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Nothing new on Dad, and the Feed

As the headline notes, as I type this in there is no change in Dad’s condition. AFAIK he hasn’t gained or lost any weight since they rehydrated him the first day. He eats when fed because he has gotten too weak to feed himself reliably, but that was true even when he was still at home.

As for myself, I’m still dealing with aches and pains. I had a very nice dinner out at Monell’s with my wife and some friends and their kid. They didn’t have the fried cabbage on the menu last night, but they did have turnip greens which is just as good by me. On a completely unrelated tangent, I was pricing the metals needed to build a bike project, and the raw stock came to just over $200 for the bike, and about $100 for the jig needed to build the bike, and that was just for the raw stock. Hardware and other bits would add about 50% to that cost, and this was for a relatively simple steel bike with little tubing in the frame. I shudder to think what the raw stock costs would be today for some of the Ti bikes I made.

Up first is a hit-and-run of a cyclist by a man who didn’t want to be late for work. SSU professor hit on bike, gravely injured on Petaluma Hill Road and Bicyclist seriously injured by hit-and-driver also Popular SSU Professor Victim of Hit-and-Run Accident not done yet Penngrove Cyclist in ICU After Being Struck by Truck and last link Bicyclist injured by hit-and-run driver on Petaluma Hill Road The driver was observed to swerve at the cyclist and the impact was so violent that bits of the bike and the cyclist’s personal safety gear were scattered around the crime scene. When confronted by police the driver claimed to be late to work at the business he owned (!) and couldn’t stop. If any of my readers need a welding business in NoCal, I think one will be available shortly. Anyway, the wreck, to avoid use hit-from-behind protocols which in this case would probably been useless, to prevent get the infrastructure right so that bicycles are not riding next to sociopaths with weapons of mass destruction.

Next up, we find a possible reason why the death of a Seattle photographer was a hit-and-run. After Arrest of Erlin Garcia-Reyes in Death of Cyclist Michael Wang, ICE Gets In on the Action and Suspect in Seattle fatal hit and run of bicyclist is illegal alien also Immigration wants Seattle fatal hit-and-run suspect more ICE puts hold on Seattle hit-and-run suspect last link Suspect in fatal hit-and-run may be illegal immigrant My personal take on this is I don’t give a rat’s behind where the driver was born, he dies in prison for killing a cyclist and then leaving the scene. Then they can dump his body at the border or whatever they know-nothings want to do with it.

An assault against a cyclist in GA. Stillwater Police Cite Juvenile Who Hit Cyclist with Lock Thrown from School Bus Not much a cyclist can do to avoid something like this, I’m glad they caught the perp through good police work.

That case of what was first reported as salmon cyclists turns out to be a deliberate assault that crossed the center line of the road. UPDATE: Car crosses centerline, hits and kills bikers I just don’t know what goes through the minds of some people, really. I hope that suitable charges are filed against the driver, like murder, assault with a deadly weapon, crimes against humanity, terrorism….

Another CA bike fatality. Bicyclist killed in North Hills hit-and-run and Hit and Run SUV Kills Bicycle Rider in North Hills also Bicyclist Killed in Valley Hit-and Run I think I might have something for my Sunday Wreck-Free-wrant from all these hit-and-run wrecks. This one was a hit-from-behind, using the protocols might have helped the cyclist to avoid this wreck. Getting the infrastructure right would have prevented it. Making drivers fear being accused of hit-and-run more than being caught at the scene of the wreck would help in getting the infrastructure right.

From the Great White North, an update on the cyclist injured and left for dead after a hit-and-run of his velomobile. Vaughan hit-and-run leaves man injured I linked a picture of the velomobile (bluevelo Cab Bike) in a previous post, and the thing is huge from a visual mass point of view. It’s about the same size as a microcar. This may have been deliberate on the part of the driver of the weapon vehicle, both the initial wreck and the hit-and-run.

Two years after his death the family of a cyclist killed by a drunk driver sues the driver’s insurance for a settlement. Cyclist’s family sues driver for death All I have to say is I have come to expect this behavior from insurance companies.

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Bow roundabout is better, but not by much, say cyclists Why do it right when for more money you can get it wrong and still be able to point out how much money you spend on cyclists?

Statistics from a OR hospital association. New Oregon Trauma System report reveals toll of road injuries One thing that troubles me about this report is the failure to segregate mountain bikes from road bikes in their statistics.

I don’t know how to classify this article from just north of Houston. Woodlands bike fatality puts focus on bicyclist safety

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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