Real life is interfering with my blogging, and the Feed

I spent the morning and the early afternoon doing the mundane tasks of life: paying bills, mailing letters, doing bank deposits, and buying groceries. I actually spent less time riding my bike to do this than I spent at the places doing the things, a touch over 40 minutes ride time for 2½ hours away from the house. Part of that is because I’m a careful shopper and had to go back and forth on the cereal aisle to decide the best buy for what I wanted, but most of it was because the places I went had very poor customer service with not enough people actually waiting on customers. Unfortunately they either have no competition, or their competition is no better (actually the one place that has competition was better than their competition, but only just). So, customer service is another thing that has been lost in the relentless pursuit of greater profits.

There was an amazing lack of wrecks in the Feed today, but a plethora of helmet articles. The helmet articles will be linked at the end of the blog post. Up first in the wreck parade is another link to the fatal door prize in NYC. Big Apple Circus worker killed after colliding with car door on Union Tnpk. In spite of the fact that there is a law against opening a car door in such a way as to cause a hazard or impediment to traffic (and bicycles are traffic), NYPD insists that there is no criminality involved in this death.

A cyclist in IN is injured reportedly running a red light. White River Greenway cyclist hurt I’m not familiar with the intersection and can’t get a Street View from Google Maps right now, so I’m going to hold off on blaming the infrastructure on this one and put most of the blame on the cyclist running the red light. Infrastructure only works when people use it correctly, and one of the most basic things about using infrastructure correctly is following the direction given by traffic controls.

More on the single-bike wreck that injured Fort Worth’s Mayor. 911 call reveals Mayor Price knocked unconscious in bike accident Now the story is the wreck was infrastructure related as the mayor’s front tire was caught in a rut in the unpaved portion of the bike path…

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, protests against conditions on the roads that lead to cyclists’ deaths. Memorial Bike Ride Remembers Cyclist Killed in Causeway Hit and Run This is not just an infrastructure issue, it’s an attitude issue among all the parties involved, cyclists, drivers and most especially LEO. Until LEO decide that cyclists have the right not to be killed by people in motor vehicles and start making charges that stick and are prosecuted, cyclists will continue to be killed at the highest rate in the US.

Followup on a hit-and-run in OR. Mt. Hood Skibowl owner’s unusual hit-and-run case leads to $500,000 for bicyclist Yet another example of how OR is “different”. The same thing happens here in TX, but it doesn’t make the papers unless there was a big, public scene with LEO and emergency personnel everywhere, and TV news helicopters flying overhead. In OR a rich guy hits a cyclist and buys his way out of it and it still makes the papers.

And as promised, helmet links pro and con. With Vid: Helmets a matter of choice: Windsor cyclists and Chris Selley: Once again, the bike-helmet brigade comes calling also Wouldn’t bike lanes make riding safer in Anchorage than helmets?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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