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Still stuck in TN for the moment, and the Feed

Dad is recovering, slowly, and I still have to be here to take care of him. Dad’s moving around a bit better, but he gets tired quickly and can’t go very far. A walk of about 40 feet exhausts him. He’s getting better about using his cane instead of leaning on me when he walks, which is good, and he’s getting better about getting up and down on his own power. When he can make it from the bed to the toilet under his own power then I can go home.

Up first by dint of number of links is the cyclist that was killed on the Reach the Beach ride in OR. Washougal cyclist dies after being hit by car in Oregon and Washougal cyclist critically injured in crash on Oregon 18, along route for Reach the Beach charity ride another Cyclist dies after being hit on Highway 18 more Camas bicyclist killed while riding to beach still more Cyclist dies after being hit by truck on Highway 18 and Wash. bicyclist struck, killed by truck in Oregon not done yet Washougal bicyclist struck, killed by truck in Oregon more Cyclist dies after getting struck on Highway 18 even more Bicyclist who joined Reach the Beach dies after being struck by vehicle and another one Bicyclist Hit By Car On Highway 18 Dies I think I see the end of the list from here Cyclist killed by truck near Grand Ronde getting closer Bicyclist Struck, Killed By Pickup Near Grand Ronde last link Bicyclist hit by car was fighting brain cancer The mode of the wreck was hit from behind by a vehicle that had swerved onto the shoulder to pass illegally on the right. I don’t see why the driver has not been charged, but even in the US’ answer to Amsterdam there are people who don’t like bikes on the same road, and some of those people are LEO.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, another victim. Lake Worth teen bicyclist killed by car SWCC as the only one reporting the wreck was the driver that killed him. Assuming the report was accurate, look before crossing a street or road, otherwise hit-from-behind protocols to avoid.

Still in FL, family and friends of a slain cyclist protest lack of charges against a driver that fell asleep at the wheel under the influence of prescription drugs and killed a cyclist in a bike lane. Family, friends of Fort Myers cyclist killed in crash confront driver after court appearance The driver admits falling asleep at the wheel, but LEO refused to prosecute even after drugs were found in the driver’s blood that would have caused that very thing. Cyclists and the family of the deceased are understandably upset about the situation.

In the 49th State a sidewalk salmon cyclist is hit in a driveway. Bicyclist crashes under car making turn, suffers leg, chest injuries and Bicyclist critically injured after collision with vehicle Remember, driveways are intersections and drivers are not looking for cyclists on the sidewalks even when they are coming from the direction the driver expects to see traffic coming from. So, intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right so cyclists aren’t on the sidewalk where drivers aren’t looking for them.

A wreck that’s hard for Superman to avoid, in IL. 2 boys killed by gunshot wounds in Chicago I don’t know if the cyclist was collateral damage or the intended target, but it’s really hard to dodge a bullet aimed at your back. According to Mythbusters, it’s pretty much impossible to dodge one aimed at your front, too.

OK, this one has gone on for quite a while, with a cover-up, police getting fired for botching the investigation, evidence getting destroyed, and tons of shenanigans that have extended almost as long as this blog has been hosted here at WordPress. Jury selection to begin in trial of ex-Conn. officer charged in accident that killed teen The cyclist basically never had a chance to avoid this wreck, and was in an area that would have been shared space under the Dutch model of infrastructure, so basically the only way to prevent a wreck like this would be to install breathalyzer interlocks on every car to prevent drunks from ever starting their cars.

Up the road a bit from my in-laws in NY state. Cyclist killed in Hudson Valley, driver charged Hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right so that the trailer would not have been near the cyclist at lethal speeds. Also chain drivers that kill and then hit-and-run to the steering wheels of their vehicles and then recycle the vehicles (I suggest a shredder over a crusher because a crusher can leave a person alive for several minutes after the crush).

A really bad weekend in IA for two-wheeled travel. Motorcyclist, two bike riders, killed in 3 accidents and Two children hurt in separate accidents in Waterloo Two of the wrecks involving adults appear to be hit-from-behind, the kid’s wreck was intersection, and all could have been prevented with proper infrastructure.

A cyclist down the road from WoaB either didn’t see the stop sign or didn’t see the car. Cyclist Misses Stop Sign; Hits A Vehicle Intersection protocols to avoid a similar wreck, get the infrastructure right to prevent. There wasn’t much to go on from the report, was there?

An update on a wreck from Saturday. Seriously injured cyclist in Northampton crash identified What was initially reported as a SWSS wreck has turned into a left cross wreck, intersection protocols to avoid if possible, and get the infrastructure right so that motor vehicles would not be turning across the right of way of bicycles to prevent.

A bad wreck in a peloton in the Great White North. 3 injured after 9-cyclist crash Don’t draft in traffic, pelotons are not a good mix in the city. A dual paceline would work on a road where you have to take the lane anyway so riding two-up would not be any worse.

Good advice to drivers posted during Bike to Work Week. How to Not Kill a Cyclist

A guide for MS drivers about cyclists. Taking it to the streets Note the pleasant comments from drivers who don’t like the advice…

And if you can’t find Doc Brown, here’s the next best thing: The DeLorean Is Back—This Time as a Bike That’s right, a hand-made Italian frame in stainless steel with commute-worthy appointments like disk brakes and an Alfine 11 speed IGH with belt drive for under $5.5K. We’re talking investment here, not toy or wall-hanging.

And that’s all the news that gave me fits today.

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