Getting ready for more miles than I have ridden in two months, and the Feed

Yep, I’m going to ride Blue to the RPG tonight at church. That’s a touch over 3½ miles each way, which is my longest ride in more than 2 months. I already know that I’m going to have to gear down at least 2 and maybe 3 gears from my usual, from the 2 mile round trip to get groceries earlier this week. I am so out of shape it isn’t even funny.

Dad has been transferred from the hospital to rehab to put on some more weight. Word is he will be getting more soup to build up his weight, as well as some hard-core rehab for his atrophied muscles to get him mobile and independent again. He managed to put on almost 10 pounds while he was in the hospital, but most of that was just getting him rehydrated.

Opening link is to a unique event in Portland, a cargo bike disaster drill. Disaster strikes! On Sunday learn how cargo bikes will save the day And there will also be a Zombie ride on the course, so a disaster drill with the Zombie Apocalypse 😉 Seriously this is a test to see how well cargo bikes can get supplies through when fossil-fueled vehicles are sidelined by lack of fuel.

Up first in the wreck list, a bike ninja is hit in UT. Teen cyclist injured when hit by truck I strongly suggest riding with lights, not just because it’s the law, but because it’s the safe thing to do. If you are going to ride ninja, then you have to ride like you are invisible. I say this every time I get a ninja wreck. Infrastructure that keeps bikes separate from motor vehicles might have prevented this wreck.

A MO cyclist is hit from behind by a blind driver. Cyclist recovering after Route Y crash Note that the driver invoked the universal “Get Out of Jail Free” card: “I didn’t see him”. I would like to see this excuse made into an admission of guilt for “failure to maintain lookout” and an automatic temporary suspension of license pending eye testing and a mandatory road test. That would be my contribution to the legal infrastructure.

An injury wreck with unknown mode in Canuckistan. Cyclists Injured in Crash with Truck on McPhillips The picture of one of the bikes shows a little scuffing but no major damage. This indicates to me that this was a “buzz job” wreck where the truck got too close to the cyclists either by inattention or deliberate action. Infrastructure that keeps bikes separated from motor vehicles away from residential zones and drastically reduces motor vehicle speed to about the same as a bicycle inside residential zones, combined with “Motor vehicle driver assumed to be at fault unless proven otherwise” laws, would prevent this wreck however it happened.

From the UK a cyclist is attacked with a bottle by a pedestrian. Cyclist injured in vicious glass bottle assault in Deal I don’t know how you can avoid something like this unprovoked attack from someone who was not even on the road when the attack began.

Big story is the ongoing battle over that freakishly rare pedestrian death in SF. Gears of rhetoric ratchet up in San Francisco’s car-bike debate and Reckless Riders Spur Backlash

And that’s the news that gives me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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