What strange madness is this? And the Feed

I have developed a new “following”, the #occupy movement has been following my blog en masse. For the life of me I can’t figure out why #occupy would find my little blog so interesting. I’m not trying to get the banksters arrested, or get the 1% that owns the 40% of everything taxed at a higher rate, or even trying to get minimum wage pegged to CEO compensation (not in this blog anyway, other places…). All this blog is trying to do is get people from A to B without a detour to the morgue or the hospital, advocating infrastructure changes that keep people alive and legal changes that punish those that kill to deter other from killing. Most of what I champion is of as much benefit to drivers and pedestrians as it is to people riding bicycles. If #occupy is happy with that, who am I to argue?

Up first was a hard decision because everything was just so mundane, aside from being horrific wrecks with unimaginable levels of pain and suffering. I mean I have been doing this for 6 years now, there are very few ways for people to run cars into people on bicycles that I haven’t seen at least once if not dozens of times. It is even starting to show in the writing: this wreck falls in that category, but this wreck is that other category, almost every wreck has a category, and follow these instructions to avoid getting involved in that kind of wreck…

So, up first is a really bad day for non-motorized transportation in one CA town. FIRE REPORT: Two Pedestrians Hit by Cars, A Bicyclist Runs Into a Car The bike wreck was a near classic left cross with a screen, the cyclist’s and driver’s view of each other was blocked by a “nice guy” that had stopped to let the driver of the weapon vehicle make his turn. And as much as I hate to say it the “nice guy” is mostly at fault in this wreck as his stop and screen were the major causes of the wreck. Intersection protocols to avoid and people following the laws and not trying to be the “nice guy” to prevent, or infrastructure that separates bicycles and pedestrians from interacting with motor vehicles.

In NJ a salmon cyclist towing a skateboarder is left-crossed. Teen cyclist struck, injured in Medford OK, first and foremost, ride with the flow of traffic, and second use intersection protocols to avoid the left-cross. Getting the infrastructure right so that bicycles and skateboards are not sharing a highway with motor vehicles would prevent this kind of wreck.

Teen cyclist in NC allegedly runs a stop sign and gets hit. Boy, 11, seriously injured after riding bike into traffic Well if he got hit at the stop sign I think the “alleged” part is pretty well proven. Looking at Google Maps, this is a residential area and would be shared space under the Dutch model, with a very low speed limit that would affect both motor vehicles and bicycles but with road priority to bicycles. That would possible prevent a wreck like this, but no guarantees.

Added to a classic right-hook wreck is the additional insult of hit-and-run in PA. Bigler Man Injured in Bicycle/Vehicle Accident Intersection protocols to avoid, and substantially higher licensing standards to prevent. Also making H&R a major felony instead of a minor one or a misdemeanor or infraction would also go a long ways to preventing something like this from happening. And crushing a few weapon vehicles that were used in hit-and-run, maybe?

You know it’s a grim day when a woman getting charged with a felony is the bright spot in the morning… Woman indicted in Skokie crash that killed boy, 9, riding his bike You might remember this wreck as the one where the child cyclist was riding on the sidewalk when he was killed in a pinball wreck caused by an intoxicated driver speeding through the intersection. The driver tested positive for pot and speed.

And another cyclist is killed in the tiny town of Middletown RI, not far from where I used to live. Middletown bicyclist killed in crash in Newport The wreck appears to be a hit-from-behind wreck with an illegal pass of another vehicle thrown in for good measure. There is nothing in the protocols that you could use to avoid a wreck like this, only separated infrastructure with very high standards to get and very low bars to lose a driver’s license would prevent this wreck. Again I’m starting to get a “theme” in the editorial responses to the wrecks.

From the Great White North, a cyclist appears to fail to yield at the entry to a road. Port Colborne cyclist critically injured Assuming this isn’t a SWCC where the cyclist just happened to get hit at an intersection when she was in fact in the road the whole time unnoticed by the driver until he hit her, then the way to avoid this wreck is to yield when entering a road so that you don’t ride in front of moving vehicles. This would be shared space in the Dutch model, so reduced speed limits and higher degrees of vigilance to prevent.

A wreck with almost no information from Enn Zed. Cyclist injured in 4WD collision Other than the facts that the wreck was in an intersection, and the bicycle looked remarkably pristine, I really don’t know anything about this wreck. Given the lack of damage to the bike, and the non-serious injuries I can deduce the cyclist was grazed in a buzz job.

AZ cyclists and pedestrians are getting peeved about drivers that kill or seriously injure with no consequences even when found guilty. Cyclists’ accidents spark debate over criminal charges I think everyone that has read this blog for any length of time knows I think current criminal statutes against hitting people with cars are, well, criminal. In many states as long as you don’t leave the scene or drive drunk, even without license or insurance you would get at most a traffic ticket for killing a person with a car. This must change, if for no other reason than the motor vehicle is now killing more people than illegal drugs or firearms, and is the number one cause of childhood mortality and all mortality under the age of 35.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

3 responses to “What strange madness is this? And the Feed

  1. Um, Occupy is a lot of young urban people who dislike cars. Probably a very high percent are new to riding in cities and found your site a good one for tips to avoid accidents.


  2. Regarding the Fayetteville crash…the child is getting a bum rap. Go to street view for the intersection–THERE IS NO STOP SIGN IN ANY DIRECTION! If he was on Boros Drive and in the correct lane he had the right of way because Barber is a tee intersection onto Boros.


    • Opus the Poet

      Yeah I was wondering about that. I couldn’t get the Street View to pull up when I was doing the post so I had no way of knowing that.


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