State of the Dad

Just got back from seeing my Dad at the hospital. He looks and sounds 1000% better. We forgot his teeth so he hasn’t been able to eat anything until we brought them tonight, but with all the stuff they’ve been pumping through his IV he hasn’t been doing too bad. The digestion problem still hasn’t been brought 100% under control, but it is better than it was when we brought him in yesterday.

He has become reconciled to the fact that his beloved Caddy is no more and is recovering from that emotional loss. I think his replacement vehicle is going to be another Cadillac. So another emotional roller coaster over that car…

There must not be very many people in that hospital because the guy at the front desk knew all about the tests Dad had had that day and told us about them (but not the results) on the way to the elevators (so we would get the right elevator for the wing he was in). The wing he is in all the floors are floor 1 but you have 1, 1A, and 1B. Why they couldn’t just go Ground, 2, 3, and 4 I don’t know, but they didn’t. That’s the government for you, I guess.

Speaking of imaging tests there were some he couldn’t do because his back would go into spasm when they tried to put him against the sensor or just on the cold table. It is very hard to get a good image if the person your trying to get an image from is curled up in the fetal position 😛

And to complement that image in your minds my pain pills are wearing off and I’m starting to get a throbbing knee and hip pain from whatever it is I did to my leg earlier, and the additional damage I did to my knee from moving Dad around when the phone rang at the other end of the house which only gave me 4 rings to answer before going to voice mail. That one (moving Dad) really hurt and hurts now. because of that I will bid you a fond adieu, and see you tomorrow with more bike wrecks, infrastructure, and people being stupid around bicycles.



One response to “State of the Dad

  1. Glad to hear your father is doing better, you had us worried the other day. Hope he bounces back to his old self soon.


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