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About to be reunited with Mrs. the Poet, and the Feed

It’s been a long time separated, but this afternoon Mrs. the Poet and I will be co-located again. Usually when we have to have separations like this we have things we do so that I don’t suffer without her much, as Mrs. the Poet is part of my psychological support system. But this time we didn’t get to do any of that as we got notice Dad had been in a wreck on a Tuesday, and by Wednesday night I was on the road. That was over a month and a half ago, and the suffering for me started about 4 days later. It took a little longer for Mrs. the Poet to start suffering, if she ever actually “suffered”, her psychology being different from mine.

Dad is still in the hospital, and they are still trying to get all the little things fixed so they can get him rehabbed. They found the old TB scars on his lungs again, so now he’s in a slight isolation (not an actual quarantine) until his TB tests come back to see if it’s active again. If it is that means I have to get tested to make sure I didn’t get it too. TB would explain a great deal about what has been going on with Dad as far as his health is concerned, but I think it’s about as likely as dengue fever. Most of his other “little things” are being treated, I understand that his dehydration is now under control and they are working on the infections that were caused by the dehydration. When they get those cured he will most likely go to assisted living until he gets strong enough to go to rehab. After rehab he gets to go home again.

Up first is another report on the woman who was run over in a child carrier trailer in CA. Woman in kid-size bike trailer is hit and killed in Modesto While this is a tragedy, what most of the reports I read on this are missing is that had there been kids in the kid carrier instead of a tiny elderly woman, they would have been crushed, too. And as of this post they still don’t know if the bicycle got caught in the intersection by a stale green or a short light cycle when the light changed for the truck driver.

Another MA cyclist is hit. Bike rider hit by car in Brockton If this link had been any less informative it would have come from a UK media outlet. Intersection wreck, so we can assume intersection protocols might be helpful. Getting teenagers out of cars and bikes away from motor vehicles would probably prevent the wreck, as well.

A bike wreck that investigators don’t think is the result of a hit-and-run. UPDATE: Bicyclist Injured at Smith Road I-80 Ramp An unconscious cyclist with no crash debris, could have been a hit-and-run but with no evidence unless someone claims responsibility for the wreck there is no way of knowing. Given the location I think hit-and-run is a high order probability, but again, no evidence aside from the cyclist with a head injury and a helmet…

An arrest warrant has been issued for the passenger that leaned out of a car window to assault a cyclist, causing serious injury to the cyclist and destroying the bicycle. Warrant issued in Twin Peaks felony assault Too may times actions like these are just ignored by LEO as part of the “cost” of riding a bicycle on the roads. It’s good to see that someone has gotten the message that these are assaults, not the “cost” of riding a bicycle.

In the Great White North, that pickup truck “driver” that hit a bike from behind before hitting an SUV head on is charged. London man charged following crash which killed cyclist The “driver” was on a cellphone at the time of the wreck. So, one dead, one seriously but not “life-threatening” injured person, and 3 destroyed vehicles, for a phone call. Half of this wreck could have been prevented by separating bicycles from motor vehicles via infrastructure. The other half could be prevented by separating idiots from motor vehicles via stricter licensing laws.

In a rare occurence, a killer driver gets a smidgen of jail time in the UK. Jail term for Parvis Road cyclist death driver Nine months for a deliberate assault disguised as a road incident is still egregiously low, but it is leaps and bounds more than the usual community service and 120 day ban on driving that is seldom or never enforced.

And even the best of road cyclists in the UK are not immune from idiots on the roads or who designed the roads. Cyclist who campaigned for safer roads is knocked off his bike and killed At least the driver in this case has been charged.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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