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Time to get back to work, and the Feed

I’m back in TX, I have finally cleared all the mess out of my Gmail Inbox (and thanks for all the nice notes y’all sent me), and news about Dad is on a 1-2 day delay as it has to be relayed from my technophobe wife that had me read and answer her e-mail because she hated to use the keyboard and still hasn’t figured out her cell phone after having it almost 3 years now. Some day I will have to relate how I have to turn on the TV because she can’t figure out how to use the universal remote that came with the cable box…

If what was presented in court was true this is a case of the Karma Hammer hitting fast and true. Suspect in Penngrove hit-and-run cyclist crash in court That’s right, the hit-and-run driver who didn’t want to be late to work had what appears to be a major stroke since his arrest. I hope this does not weigh too heavily in the judge’s mind when pleas are entered and sentences handed down.

A driver that deserves a dose of the Karma Hammer himself. Driver gives phony info after hitting cyclist in Aurora Intersection wreck, so use the intersection protocols to avoid. Getting the infrastructure right including making it much harder to get a driver’s license and making driving without a license the same as illegal possession of a deadly weapon, to prevent.

The kind of wreck that just gives me pause. 80-year-old woman killed by bicycle on trail I really hate it when things like this happen, but the cyclist was riding responsibly in this wreck, announcing his presence with both a bell and verbal warnings about his intentions. EDIT: New link. Family of Woman Killed in Bike Crash Wants Safety Improvements

A WI sidewalk rider is hit by a vehicle crossing from a driveway. Bicyclist injured in collision on Grand Avenue in Wausau and UPDATE: Cyclist Not Seriously Injured in Wausau Crash This is why it’s not a good idea to ride on sidewalks, drivers are not looking for a bicycle moving at bicycle speed on a sidewalk. They are barely looking for pedestrians more than half the time. Anyway, to avoid treat all driveways as intersections and apply intersection protocols. To prevent get the infrastructure right so that when cyclists are riding sidewalks driver are expecting to find them there, or so that cyclists do not need to ride on sidewalks. Looking at the picture of the bike in the second link, I doubt the driver had tine to see the cyclist because of the speed he was crossing the sidewalk. He would have nailed a pedestrian if there had been one there instead of the cyclist.

A fatal hit-from-behind wreck in AL. Bicyclist struck by truck, killed in Golden Springs At least with the victim being a high-raked person in DHS we know this will be investigated and prosecuted.

Update on a hit-and-run in NY. $11,000 reward to find driver of hit and run that left cyclist without his left leg Another hit-from-behind hit-and-run, use the hit-from-behind protocols to avoid. Do I really need to mention that we need to raise the driver’s license standards as part of the prevention?

A left cross in NYC. Trucker Who Killed Cyclist: “I Just Couldn’t Stop” Driver fails to pay attention to all the traffic in front of his vehicle and kills the cyclist. Intersection protocols to avoid, and get trucks away from cyclists with infrastructure and better driver training to prevent. It’s NYC so “NYPD said there was no criminality suspected“. Quelle surprise.

In the Great White North, charges are pending against a driver that hit a cyclist. Cyclist struck, seriously injured on Innes Road Mode of wreck not indicated but the location says “intersection protocols”. I hope they nail this driver.

Still in the GWN, charges are filed in a hit-and-run. Quebec man charged in Vaughan hit-and-run This is in the case of the velomobilist that was hit, the first such wreck I am aware of. I sincerely pray for the complete recovery of the injured cyclist.

A rare UK link. Lorry driver who hit cyclists is fined £450 The fine is ludicrous, of course. The victims were literally fractions of an inch from death.

SF is getting stupid about cyclists killing pedestrians. Warrant issued for cyclist accused of killing pedestrian and Chris Bucchere, Cyclist Accused of Killing Sutchi Hui, Gets Hit With Felony Manslaughter also Cyclist Who Killed Castro Pedestrian Slammed With Felony Charges Someone really needs to talk to the DA in Frisco, if you replaced “cyclists” with People of Color and “drivers” with Caucasians and looked at the rates of prosecution and the severity of the charges filed, he would be looking at a civil rights case against him. But this is just cyclists…

And before I find something heavy to bash my head, a pretty picture of a bike and a cat. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 6.14.12

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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