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Did some infrastructure research today, and the Feed

Happy Beltain to all my Pagan friends and readers!

Since I have access to this high-end computer with the great sound and lightning fast graphics I have been perusing A view from the cycle path David Hembrow’s excellent blog on cycle infrastructure done right and watching the video of how that infrastructure works. All I have to say is forget the stupid paint on the street “solutions” that have been promulgated here in the US as “bicycle infrastructure” and start building what they have in the Netherlands. Some of their cities have a 40% cycling mode share, and a 75% commute share. I know some transportation people who would sell their souls to get the Dutch mode share as a commute share as it would mean 39.9% fewer cars during the heaviest traffic of the day, or basically free-flowing traffic without having to build any more lanes. In fact with a 40% bicycle commute share they could remove an entire lane from cars in either direction to have a place to put the bike infrastructure on most commuting arterials.

Up first instead of linking to all the new stories about the Berkley hit-and-run that are 90% the same thing, and that I have already covered last week, I have links to a man that was hit from behind in GA. Cyclist Killed On North Decatur Road Was 53 and Bicyclist killed in Decatur identified as youth soccer coach also News update, May 1 another one Cyclist Killed in Accident Identified as Paul Taylor, 53 and last link Obit for Paul Taylor, Bicyclist Killed In Wreck From what I can tell about this wreck there was no reason for it, Mr. Taylor was doing everything right when he was hit from behind and the driver apparently wasn’t out to “get” cyclists so much as cyclists didn’t register on her radar screen. IOW she really “didn’t see him” in spite of the cyclist wearing bright colors. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and some of that Dutch-style infrastructure in Mr. Hembrow’s blog to prevent a similar wreck.

More on the AR teenager that was killed riding his bike. Juvenile dies in Lonoke County accident to get you back up to speed about the facts in the wreck UPDATE: Neighbors call for speed limits where 13-year-old is killed and Officials investigating traffic death of Ark teen more Neighbors Call for Changes After Teen Killed in Lonoke Co. From what I can determine from the totality of these articles is that with the current conditions the cyclist had no ability to see the car coming when he was at the stop sign, between the underbrush obstructing visibility and the 45 MPH speed limit in what has become a residential area. What people are saying is that this was caused by faulty infrastructure that nobody wants to take the reponsibility for, and the kid had zero chance of being able to avoid this wreck. So then that makes SBR the only way to avoid or prevent this wreck other than pure dumb luck.

A really bad wreck in CA that shouldn’t have happened, similar to the Hwy 360 wreck in Austin last week. CHP identifies Santa Maria man hit and killed while riding bike in Lompoc and Bicyclist hit by vehicle on Highway 1 dies more Bicyclist killed co-founded cycling club in Orcutt The cyclist was in the middle of a wide shoulder when the weapon vehicle drifted off the road and into the cyclist. Hit-from-behind protocols would have had a slight chance of improving the outcome of this wreck, SBR might have prevented it, but what is really needed is better control over who gets to drive deadly weapons on the roads. There was plenty of room for the cyclist and the vehicle on this bit of road had the driver been competent. But I see about as much chance of that being changed as I do us getting Dutch-style infrstructure in this decade…

Another bike wreck in CA, the rider was conscious after the wreck and the driver was blamed for the wreck. Bike Rider, Car Collide on South Novato Blvd. There wasn’t much information given but this appears to be a crossing impact caused by the driver violating he cyclist’s right of way during a turning movement. Intersection protocols to avoid, and that good old Dutch-style SBR to prevent.

Explaining the rules after a car kills a cyclist in GA. Rules of the road when cycling The cyclist in this case was lucky to not get hurt, most confrontations with motor vehicles end up with transportable injury or worse.

The last several links are all related to the state of bike infrastructure in the UK and specifically London. The Cycling revolution? How Boris courted and then lost the ever-growing cycling lobby and Mayor’s attack on ‘superior’ cyclists could cost him the two-wheel vote and also Boris Johnson: the cycle lobby messes it up

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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