I think I might have sunburned my eyes, Wreck-Free Sunday

We had a really wild solstice celebration at church today. We used a combination of contests to select the Sun King for the latter half of the year, watermelon seed spitting, bean bag toss, musical chairs holding cups of water that had to be full when you took your seat, and an egg toss. I came close to winning the watermelon seed spitting, and the egg toss, placed well in the bean bag toss, and did not participate in the musical chairs. Then the winners of the individual contests got to pick teams for a water balloon and glitter bomb war to choose the Sun King. Unfortunately the glitter bombs for my team kinda blew up in our hands, leaving most of our glitter on the ground around the bucket instead of applied to the skin or clothing of the other people.

Speaking of glitter bombs I will probably be pooing sparklies for at least a week if not a month. I have glitter in places I don’t even want to think about, including my eyes and inside and outside my nose.

The physical stress of the games took their toll on my body as my pulled hip muscle has been letting me know I spent too much time on my feet. I currently have my hip packed in ice in preparation for going to the evening service tonight after taking one of those muscle relaxers and NSAID combination to do something about the pain and stiffness of the pulled muscle. The combination of nightly ice packs and that pain pill have been doing a good job in getting things back to “normal”. Or as close to normal as I can get with all the other damage I carry over from the wreck a decade ago.

And now I’m going to take a break and let my eyes rest before I go back on the road.

PSA, Opus


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