the same speed. More 11-year-old bicyclist dies after collision with bus in Vancouver also 11-year-old bicyclist dies after collision with bus in Vancouver And for all the people screaming about helmets, this kid died of blood loss after losing an arm in the wreck, but his head was practically untouched.

Another wreck in the ‘Couve. Cyclist critically injured in Hazel Dell crash Just enough given about the direction of travel for the weapon vehicle, for only cursory advice about intersection protocols to avoid and SBR to prevent.

Another kid is hit in AR. Lonoke County Child on Bike Hit and Killed by Car Combining the video and the text reports I still have no idea what happened in the wreck to be able to tell you how to avoid the wreck, or to be able to say if SBR really would have been able to prevent it.

Update on that wreck in Temucula CA. PHOTOS: Crash Leaves Bicycle Rider in Hospital Yes very bad wreck. see the previous post (Saturday’s) to find how to avoid/prevent another wreck like this.

Either another report on the WI wreck from Saturday, or another wreck near the site of the first one. Horicon man critically injured after being hit by car If this wreck is as reported to avoid use the first protocol in the intersection protocols, when at a stop sign you need to stop and yield for oncoming traffic. To prevent SBR with Dutch-style intersection treatments.

Last link to a wreck story is another report on the 3 cyclists that were hit riding in GA. Report: Two Central Florida bicyclists killed on Georgia road and Osteen, Sanford cyclists killed in Georgia Again this wreck was 100% the fault of the driver as the cyclists were wearing the glow in the dark clown costumes and had lights on both their persons and their bikes when the driver “didn’t see” them. The cyclists had done everything possible to avoid this wreck and the driver failed to have the due diligence required to not hit vehicles on the side of the road.

And last link, “Bo knows” how to ride a bike as he completes 300 miles in 5 days riding across AL for tornado relief. Special Report: Bo Bikes Bama and Bo bikes ‘Bama to help tornado victims also Bo Jackson’s bike tour raises $410,000 for Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund (photos) more Bo Jackson finishes 300-mile ride Not done yet Heisman winner Bo Jackson finishes 300-mile bike ride for tornado relief, raises $413K so far still more Heisman winner Bo Jackson raises over $400,000 with 300-mile tornado relief ride also Bo Jackson finishes 300-mile tornado relief ride Still not done Way to go, biker Bo More, more, more Bo knows biking, too getting close now Bo goes over top again, makes all happy this time around another link Bo Jackson’s bicycle trek ends in Tuscaloosa last link Bo raises more than $400,000 for tornado relief effort Now, be honest. Could I have raised nearly a half a million dollars if I had been the one leading a ride across AL? Didn’t think so. There are times when famous people can help just by being famous, like this time.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, more tonight when I update y’all on Dad’s condition after the hospital visit.

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