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Struggling with some discomfort, and the Feed

My butt hurts again (still). The pulled or torn Gluteus Medius is still pulled or torn, and still hurts like the dickens when I move wrong. I have no idea when it will get better as it has been hurting since December. I have been using gel ice packs to help with the pain and ibuprofen to help keep my leg more mobile as the injury is interfering with my range of motion. What I have also had to do is change my normal habit of showering right before I have to go someplace to showering the last thing before bed the day before I have to go someplace, so that I have enough range of motion to get dressed. It’s embarrassing to have to go someplace and ask for someone to get your right sock on because you can’t fold up enough to touch your toe, so by showering the night before I can actually get dressed the next morning.

The really big story today is not a wreck, but a celebration, as 64 kids that participated in a bike parade to school during National Bike Month are suspended, then un-suspended. Students Punished for Riding Bikes to School in Michigan and High school seniors suspended for biking to school also Biking Kenowa Hills seniors punished last link High School Bike Riders Won’t Be Suspended There has been some rumors that the principal in this case has been fired or suspended without pay over her reaction in this case. I hope so but I haven’t been able to confirm or deny any of the rumors.

The next biggest story is more on the kid killed riding on the sidewalk in a pinball wreck caused by a stoned driver. Family mourns child killed by car crash and Prosecutors: Driver had pot in system when Skokie boy hit, killed more Prosecutors: Woman admitted smoking pot before crash that killed 8-year-old in Skokie another one SECOND UPDATE: Felony DUI charge filed in Skokie crash that killed boy, 8 An interesting note is that locals to the area say that the speed limit of 30 MPH is normally ignored and traffic moves much faster than the 30 MPH limit. There have been requests that the limit be enforced, but to date nothing had been done as far as a sting or other enforcement action.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running, a drunk driver that was almost twice the legal limit when he killed a cyclist is caught driving drunk again. Flagler man on probation in fatal DUI jailed after alcohol check OK this is too much, this guy needs to lose his license and be permanently banned from driving, with a charge of illegal possession of a deadly weapon if he gets caught driving. I mean he as .155% when he killed the cyclist but got off because the LEO investigating the case went to great lengths to find the cyclist at fault in the wreck. Now he got caught at a DUI checkpoint driving over the .08% limit again. For the safety of every road user, not just the ones riding bicycles, he needs to be removed from the controls of motor vehicles permanently.

A driver in LA is excused from driving too fast for conditions because he “only” hit a cyclist. Bicyclist critically injured in crash in Bossier City Now if the driver had hit a slow-moving car or other vehicle, he would have gotten charged or a ticket, but a cyclist is different. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist is hit in PA near the MD border. Cyclist killed after being hit by car in Spotsylvania and Spotsylvania Bicyclist Dies In Crash The LEO in this case blamed the cyclist for not wearing reflective clothing instead of blaming the driver for driving too fast. Arrgh! Anyway, hit-from-behind wreck, use hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right so bikes and cars moving at high speeds don’t mix or even get very close to each other.

Nothing in the article about how this PA cyclist managed to hit the car in the intersection. Boy critical, but stable after bike accident Intersection wreck, so intersection protocols would apply, but I don’t know if this was a hook or cross wreck or if one or the other vehicle ran some kind of traffic control. Checking Google Street View shows an offset intersection with a 4-way stop, but without knowing which vehicle was on which street I still can’t say what happened with any degree of certainty. Intersection protocols to avoid, and education with really slow speed limits to prevent as that area would be a shared space under the Dutch model of bike infrastructure.

A cyclist dies in MA. Bicyclist Harry Delmolino dies from Saturday collision in Northampton and Harry Delmolino of Hadley, who died from injuries in Northampton bicycle accident, was college graduate, Eagle Scout, adventurer This was in intersection wreck that I think I got earlier in the week when the cyclist was still alive, but now the cyclist has died from the injuries.

It took too long but the death of a political candidate during a campaign is finally going to trial. The fact that the candidate was riding a bicycle at the time might have had something to do with the delay in the case as getting charges filed took for-freaking-ever… Trial begins in hit-and-run death of bicyclist, Senate candidate The driver left a trail of sparks as she dragged the victim’s bicycle over 3 miles (5 km) from the wreck site to her garage but still claimed she thought she hit a deer? And just how many deer leave a trail of sparks on the road after you hit them?

Update on the cyclist hit from behind im WI. UPDATE: Cyclist Hit by Car in Mosinee Dies Hit from behind wreck on a straight stretch of road about 3/4 mile long, I don’t know if the cyclist was at the beginning of that 3/4 mile stretch or the end of it when she was hit. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent. More Updated: Bicyclist killed in crash with vehicle near Mosinee

More on that cyclist in Canuckistan I had a link to yesterday with nothing more than the news that she had died and a picture of her body in the street plainly showing her pink and black helmet with the statement that they didn’t know if she had a helmet. Cyclist killed Wednesday identified and Cyclist killed in collision on Higgins identified Can I say first, condolences to the deceased’s family and friends, for living in a city with such obtuse LEO, and from the comments there were more than a few obtuse drivers also.

From Far West Canuckistan, a drunk driver runs over a cyclist, flips her vehicle and catches fire and they don’t even know she hit him for an hour after the wreck. Cyclist struck and killed in Maple Ridge, drunk driving suspected and Cyclist killed in fiery crash in Maple Ridge Another wreck where the cyclist had no chance of avoiding the impact. If the LEO on scene didn’t find the cyclist until after the fire had been put out and the driver extracted I’m sure there was not much a cyclist could do to avoid that kind of impact. Getting drunk drivers off the roads would make major strides in preventing a wreck like this even without changes to the infrastructure, but getting cyclists on separated infrastructure outside the built up urban area would also make major strides in preventing drunk drivers from killing cyclists.

From the UK, a rather Important Cyclist is hit from behind by a driver following the imperative issued by the head of the cab company. Cycling MP ‘bumped from behind by minicab at red light’ And 2 guesses as the name of the cab company that was involved in the wreck? and the head of that company? That’s right she was hit by an Addison Lee minicab, the head of which made an editorial about cyclists deserving to get hit on the roads in the company magazine… can I just say I’m very glad I’m not in the UK and not the driver nor the head of the minicab company?

Infrastructure! news from NJ. When a sign means nothing – discussion of bicycle routes in Kinnelon Yep there’s pretty much nothing as useless for bike infrastructure as the “Bike Route” sign. It means nothing in legal terms and serves no purpose except as a sort of wayfinding if there is some destination sign under the Bike Route part of the sign like a bus headsign.

infrastructure news from PA as a road diet is stress-tested by a freeway closure. Carlisle puts traffic plan into effect after I81 crash Wednesday I don’t think they actually used the bike lanes for motor vehicle traffic, unless they made all the parked cars leave, too.

I mention how WoaB World HQ is in the suburbs of Hell, I’m not the only person that thinks so. Dallas: Worst Cycling City in America I’m sure Garland isn’t any better, just smaller so it got left off the survey.

And similar news about the Twin Cities in MN, but much better for them. What’s in a ranking? Minneapolis slips and climbs

LifeStyle news from Milwaukie, as the drivers from IndyCar go along with MPD bike patrol officers. IndyCar Drivers Ride With Milwaukee Police Well I thought it was cool, anyway.

A MA woman finds the bike she lost in a creek, more than 4 decades later. Weird News: Mass. woman finds bike she lost 42 years ago

And to close out, some bike porn from Campagnolo. Campagnolo presents the Triathlon/Time Trial Project Isn’t that the sexiest crankset you have ever seen?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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