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Running late because of a doctor appointment, and the Feed

Dad has having some unexplained pains in his eye lately, so we took him to a doctor to find out why and fix him up. It turns out the pain was caused by his eyelashes growing in instead of out and rubbing on the eyeball. The doctor removed a few of the worst of the offending lashes and prescribed some drops to ease the inflammation in the lid and eyeball. He thinks the root cause may be related to Dad’s recent weight loss moving his eye back away from the lid and letting the lip of the eyelid curl the wrong way. So another reason for my Dad to eat more…

Up first by dint of massive number of links is the story I mentioned yesterday about the 8YO that was killed in a pinball wreck. New information now shows he was hit on the sidewalk, not in the street as I originally thought. Skokie Police Investigate Crash That Killed Boy, 8 and Boy Killed By Car In Skokie Identified The driver may have been smoking pot Prosecutor: Skokie woman smoked pot before crash that killed boy also Boy Killed in Crash Recently Asked About Heaven OK this wreck was even less avoidable than what I stated yesterday, which is a major statement because I said the only way to avoid a wreck like that was to not be there. The kid wasn’t even in the street, but on a sidewalk protected by a curb. This is about as “not there” as you can get without actually being in a completely different location from the wreck, like a different city or something… now if the driver in this case turns out to have still been impaired by the pot in her system (THC residues can be detected by tests as much as 48 hours after the impairment wears off) then my usual punishment for drivers that kill while impaired will apply: chain the driver to the wheel of the car and then recycle the car in a shredder (more humane than a crusher).

Not a wreck, but more links (not more news, unfortunately) about the missing cyclist in LA. Search intensifies for missing bike rider and Continued support for search efforts to find missing cyclist I sincerely hope they find this girl alive, but as time progresses this becomes less likely.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running now, a 19YO gets hit. 19-year-old bicyclist killed Monday night, charges pending The “driver” swerved into the bike lane, hitting the cyclist from behind and killing her instantly. This was a murder, a cold-blooded random killing that the driver thought no more about than swatting a bug… I say we should “swat” the driver a time or two. More South Walton Car – Bicycle Accident Kills One Person

An OH cyclist is killed Police Need Help Identifying Bicyclist Struck, Killed Along East Broad Street From the appearance of the bike this was a hit-from-behind wreck, from the description it was an intersection wreck, and from the description of the cyclist it was another reason to have wearable ID like RoadID or a set of dog tags with your ICE information on it. RIP Unknown Cyclist.

Another OH cyclist is slightly injured in an intersection wreck. Bicyclist collides with vehicle in Centerville Intersection wreck is all I know about this one, so intersection protocols to avoid, and get the freaking infrastructure right to prevent a similar wreck.

In the Great White North a case that has dragged on most of the time this blog has been hosted here at WordPress started its end game. Cyclist testifies against cabbie accused of maiming him Who could have known the only thing that Star readers hate more than cyclists are cabbies from other countries? I posted links to video of the attack way back in 2009, but those links are dead and gone now.

A cyclist is killed and a picture of her lifeless body is shown with this link by a citizen journalist. Cyclist Killed in Crash on Higgins Avenue I don’t understand why there is a question of the cyclist wearing a helmet when you can plainly see a pink and black bike helmet on the body in the picture… And I have no idea how to avoid a wreck like this when LEO can’t tell if the thing on your head is a bike helmet or not. It sounds like they blame the cyclist for being there to get hit…

A rare UK link to a rare kind of bike wreck. Cyclist seriously injured after colliding with cat in freak accident As of right now the cat was not believed to have been seriously injured…

LifeStyle as a UU minister raises money to buy 100K lunches for hungry kids that would not get fed otherwise. Help package 100,000 nutritious meals for hungry children The minister rode a bike cross country to raise awareness and money for the cause.

A cyclist and blogger in UT finds that ditching the car for a bike can save the average Utahn over $8K/ann. Pedaling Over Obstacles and Toward Prosperity What could you do with an extra $8k a year?

And finally, a pretty bike picture courtesy of cycle Twin Cities. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 5.23.12 That so reminds me of pictures from the Colin Classic bike ride just north of WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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