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No news is good news on Dad, and the Feed

I haven’t heard anything from the VA hospital since we got Dad settled in yesterday, and they have contact information in case something happens. So at this point I’m going all Pollyanna and taking this as he at least hasn’t gotten any worse, and may be getting better. Is this a defense mechanism on my part to assume that no bad news is the same as good news? I don’t care, that is what I’m going to believe.

The Big Story today is from the Great White North, in what appears to be a cyclist struck from behind because the weapon vehicle driver couldn’t wait until it was safe to pass. Cyclist killed by pickup truck and Cyclist Struck And Killed Near Mount Brydges also Elderly cyclist killed From the totality of the reports I read, the driver was the kind that thinks he passes every cyclist when and where he gets to them, regardless of if it’s safe to do so. Because of that he has killed one person, injured at least one other person and destroyed 3 vehicles. I’m sure LEO will find some way of blaming the cyclist for being there as the cause of this multi-vehicle wreck.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running now, a cyclist waiting for a red light is killed in somebody else’s wreck. Bicycle rider killed at St. Petersburg intersection There is nothing you as a cyclist can do to avoid a wreck like this, and very little infrastructure can do to prevent it because bikes and cars have to share space at intersections. About the only thing that would prevent this wreck would be much higher standards to get a license, and much lower standards to lose one. Basically the driver that caused this wreck would never get to drive again, and even the driver that wasn’t at fault would get a suspension for failing to see the idiot before the idiot hit the car and reacting properly to prevent or mitigate the wreck, unless the idiot was so egregious that nobody could have avoided getting hit by him.

Update on the hit-and-run in OR that killed a cyclist who was hit by 2 cars. Accident victim’s relatives sought LEO are still looking for the damaged Ford that caused this mess.

Another OR wreck with little explanation. Man suffers serious head injury after crash in Clackamas County At this point all that is known is the cyclist was found with a head injury and without a helmet.

Another update, this one on the young cyclist injured in MA over the weekend. Boy hurt in Bloomington bicycle accident recovering from injuries Still in a coma so the head injury isn’t getting any better, but the rest of his body is recovering nicely since he isn’t trying to move it around. As I posted yesterday, get well fast little cyclist dude!

Cars can seriously injure you in secondary collisions even when you aren’t hurt in the first collision. Cyclist Badly Injured at 17th and M Whether the cyclist fell off or was knocked off, the serious injury is mostly the result of the secondary impact with the Range Rover. Since there was no report of how the cyclist fell over, I can’t say how to avoid a wreck like this, but if the infrastructure was right then the cyclist would have fallen down in an area that was free of motor vehicles that could have harmed him.

A cyclist dies in NC. Student killed while riding bicycle Tuesday morning in Charlotte At this point the mode of the wreck has not been released to the public by LEO, so no idea on how to avoid the wreck. But getting the infrastructure that keeps fragile cyclists away from heavy vehicles with blind spots large enough to hide the entire TdF peloton would have prevented this wreck. More Myers Park HS student killed in bike wreck and Myers Park community dealing with death of boy, 14, killed in bike accident and last link Friends remember Myers Park freshman Drew Wright Now the report is the cyclist was hit mid-block after running into garbage cans that had been placed on the sidewalk and made the path too narrow for his bike to get through… To avoid, don’t ride in the sidewalk, see above on how to prevent.

Update on a cyclist hit-from-behind in GA, near where I was stationed in 1983. Injured cyclist recovering at home Good luck on that recovery!

The family of a cyclist killed by a semi reaches a settlement with the company that owns the truck. Family reaches settlement in cyclist’s wrongful death suit This was a wreck that I found highly improbable as it was first reported, then more information came out that the driver had been involved in two other fatal bike wrecks in the 5 years prior to this one, and accident reconstruction showed the driver had drifted left as he prepared to turn right onto the freeway and hit the cyclist with the driver side of the truck. Now the employers of the driver have to pay for keeping him on the roads after he had killed twice before.

A map that will change drastically as the year progresses. 2012 Every Bicyclist Counts Map This is a graphic of what I try to do in text, mark every death and provide input on how to prevent future deaths.

Infrastructure! news from the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike in the US for 6 years running. Rickenbacker Causeway Bike Lanes Improved Bike safe rumble strips between the bike lane and the motor vehicle lanes are a help, but probably would not have prevented the drunk driver from running off the road to hit the 2 cyclists that were hit this spring…

Another kind of infrastructure from CA, as they try to make compliance with the state helmet law more affordable. YOGOH Organization Promotes Bike Safety

First of several LifeStyle links, this one from the Cycle Twin Cities site. Twin Cities Cycling News From Around the Web It isn’t often that I link to movie premiers…

LifeStyle from across the pond. 270 Cyclists Storm the Beaches of Dunkirk for Finale of 350 Mile Help for Heroes Bike Ride An amphibious assault with bicycles? That would have been awesome to see if it had really happened. But 270 cyclists on the roads at the same time and place were quite awesome enough thank you.

And a pretty picture to wind things up courtesy of Cycle Twin Cities. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 5.30.12 I think I mentioned how much I would like to get away from the suburbs of Hell, well this is one of the places that I would move to if I did.

And that is all the news that gave me fits today.

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