I need to put a ticker for Dad updates, and the Feed

The news on Dad changes every day, which inspired that headline. As soon as the team of doctors dealing with him knocks down one infection they find another that may have been there for weeks or even predated the wreck. Now they found an infection in his mouth that may have been the cause of his inability to taste anything except sweet and salty, they found an infection in his throat that may be the root of his swallowing issues, and his all-soup diet has restored enough strength that they are going to use a gastroscope to track down more upper GI infections that may have been causing his other stomach issues with solid food. And they are bringing in a Big Gun to deal with the depression, which they really should have started treating 6 years ago.

I’m still dealing with that stupid pulled or torn Gluteus Medius in my right hip. I’m good in the morning if I ice down my hip the night before and take a pain pill. The pain pill I’m on now is a combination of muscle relaxer and NSAID, that I’m only supposed to take at night. I’m told that if there are no serious side effects it might be on the market in 18 months. If this blog stops suddenly, don’t be looking for that particular pain pill anytime soon. During the day I take ibuprofen if the pain gets too bad.

I’m going to open with a link to a bicycle celebration in honor of the 8YO killed by a driver on drugs in IL. Bike ride honors boy killed riding in Skokie The kids and their parents were terrified of riding any kind of wheeled toys near a street much less on one. This event was to get kids back out of their houses and exercising again. If we allow motor vehicles to take over our streets so that only motor vehicles are safe there then we have lost everything. Streets are for people, not (just) for cars!

In LI outside NYC another cyclist is hit-and-run. Valley Stream Hit-and-run Driver Hurts Cyclist Not much information on this one, not even the location. When I first opened the link they said the cyclist was Hispanic, but now that information has been removed, possibly because the cyclist wasn’t Hispanic but just tanned. There are way too many hit-and-runs recently, in every state.

And another hit-and-run in NC. Raleigh police investigating another hit-and-run The mode of this wreck was a left cross, intersection protocols to avoid. Infrastructure would prevent a wreck like this, but cheap legal infrastructure that could be implemented would be a mandatory loss of vehicle (not just license) in any injury hit-and-run, and treating unlicensed drivers like they are in illegal possession of a deadly weapon.

And Dad took a turn for the worse earlier while I was doing this post, about 1 PM here. We had to rassle up a ride to the hospital, go there and then hang out until we could wrangle a ride home. It’s now after 10 PM, so I’m going to do the links tomorrow.

PSA, Opus

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