Daily Archives: June 17, 2012

Spent the day doing Dad things on Father’s Day, Wreck-free Sunday

A very short post today as I spent the day doing things around the house that needed doing for a while before I go to evening services.

I went to the local hardware and got a new shower diverter for the master bedroom bath so we get more water through the shower and less straight down the drain than the one that was put in the house originally back during the 1980s. No lie, at least half of the water down the drain never made it to the showerhead with the old diverter valve. Now there is a whole lot more pressure at the head which should help get everybody wet and rinsed that much quicker. And I only had to shed a few drops of blood and spend a few bucks to get it done.

After I changed the diverter I watched Junior win in Michigan, then saw the last three rounds of NHRA at Bristol, really disappointed that none of the women managed to win, but the one racing Funny Car got all the way to the finals. That was a fun race to watch. Also fun was the ProStock final which had to go to 8 decimal places (0.00000001 of a second) to determine the winner via a holeshot (the winning driver had a slower run but a quicker reaction to the green light).

And now I’m going to evening services.

Just nattering along, Opus