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Recovering what was left of my sanity, and the Feed

Mrs. the Poet and I have been together long enough again that I have regained my grasp of what remained of my sanity. Also I have finally managed to get that spot in the middle of my back cleaned and dried. Bliss!

I talked to Dad this morning and he has recovered some from how he was when we took him to the hospital. The doctors have decided his TB wasn’t an active infection but just the scars from his old infection. They seem to have his other infections under control now, and on the way to being cured. The prognosis is that after the infections are cleared up he will be going to assisted living until he regains enough weight to return home and live independently.

Up first because that’s the only window I can get open is the CO cyclist hit-and-run while walking his bike in a crosswalk. DU Student Dies After Hit & Run At Denver Intersection and DU Student Cyclist Struck, Killed By Hit-And-Run SUV As the reports read when I made the post the SUV was seen weaving through traffic in excess of the speed limit by a large amount, when it ran the red light where the cyclist was crossing with the green. This was not a wreck that could be avoided by the cyclist, or prevented by infrastructure. It might be prevented in the future for this driver by crushing the car with the driver chained to the steering wheel then recycling the mess into bicycles.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle for 6 years running (I haven’t seen the data for 2010-11, but the NHTSA has issued a press release naming FL the “winner” again) another cyclist is hit. UPDATE: DeFuniak Springs bicyclist killed in wreck Another cyclist hit from behind while riding on the shoulder of a FL highway, quell surprise as my wife would say. From what I can find out about this wreck the cyclist never saw the vehicle coming and would have had no way of avoiding this wreck, and the only thing that really would have prevented it would be separated cycling infrastructure with a guard rail or concrete wall between the highway and the bicycle road.

Still in FL, LEO released the report on why they couldn’t charge the driver that killed a cyclist when she fell asleep at the wheel and ran him over from behind with impaired driving. Investigation documents released in 2011 Sanibel Causeway crash where bicyclist was killed I’m still wondering about this one. Apparently driving while asleep is not considered the same as driving while impaired in FL, even when the driver is asleep because of prescription drugs in her system that have label warnings against driving or operating heavy equipment while taking the medication.

Update on a hit-and-run in NC almost a year ago with no suspects. Marrissa Shelton Would Have Turned 9, Still No Closure For Her Family Intersection wreck, maybe intersection protocols would have helped, or maybe the driver was a selfish jerk that had no consideration for others when he ran down and killed a 8YO and then left the scene and deserves to be chained to the wheel of his (maybe her) precious motor vehicle while it gets recycled into bicycles.

This is either the SWSS to end all, or a really stupid salmon cyclist. Cyclist hit, killed by car in River Road head-on crash The problem with this wreck is the cyclist is dead, and I can’t find any pictures of the wreck to be able to tell if the cyclist was riding salmon or not, so I’m going to split my advice on this one. If the driver crossed over into the cyclist’s lane and blamed the cyclist for being in the wrong lane, then to avoid this wreck you need a really bright front light and ride slightly to the right in the lane to avoid, if the cyclist was actually riding salmon then to avoid you just need to have a really bright front light and ride on your side of the lane. But to prevent you need to get the huge motor vehicles away from the fragile human beings.

Update on the kid killed in IL earlier this week. Round Lake Boy is Killed While Bike Riding This report has the cyclist crossing with the green and hit by a motor vehicle running the red, unlike previous reports. Other than that though the same advice applies, intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent the wreck.

A NC boy is hit while riding laps in front of his house. Clayton boy, 7, dies of injuries from bike-pickup crash I don’t know what would prevent this except making it safe for kids to ride in circles in front of their houses, streets are for people, not just people in cars.

A NJ cyclist is hit-and-run with minor injuries in this blotter link. RAYNHAM POLICE LOG 6-2-12 Yeah, before you confront the driver that just hit your bike, take a cellphone picture of the license plate. Other than that I can’t say how to avoid a wreck like this.

Update on that wreck with the two kids riding one bike in UT a few weeks back. Family sees miracles, chance to improve safety after accident Yeah those pegs on the back aren’t really made for riding on as a passenger, and the captain really needs to be very careful about how he rides, especially since the stoker in this case has no pedals and is just live weight.

Up in the Great White North, a cyclist is hit-and-run. Cyclist injured in hit and run OK the car swerved into the bike lane and hit the cyclist then booked. You think it might have been on purpose? Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, but really, who expects to get hit from behind in the bike lane?

From West Canuckistan, an update on the cyclist hit by a drunk driver fleeing police. Cyclist killed in Maple Ridge was father of three When the car is rolling over and on fire when it hits you, you don’t have much of a chance of avoiding it. Infrastructure would not have been of any great assistance in this wreck.

Infrastructure! news from NYC as an idiot tries to make not wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle a crime, with multiple links. Councilman David Greenfield Introduces Law Requiring Use Of Helmets For City Cyclists and Bike Helmets Next in Nanny State Legislation and thoughts from the other side of the country Some Reasonable Thoughts on Bike Helmets My take: Bicycle helmets are made to prevent skull fracture in impacts under 12.5 MPH. If Helmet Nazis can make a reasonably-priced helmet that will protect my brain when Bozo the Driver hits my bike at 35 MPH because he was texting instead of watching the road, then we can talk about making helmets mandatory. Until then, keep your laws away from my head.

Infrastructure news from the UK. Cyclist-only traffic lights switched on at Bow Roundabout (+ video) This looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

And finally these are all the links that gave me fits today.

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