Running late after mowing the lawn, and the Feed

I’m just so domesticated, replacing the shower diverter valve yesterday and mowing the lawn today. Also did a load of laundry. I’m every woman’s dream 😉 😛 Interesting note, when you’re salt-depleted soy sauce tastes like vanilla…

Lots of reports in the Feed today that I haven’t gotten to filter yet, but there should be lots of links in there, too. But before I could filter today I had to go to another meeting at church, so it’s now 23:30. So the post I started around 10:00 AM will get posted well after midnight.

The really big story today is from the Great White North, where the head Coroner has suggested a mandatory helmet law for all age cyclists. Apparently he doesn’t actually like cycling, because this measure has all but killed utility cycling anywhere it has been enacted. Cycling deaths ‘preventable,’ coroner says and B.C.’s bicycle-helmet law should be eased: Critics from the other side, Mandatory bicycle helmets urged by Ontario coroner also Bike helmets for all ages should be mandatory, according to review more Coroner probing deaths wants cyclists in helmets I have one thing to say about mandatory helmets: My last car weighed 1800 pounds and had only seatbelts and door beams as crash resistance. The car that replaced it sold in 2008 at a curb weight of over 2600 pounds and had five airbags. I would be just as safe in my 1988 car if I wore my 3.3 pound full-face helmet and 5-point racing harness as I would in the 2600 pound car with all the airbags. Why not require helmets for every motor vehicle passenger an operator? Safer and much lighter, it would save millions of gallons of gas a year. Not to mention that the number of people killed in motor vehicles that die from head injury is at least 2 orders of magnitude greater than the number killed riding on bicycles.

A weird wreck, a cyclist was attacked with sausages and her bike stolen in MA. Police: Man swinging sausages attacked Mass. biker I have no clue how to avoid something like this. And the sausages were stolen, too. Attacked with stolen preserved meat products…

From NYC they killed another cyclist with a car door. Cyclist Fatally Doored In Queens, “No Criminality Suspected” Since this is NYC and the victim was a cyclist, and the weapon was a motor vehicle there is of course nothing the driver did wrong, except of course opening or leaving a car door open so that it obstructs or impedes traffic, in this case causing a fatality. Infrastructure would help prevent wrecks like this.

Still in NYC update on the victim of a fatal left-cross wreck. Brookline High Grad Killed in NYC Cycling Crash Already said all that could be said on this wreck the first time I mentioned it last week.

A driver in CA runs a stop sign and a cyclist t-bones the car. Cyclist Injured in Collision With Vehicle The intersection was a 2-way stop with the cyclist on the through street. Intersection protocols would have been of little to no use in this wreck, getting the infrastructure right including all drivers yielding to vehicles in through roads/streets to include bicycles, would prevent wrecks like this.

Down the road a bit from WoaB World HQ in the beautiful Suburbs of Hell, the mayor of Fort Worth has a bicycle wreck. Fort Worth mayor injured in bicycle accident Mode of wreck not given, but the assumption from facts known would be single bike wreck as no other vehicles were mentioned.

From NM a driver that had drugs in her system admits to driving under the influence. Stoned driver admits killing bicyclist She likes to drive stoned? I can think of an appropriate punishment… (use your imagination, re other uses of the word “stoned”)

Last wreck is from Oz. Cyclist killed by car near Adelaide From the limited description of the wreck and the charges filed I would have to say this was probably a hit-from-behind wreck. Protocols to avoid, infrastructure to prevent.

Infrastructure! news from MA. Boston Installs Shared Bike Lane On Huntington Ave Where Cyclist Was Killed Add doubled traffic fines for violations in a shared space, and they might have something there.

LifeStyle event in UT. ‘Cathi’s Ride’ honors woman killed in bicycle accident

And those are all the links that gave me fits today and yesterday… This has been a very long day and I’m getting a bit loopy.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


One response to “Running late after mowing the lawn, and the Feed

  1. I didn’t see this on your feed and thought you would like to know.
    Another sad story.


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