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Dad is holding his own, and the Feed

Dad has stopped making progress, but at least this time it was just a stop in forward momentum, not a step back. He is still breathing well, and he is not losing any more weight. He hasn’t thrown up in several days and his hydration is good. So just a “pause” in his recovery, not a set back.

I’m having a similar pause in my recovery on this stupid hip muscle. I have some mobility in the morning, and I’m reasonably pain-free most of the day but I have to sit on an ice pack for at least 2 hours every night before taking my pain pill to get that. If I don’t take the pain pill or don’t sit on the ice pack, I wake up feeling like the truck hit the other side than the one it really hit, or on real bad days both sides…

Up first are several links sent to me by Ted Rogers (and I hope I spelled that name right) of BikingInLA. Hit-and-run driver arrested and Woman Charged with DUI and Child Endangerment I hope they find several books to throw at this driver. Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid. Get the infrastructure right to prevent, including stricter licensing standards and much looser guidelines making taking the license away much easier.

Another link from Ted. Los Olivos woman injures bicyclists and is charged for DUI AIR this wreck was a drunk driver that piled into a group of cyclists that had just pulled off the road to regroup on a night ride when the drunk driver just failed to negotiate the turn. I hope they recycle her car into bicycles, and if the guy in the coma doesn’t recover I hope they chain her to the steering wheel when they recycle the car.

Still in CA, a cyclist and a pedestrian are injured in a collision between the two, Woman, 92, Gravely Injured – Hit by Bicyclist on Arlington From the narrative of the wreck, the pedestrian was jaywalking and acting like a squirrel, changing direction twice before the collision. This is one reason why cyclists have to be more careful around pedestrians, because many peds are depending on hearing a car coming to let them know the way is clear, and a verbal warning from a cyclist just confuses them. That’s partially because cars have reduced the human configuration of the street to near nothing. Another reason why cyclists need to be careful around pedestrians is we can get hurt as bad as they do in a wreck. Of the 3 fatalities in San Francisco bike/ped wrecks in the last 3 years there were 2 pedestrians and one cyclist, and in the pedestrian fatality in Dallas 2 years ago the cyclist was also hospitalized.

One of the reasons why news about the bike wreck that killed a Boston College grad student is so slow in getting out is the weapon vehicle was a city bus. Cops mum on fatal bike-bus collision I hope they give this a complete and thorough investigation, but I’m afraid this will just be blamed on the cyclist no matter what really happened.

A wreck in CO maybe doesn’t involve a motor vehicle. Bicycle crash kills Minturn man What was this? A bike wreck that killed a rider wearing a helment(sic)? I thought helments(sic) were supposed to make you impervious to injury when no motor vehicles are involved. So, either this helmeted rider was hit by a motor vehicle that didn’t hit the bike, or helmets have severe limitations in their effectiveness… Which is something I have been saying for years even before I moved my blog to WordPress more than 4 years ago.

LEO in WI are still trying to figure out how to blame the cyclist for getting hit from behind. Bicycle rider dies after crash in Sheboygan County I’m betting on the SWSS on this one. Sorry to sound so down on LEO, but I see too many wrecks where the physical evidence and the “official” version of the wreck just do not match. Anyway, hit-from-behind protocol to avoid a similar wreck. Get the infrastructure right to prevent one. UPDATE: the cyclist died. Update: Cyclist Struck and Killed Near Howards Grove

A hit-and-run in AZ is still unsolved, but LEO know the vehicle so it may not be long until they find the driver. Police seek driver in hit and run crash Cue rant about hit and run drivers in 3,2,1…

A wreck with no mode given because the only witness was a kid and injured. Boy, 10, injured in Heath bike accident What caused the cyclist to flip over the handlebars has not been released by LEO. Possibly the kid was trying to emulate a trick he saw on TV or YouTube… I wish the cyclist a speedy recovery regardless.

A cyclist is injured in Upstate NY. Rushville bicyclist injured by hit and run driver Another cyclist that suffered serious injury in spite of wearing that magic foam hat! Someone needs to investigate why this happened!

Last wreck, a cyclist is injured in the Great White North. Cyclist struck in Vaughan A picture of the vehicle being ridden at the time of the wreck bluevelo – Cab-Bike As you can see, this is not a small bike. It would be a small car, but it’s totally people powered so it’s a really big bike.

Infrastructure! news from just north of the Suburbs of Hell. City Council Approves On-Street Cycling Plan Tea Party know-nothings tried to label the plan a Communist Plot as part of their imaginary Agenda 21 conspiracy to take over the world and force everyone to ride bikes. Fortunately the people in charge are not conspiracy nuts seeing Communists under the bed.

Bike infrastructure from VT. ‘Walk and Bike’ pedals pathways

Good infrastructure news from the Twin Cities. Sabo Is Back With Some Brand New Additions This restores a link over a serious barrier highway.

Serious infrastructure news from the UK. Cyclist project halted at London death junction after admission it is ‘beset by problems’ Sub-optimal infrastructure for the same price as doing it right the first time, no wonder the UK is such a leader in bicycling in Europe. 😛

And those are all the links that gave me fits today. Also some that I was quite happy with.

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