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No change in Dad’s condition, and the Feed

I just talked to Dad and a nurse, and he’s pretty much stayed the same as he was yesterday. I can’t find out anything about his weight, but his hydration continues to be good and his spirit seems to be good (at least over the phone). So from the roller coaster we had at the beginning of the week we now have a steady level spot. Hopefully this steady level spot is leading up to a big climb and not a new drop…

I’m also holding steady. I still have a pain in my hip and leg that only gets better very slowly, the pain in my butt pays rent so I have to put up with her…

Up first is the 92 YO squirrel pedestrian that went back and forth in the bike lane before getting hit by a confused bike rider has died from her injuries. Coroner IDs 92-year-old El Cerrito woman killed when bicycle hit her and 92-Year-Old Woman Hit by Bicyclist Dies also Cyclist Says He Couldn’t Avoid Elderly Woman in Fatal Collision The cyclist reports from his hospital bed that the pedestrian changed direction or speed (not moving, walking, running) several times between the time he first saw her jaywalking and the time he locked his brakes to avoid hitting her, and that had she just maintained speed and direction there would have been no wreck as she would have been across the road or far enough that he could have just gone behind her and missed her completely. All I can say about this wreck is don’t hit the pedestrians. I know that sometimes that is easier said than done, but that should be right up there with “don’t get hit by cars”. Not hitting pedestrians is as dependent on their actions as it is on yours, but that doesn’t absolve anyone for hitting one.

Next, Seattle’s Finest crack a hit-and-run killing of a beloved cyclist last year. Suspect arrested in Seattle bicycle fatality and Arrest in Seattle hit and run that killed bicyclist also Seattle Police arrest driver in fatal hit and run of bicyclist This wreck was reported as a left cross, intersection protocols to prevent. Also someone needs to bitchslap Shark75 for his comments to the last link.

From CA, charges have been filed against a 17 YO who hit 3 cyclists on a sidewalk. Concord police recommend vehicular manslaughter charges for teen who hit, killed father and daughter with his SUV Can we all agree right now that drivers that kill people on or using the sidewalks deserve long prison sentences and to have motor vehicles treated like illegal weapons as far as they are concerned?

From CO, LEO are on the lookout for a VW van that hit-and-run a cyclist. Boulder police looking for VW van suspected in hit-and-run that injured bicyclist Right hook, intersection protocols to avoid. Large caliber weapons to prevent, or they could get the infrastructure fixed so that motor vehicles don’t take the same space as cyclists.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, a drunk almost kills a cyclist. Cyclist hurt in hit-and-run helped by fleeing driver’s family This was a hit-from-behind wreck with the cyclist in the turn lane (supposedly making a turn) so I don’t know what a cyclist could do to prevent this wreck. Unfortunately they can’t charge the driver because of the ridiculous levels of evidence needed to file those charges in FL.

A cyclist is hit moving out into the road. Cyclist injured in collision Another SWCC wreck that the cyclist can’t refute, this time because he’s a kid.

A wreck in Upstate NY. Holland Patent man injured when bicycle struck by car The driver invoked the universal get-out-of-jail-free card “I didn’t see him” because of the glare of the setting sun.

A buzz job by a bus nearly takes out a cyclist. Metrobus hits cyclist, WMATA brushes victim off Hit-and-run with injury, and they know the vehicle that did it, and nobody will file charges?

Infrastructure! from MD. The hazards of city bicycling and organ donations Note the author blames cyclists because drivers won’t look where they are going, or pay attention to road markings, or just generally not run into bicycles.

Bad infrastructure in Canuckistan causes a lawsuit. Riding an ‘unreasonable risk’: Injured cyclist Unmarked road hazards at night, and people in the comments are acting like it is the cyclist’s fault that the cyclist wrecked.

And infrastructure news from far west TX (closer to L.A. than to Dallas). Bicycling is good for El Pasoans, but El Paso ignores bicycles

LifeStyle from the Twin Cities. Weekend Cycling Events: 6.8.12 Have Fun!

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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