Too much blood in my caffiene system, and the Feed

The cats somehow got inside early this morning when the daytime people were going to work, and they decided I needed to be awake too, at 5AM. I never did get back to sleep so I have been alternating between strong coffee and near-lethal strong ice tea, because it’s a tadly warm in the office. I was up late last night because I was testing a possible road marker to use on bike paths, one with a solar panel and LEDs to actively point out the edge of the path instead of depending on the rider’s head light bouncing off a reflector. With the base model of light I can get steady light for about 4 hours, with blinking for another hour as the battery charge depletes, from a mostly shaded outdoor exposure. That is with consumer-grade electronics, and white LEDs (which use the most power). I’m sure that if they switch to amber LEDs (which use about half the power) and place the light in full sunshine sunup to sundown, the light would stay lighted all night on the steady setting without going to the energy-saving blink mode. Also the amber LEDs would work better in complying with the MUTCD lighting pages.

Up first because of multiple links, the victim in the Karma Hammer hit-and-run has died. Retired Sonoma State prof dies from injuries received in hit-and-run and Beloved SSU Professor, Avid Cyclist Steve Norwick Dies

A cyclist is injured in IL. Bike-car crash in Evanston sends rider to hospital The report states the cyclist was riding salmon when he was hit and the driver never saw the cyclist until he pulled out from the curb. Well then to avoid ride with traffic and use hit-from-behind protocols to include riding in the lane far enough out to be seen by drivers so they can pull over and pass without hitting you. To prevent get the infrastructure right including education to keep young cyclists from riding against traffic.

Speaking of young cyclists, a sociopath with a driver’s license tries to kill two at the same time in CA. DA’s Office Charges Suspects in Alleged Bicyclist Attack Hmm, using a 4000 pound weapon of mass destruction against 2 unarmed teens because they were in front of you? That’s real brave. To prevent make getting a license very hard and losing one very easy, and also make driving without a license equivalent to illegal possession of a firearm.

Two links to a cyclist getting seriously injured in Oz. Cyclist critical after truck hit and Cyclist crictical after being struck by car Well the reports differ as to the weapon vehicle, but agree on the type and degree of injury. Hit from behind wreck, use the appropriate protocol to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Infrastructure!news from MN. Pedal Minnesota Ain’t that great? Wouldn’t it be nice to find one of those every few miles when riding cross country, inter-city?

And because there just is not enough good bike porn out there, we celebrate it when we find it. Bike Porn: 7 Awesome Innovations What, you thought there would be naked or scantily clad women and/or men with bikes? There is a site devoted to that, but this ain’t it.

Do you ever wonder about the effectiveness of hand signals while riding your bike? Bikeyface does. Mixed Signals

Last link, what do you do when your bike share bike needs fixing? Nice Ride Visits the Doctor

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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