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Went to drumming last night, and the Feed

I went to the monthly drum jam at church last night and it was very warm. The drummers wanted a fire so they could keep the drum heads tight and sounding good, so we had a fire with the ambient temperature in the low 90s to high 80s all night long. (35-25 C) The good part is the heat let my leg muscles stay loose and I didn’t have any problem with the leg not working (either of them). The bad part is, hey it’s already around 90°F, lets build a fire and make it hotter… Only in TX.

Up first, a TX cyclist is hit from behind because he was screened from view by another vehicle in front of the weapon vehicle. Bicyclist hit, killed by truck in Baytown This is a textbook example of following too close and driving too fast for conditions, but the driver escapes without even a ticket. TANJ! Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols might have helped, actually punishing drivers that kill would probably help more.

The last place you expect to get hit by a motor vehicle is on a protected MUP, but not even those are safe from CARnage. Motorcyclist hits bicyclist on I-205 bike path and Motorcyclist overshoots turn, crashes into bicyclist No way to avoid this wreck, and it was on segregated infrastructure which should have prevented it, and would have had the ability to prevent it would be some way of making motor vehicles not work for drunk drivers.

A NC cyclist is hit in a SWSS, but LEO apparently don’t believe the driver’s story. Elderly bicyclist injured in Stokes Co. The driver claimed the cyclist was turning around when the cyclist was hit, but LEO are talking about an unsafe passing ticket. Anyway, to avoid use the hit-from-behind protocols, to prevent get the infrastructure right.

A hit-and-run in CA. Huntington Beach hit-run kills bicyclist and Driver Arrested After Cyclist Was Fatally Struck in Huntington Beach Hit and Run Drunk driver veered into the bike lane, hitting the cyclist from behind. Cue my rant about what drunk drivers who kill deserve, being chained to the steering wheel of the car as the car goes through the shredder at the recycling plant.

First wreck from the Great White North today is an intersection wreck with no injury. Girl, 9, not injured after hitting dump truck while riding her bicycle The narrative on this was so confused I don’t know exactly what happened, but the child seemed to be doing what children do (“play is the work of a child”) and the driver of the dump truck did a fantastic job in not killing the cyclist.

Next wreck is a hit-and-run of a pedestrian by a cyclist. Comic Mary Walsh struck by cyclist Yeah, DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!

Two links to this fatal wreck in east Canuckistan. Cyclist killed in crash and Cyclist killed in collision with truck in southeast industrial district The bike was so badly mangled from going under the truck that I have no idea what happened in this wreck, and LEO aren’t saying either. EDIT as I was creating the link to the second link the article was changed to indicate the truck was making a turn so there are a number of possible modes for this wreck, the classic right hook, or the cyclist riding up the inside of a turning truck, or the cyclist was on the road the truck was turning to and the driver did not give enough room during the turn. But, intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

LifeStyle from CA, as CalTrans can’t stand being reminded that their roads are death traps for cyclists. Memorial Ghost Bike for Josh Laven Removed – Not Wanted on Highway 1 Yeah, that constant reminder that someone dropped the ball on getting the infrastructure safe gets under the skin.

More on the Ontario Coroner’s report. Mandatory bike helmets

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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