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Still suffering from yesterday’s excesses, and the Feed

Yep, too much sun and not enough fluids and spending too much time on my feet all combined to leave me with a massive headache this morning as well as a pain in the butt. I got a better look at my eyes this morning and they are not sunburned, just irritated (since that started before the glitter bombs I’m going to assume it was caused by smoke and sweat in my eyes). In spite of wearing long sleeves yesterday I managed to get slightly sunburned on my arms and shoulders and the top of my head (no hat). If I put an ice pack on the back of my head for a few minutes it makes the headache go away for a while, but too long and it causes another headache 😛

Up first OH officials are in a quandary about dealing with speeding motor vehicles at a bike path crossing. Officials: Watch out for bike-path dangers Oh! what to do about cars driving so fast that they have all 4 tires in the air from hitting the bike path crossing! I guess a speed trap or radar camera at the intersection is out of the question as there is just nothing that actually enforcing the speed limits can do to prevent people from exceeding the speed limits…*cough*bullshit*cough*

Down the road from WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell by about a day’s ride, what was initially reported a hit-and-run of a bicyclist is now a person falling out of the back of a pickup truck with a bicycle. Passenger of car killed in East Austin hit-and-run early Sunday Yeah, I find that hard to believe too, but it seems to be the truth. the truck driver lost the passenger and her bike out of the back of the truck and came back to find her being attended by emergency personnel. OK now the story has changed again (every time I read it it’s different) and the cyclist was riding in the back of the truck when the truck was hit by another vehicle in an intersection and she and her bike fell out the back when the truck rolled over. [Vinny Barbarino] I’m so confused! [/Vinny Barbarino] Either this is two different wrecks, or there was some serious mis-communication in the first two versions of this link.

A cyclist in MT has one of the most avoidable kinds of wreck. Bicyclist injured in collision with train I post this every time I get one of these links, but not getting hit by a train is very simple, look, listen, and don’t cross when the crossing arms are down. All the infrastructure needed to prevent this wreck was already in place, it just went unheeded by the cyclist.

A NE cyclist runs a red light in front of witnesses and gets hit by a pickup truck. Cyclist Injured in Crash on Vine Street What can I say except don’t run red lights? I don’t know if this was a demand control light that would not detect cyclists, but in cases like that you have to treat it as a defective control, and in the case of a signal light you have to treat it like a stop sign accessing a street where cross traffic does not stop. Even if it was an infrastructure issue, this cyclist did not handle it properly.

Hit-and-run in Upstate NY. Bicyclist critically injured after hit-and-run crash on Robinson Street, Syracuse Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid. Get the infrastructure right, including making hit-and-run equivalent in severity as assault with a deadly weapon, to prevent.

A cyclist is right-hooked in VT. Bike rider injured in SUV crash Intersection protocols to avoid, with the emphasis on angling away from the impact to reduce severity, and get the infrastructure right so that large motor vehicles are not turning right in front of bicycles that are going straight.

Another SWCC wreck in IN Car hits bike, rider injured Again a wreck where the driver claimed the cyclist was “crossing” the road in front of him with no physical evidence to back his story up…

A CA cyclist is right-hooked and blamed for the wreck. Healdsburg cyclist injured in crash with pickup truck The only way for the wreck to play out as described in the narrative would be for the truck to have been driving at bicycle speed before making the right turn.

Infrastructure!news from NYC. It’s Still Not A Crime To Kill Someone With Your Car Door The problem is there is no investigation for the majority of dooring incidents as many are reported as “cyclist hits parked car”. Also from the comments section to the article many drivers don’t want to be inconvenienced by actually looking and not killing a cyclist.

Another pretty picture from the Twin Cities of MN. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 6.25.12 Isn’t that a lovely place to ride a bike? I wish we had places like that around the Suburbs of Hell.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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