Sunburned and sore, and the Feed

Yesterday’s outdoor exertions had some additional effects. The grass is shorter, the legs are sore from constantly contracting the pulled muscle in my hip, and I have sunburned my forearms. All in all, I would say it was a mostly good day. I managed to get in a bit over 8 miles on Blue, which was also good.

Up first is a relatively minor wreck that did not involve motor vehicles. Cyclist injured in Route 73 crash This was a combination of bad infrastructure and rider error that combined to bring the bike down. To avoid, be very careful crossing pavement joints.

Also from Upstate, an update on a wreck covered earlier in the week. Cyclist Struck on Route 9W in Grandview, NY From this much more detailed report we know that the cyclist was in the lane and that the driver did not move far enough to the left to make a safe pass, and was probably driving too fast for conditions. As before hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the legal and physical infrastructure right to prevent.

Moving to PA, a sidewalk cyclist is hit, another report. Boy injured in bicycle crash in Upper Allen This was the first report that I recall actually giving the cyclist’s direction of travel, and actually blamed the cyclist for getting hit because the driver was not watching to ensure her direction of travel was clear.

In the Karma Hammer incident where the driver that left a cyclist to die then suffered a major stroke, it has been demonstrated that Karma Hammers do not knock sense into a person. Not Guilty Plea in Hit-and-Run of Cyclist

Still in CA, a hit-and-run that took an interminable time to get settled has finally run its course with the driver getting the maximum sentence allowed by law. Schiro Sentenced In Hit And Run Case That’s right he will serve a maximum of 3 years in prison for nearly killing someone and leaving them to die. At least the victim will have $3 million from the insurance settlement.

Somewhat near WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell, a cyclist hit and killed by a motor vehicle is identified. Cyclist Killed In Accident Identified Note the cyclist “swerved” onto the access road in front of a truck, the classic SWSS narrative.

In the Great White North, a cyclist is left-crossed and the blamed for the wreck, Cyclist injured after narrowly avoiding car Note that the cyclist was riding in the sidewalk and then the crosswalk, which is illegal in this jurisdiction. The driver was not looking for a cyclist when he turned.

Infrastructure! news from the Great White North. Son promotes safety measure after dad killed on bicycle Side guards for heavy trucks.

There were more links to the Ontario coroner’s report, that almost all completely ignored the major safety suggestions (decent infrastructure, side guards on heavy trucks, reduced speeds in urban areas) to concentrate on bicycle helmets.

And that is all the news that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


One response to “Sunburned and sore, and the Feed

  1. Suprise you haven’t reported on this accident. That would make it your first Model T Ford report, right?


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