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Latest word on Dad is that they are having difficulty adjusting his antidepressants. With someone as frail as he is it’s a fine line between not enough and too much, and after over a month on the Not Enough side of the line they may have stepped over to the Too Much side where he’s disoriented and confused. This does not require us to make a trip to the hospital, but it is unnerving and disturbing.

Up first, a link to something a bit more pleasant than the usual fare for this blog, something that I have almost no experience with in the suburbs of Hell, being passed by another cyclist. Too Close for Comfort I have no personal experience with this because 1) there are no bike lanes in the Suburb of Hell, and 2) I almost never see another cyclist on the road much less get passed by one.

There were a lot of links to this wreck in Boston (where Bikeyface lives). How Many Dead Cyclists is Enough? and BC memorial planned for bicyclist also Cyclist Mourned, Mayor Vows ‘Serious Look’ At Notorious Stretch Of Road more ‘It’s Hard to Ride on Huntington, But We Do It Because We Have To’ another link The Perils of Bicycling in Boston I don’t have any links that describe the actual wreck other than a bus was involved and there may have been an intersection involved somehow and that there was something about merging lanes. The gist of everything I’m reading about this wreck tells me that the major cause of the wreck was infrastructure and people driving too fast to be safe around bicycles, and that there was no dedicated space for bicycles until about a mile or so past where the wreck took place.

A horrific bike wreck in IA. UPDATE: Car driver charged in bike-car crash The narrative says this was a hit-from-behind wreck, but the bike says otherwise. Look at how little damage was done to the back wheel of the bike, then look at the crushed roof of the weapon vehicle. The weapon vehicle had to going at a high rate of speed to get that kind of damage, but the rear wheel on the bike was only slightly tacoed and the front wheel seems ready to return to service, while there was little frame damage. There are inconsistencies in the damage to the car, also. Note the heavy windshield and roof damage that is almost centered on the car, but almost no damage to the front of the car. The wreck looks from the physical evidence like the cyclist was dropped from about 20 feet up on the windshield of the moving car while the bike tumbled beside the car. The problem is that is a physical impossibility if for no other reason that there is no place for the cyclist to have been dropped from. Anyway, working from the narrative, use hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent a similar wreck. Alternate hypothesis would be to make the aliens put you back after the car goes past that point, not before… The initial narrative would make much more sense in this wreck, that the cyclist was hit in an intersection by a car that ran the stop sign at a high rate of speed, but it still doesn’t explain how the cyclist crushed the roof of the car without touching the front of the car. EDIT: I was sent a much larger picture of the wreck (thanks) and there is significant frame damage from the right side of the bike, and a light dent in the back part of the hood of the car. this is consistent with the initial narrative that the cyclist was hit in an intersection by a driver that was driving at a high rate of speed and ran the stop sign. It also now appears the driver was both drunk and on crack cocaine at the time of the wreck.

An OH cyclist is hit-from-behind while legally riding in the lane. Greenville bicyclist hit by pickup truck No charges have been filed because it was just a cyclist hit from behind while riding legally, no need to make life difficult for the driver…

More hit-and-run in LI outside NYC. Man on bike hurt in Valley Stream hit-and-run Since only one vehicle direction was given, I can’t say how to avoid, but I’m pretty sure that getting the infrastructure right would keep speeding cars away from bicycles in the first place.

A driver runs a stop sign and hits a cyclist with the right of way in Austin MN. Bicylist injured in collision with car Looking at the Google Street View of the wreck scene, the driver had a stop sign while the cyclists had a through street, but for some reason the driver thought the cyclists were stopping for her and she ran the slow one over… To avoid make drivers smarter, to prevent make drivers smarter. This was in an area that would be shared space under Dutch infrastructure, so what would be needed would be smarter drivers.

From CO, they found the vehicle and driver that ran over a cyclist walking his bike in a crosswalk. Andrew Simpson arrested in connection with fatal hit-and-run crash near DU campus, set to appear in court on Wednesday The driver was obviously drunk and waited until he sobered up before making himself available to LEO. I think my opinion on hit-and-run drivers that wait until they are sober before letting LEO know where they are has been quite well documented, and the auto recycling industry is behind me 100% 😉

A salmon cyclist is hit in DE. Dover woman killed while pedaling bicycle on Route 13 north of Dover Other than the fact the cyclist was riding against traffic I can find no information about this wreck.

After a kid is hit riding a bike in GA, investigation of a bike wreck focuses on helmets rather than getting motor vehicles away from our children. Wreck raises helmet safety issue after child bicyclist suffers head injury I will need a helmet if I keep pounding my head against the desk over articles like this…

Aftermath of a wreck in OR. Driver who killed cyclist gets prison Not enough prison, and charges were reduced at the last minute, apparently at the insistence of the victim’s family.

Another wreck in the DC area, a cyclist is hit while crossing the GWP. Cyclist Struck, Injured on GW Parkway Apparently pedestrians and cyclists in crosswalks don’t have right of way in National Parks…

A MI wreck report that barely mentions that there was a wreck. Perry man dies in car-bike crash Actually there is more about the wreck but it’s behind a paywall. If you’re local to this paper send nasty notes to advertisers stating that even though their ads were visible the news they were supposed to support was not and you won’t be patronizing their business because of that.

More from MI with a combination wreck report and infrastructure article. Fred Meijer M-6 Trail crossing where cyclist was struck and killed will close Deadly bike infrastructure. Just peachy.

From the Great White North, several links about a man getting hit by a semi while riding a bicycle. Cyclist Hit by Transport Truck and Cyclist injured after tractor-trailer collision Hit-from-behind wreck on a 2 lane road with no shoulders, LEO are placing all the blame on the driver of the truck for failing to pass safely. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Infrastructure! news as drivers in IN are hitting more cyclists. Study: Traffic accidents involving bicycles on the rise

Infrastructure from the Twin Cities. Minneapolis Bicycling Counts Art Installations Art and infrastructure, and bicycle advocacy all in one neat package…

And picture of a bike in a mess from the Cycle Twin Cities blog. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 6.6.12 I think you might need to do more than just roll your pant leg up for that one.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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