Weird news on a rainy Saturday, and the Feed

Dad is still doing well, getting around more on his feet and getting up and doing things. He had a busy day yesterday of OT and PT and just getting lots of visitors, so he slept well last night. Me, not so much as I’m out of my pain pills and can’t get my right foot folded up under me enough to get a sock on to wear shoes 😛

Up first, that SC cyclist that “sideswiped” an SUV and was run over by a second vehicle was the alleged perpetrator of a DUI fatality last fall. Victim of Folly Road bike fatality was the driver in Skinful felony DUI The wreck still does not make sense, unless the SUV he sideswiped was parked, because he was forced into the parked cars by motor vehicles passing too close and then bounced in front of the car that killed him. but the fact that he was alleged to be the driver in a DUI fatality and then dies riding a bike, well let’s just say the needle in my irony meter is bouncing off the peg.

A SWSS wreck in Ogden UT. Bicyclist injured when struck by car in Ogden Looking at the bike in the picture, it was definitely struck from the left. The impact seems to be well left of the vehicle center and the bike seems to be sitting in the left turn lane. So from the evidence this does seem to be a cyclist that made a lane change that was either ignored by the driver or too late for the driver to stop. To avoid use intersection protocols, specifically the ones on how to make a legal left turn, and to prevent get the infrastructure right so a cyclist doesn’t have to negotiate a 4-lane highway with motor vehicles moving at high speeds to get from one place to another.

A MI sidewalk cyclist is right-hooked. Accident Leaves Cyclist Injured In Traverse City This one is super-simple to avoid: Ride in the street where drivers can see you and not turn in front of you and also use the rest of the intersection protocols, likewise to prevent get the infrastructure right so cyclists don’t feel compelled to ride on sidewalks.

A UK wreck is easily explained and prevented. Train-death cyclist had headphones on OK I have to do at least one of these every couple of months. These are so simple to avoid I just can’t believe people get hit by trains: Stay off the track when a train is coming. If you have headphones on be very careful about looking around to make sure you are not about to step in front of a moving train.

Last link today is an Infrastructure! article from AZ. Scottsdale Personal Injury Attorney Quoted On Local News About New Arizona Bicycle Law I’m not convinced I like the bit about making cyclists at fault in wrecks, I’m hoping this means only wrecks where the cyclist failed to yield the right of way to the motor vehicle that would have had right of way (like if the driver was first to a 4-way stop or was on a through street and the cyclist had the stop sign).

And that’s all the news that gave me fits today.

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