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Dad is still making progress at recovery, and I am still in pain from trying to take care of him. I have lots of help taking care of Dad which is making the pain more tolerable, but I would greatly prefer to not have any pain while I’m trying to help my Dad. But I don’t get to make that choice so everybody just muddles along as best we can.

Up first is an update on the dog, that stayed with the man, who was killed in a hit-and-run, and who was riding the bike across the country to memorialize a friend. Cyclist’s dog adopted by family friend after he’s killed in hit-and-run accident The dog is taken care of, and appeared to know the person who was fostering her. Now they need to find the low-life scum that killed her master and left his body on the side of the road.

Still in CA a cyclist is hit by a tour bus, and barely survives. Injured Cyclist Identified, Still Hospitalized There was a lot of blood on the street after that wreck. From what little I can find out and from the picture the bike was hit from the left and the rider knocked into the street by the impact while the cyclist was crossing in front of the bus, and LEO are not blaming the cyclist for making an illegal movement like running a stop sign or a red light. So I’m going to go with the bus ran into the cyclist because the driver was not looking for a bicycle on the road (I bet that won’t be the case in the future if the driver continues to drive). To avoid use intersection protocols, to prevent get the infrastructure right and keep the bikes and the buses away from each other except in tightly controlled conditions.

More from CA about that wicked left cross in SF. Cyclist Critically Injured In SoMa Crash Cyclist still not doing so good, driver barely mentioned. Same synopsis as yesterday.

Moving east we find another wreck in SC. Bicyclist dies after accident on Folly Road They blamed the cyclist for sideswiping the first vehicle? What was traffic that backed up that the cyclist was moving faster than the cars on the road? And then how did the second vehicle hit the cyclist if the cyclist was going that much faster than the motor vehicles? Aside from 2 vehicles and a dead cyclist this all reeks of fiction to me… Street View of the location 2323 Folly Road Boulevard, Charleston, SC

A cyclist is either right-hooked or just plain squeezed off the road by a firetruck in Denver. Cyclist hurt when he rode too close to Denver fire truck I blame this one on FRAP laws and poor cyclist education, plus crappy infrastructure that puts bikes to the right of heavy vehicles that may be turning right.

The kinds of wreck we are most likely to see when they get the infrastructure right, except the driver did not go immediately to jail. Child on bicycle hit by car on Jergee Drive Notice the child in this case had only superficial injuries? When the infrastructure is done right this is about the only time bikes and cars will be together on the same paved surface.

A bike v ped wreck in OR. Man injured on path in critical condition This wreck exemplifies why I think bikes are better than cars for other road users: If this had been a car v ped wreck, how likely would it have been that the driver of the car was injured in a wreck the pedestrian survived?

From MI a kid hit on his bike is improving. Hartford boy’s condition upgraded to good after being struck while riding his bicycle Again I say that this is a wreck that at least half of the blame could be placed at the infrastructure level, mixing cars and pedestrians and bicycles all in the same space without slowing the cars down to speeds that are easily survivable in a wreck in cases where the kids jump out in front of cars, and that give drivers lots of time to react and stop or otherwise avoid contact with pedestrians or cyclists.

I make no secret about my enthusiasm for e-assist bikes, here’s a program that is testing them in areas where e-bikes haven’t made significant headway before and trying to understand why that is. Danville testing bicycles with electric motor assistance This program is well away from the usual e-bike “strongholds” of big cities on the coasts, trying to see if it a generalized “bike” thing, or just that there is a lack of exposure to assisted bikes that is the problem causing a lack of e-assist bikes away from big cities.

LifeStyle from the area around the US national capital. Vigilante Bicyclist Gets His Stolen Bike Back Not a recommended way to do this, but having seen the lack of effort shown by LEO in recovering stolen bicycles when Gigi went missing I completely understand.

Last link is to a custom 3-wheeler for the Minnesota Twins’ mascot TC, because wearing a bear suit is hard work. Behind Bars Makes TC’s Custom Trike The bike is only using SLA technology, but given the short trips it’s going to make and the lack of hills to get up (the pitcher’s mound is the highest point on the field and the trike normally won’t leave the field except for the rare parade) that should suffice for a very long time.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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