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It’s hot, and I’m still recovering from Sunday, also the Feed

It’s a bit steamy outside the last couple of days, and today looks to be no exception to that. We are under a pollution watch, a pollen watch, a heat advisory and a notice of possible zombie activity political campaigning for run-off elections. Actually I would prefer the zombies, at least you can shoot them or club them to death when they overstay their welcome, and get a bit of aerobic exercise in the exchange. Politicians you either have to call the cops or listen to them yammer and lie. No fun at all, unless you play games like confronting them with the truth, claiming everything on Fox News is a lie except the weather report and you’re not sure about the weather report, asking questions about things you find important but that aren’t within the purview of the elected office. (What are you going to do about the acts of ritual cannibalism in the Catholic church? is a good one, because most people don’t equate eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ during Communion as an act of ritual cannibalism. It makes them think and while they do that you can just close the door and leave.)

The Feed is rather sparse even by Tuesday standards today. One report came in with nothing but motorcycle wrecks, one report came in with a link that links back to my blog (!), the third report has only a couple of links in it and the last report hasn’t come in at all. EDIT: the last report came in an hour late but has a few links in it.

The driver accused of hit-and-run and DUI against two cyclists has entered a not guilty plea. Alleged drunk driver pleads not guilty to charges in cyclist’s death more Alleged drunk driver pleads not guilty to charges in cyclist’s death also Man pleads not guilty in death of cyclist They did a blood draw that showed a BAC of more than .3% which should have killed the driver outright, lethal levels of blood alcohol vary from person to person but in non-alcoholics somewhere between .28 and .30 is fatal. The fact that the driver was still conscious at that level of BAC shows that this was a person with a drinking problem who should never be allowed to drive again. Now he may never be allowed to walk free again.

In NYC the death toll from May’s CARnage has been established. NYPD: 15 Pedestrians, One Cyclist Killed in New York City Traffic in May That was a buttload of injuries caused by motor vehicles, a few injuries cause by bicycles, and no lethal wrecks caused by a bike hitting a pedestrian or other bicyclist.

In AZ the defense team is pushing for the prosecution to put back on the table a plea deal that the victim had rejected as too lenient. Defense pushing plea deal in cyclist hit-and-run case The facts of the case are egregious, they are truly deserving of felony charges, as the driver lied to police and tried to cover up and destroy evidence on the weapon vehicle. The plea bargain was approves initially by the brain damaged victim in the case before he was assigned a guardian with power of attorney from his family. The prosecutor’s office should have never approached the brain damaged victim about this plea bargain.

Infrastructure! news from NYC as outer boroughs want their bike infrastructure, too. Bike Lanes Scarce in Central Queens, Cyclists Say Queens wants the added safety for all users that properly installed bike lanes has brought to the inner boroughs.

More infrastructure news from Upstate NY. Family of bicyclist killed on Route 9W in Upper Grandview seeks road changes

From the good folks at Cycle Twin Cities, another report on “free air” kiosks springing up around town. More Info on “Free Air” from the Bike Friendly State This is the kind of infrastructure that keeps people on the roads, literally.

And my internet connection is getting flaky, so I will have to stop here. I’m getting no images when I load a page, and only about half the text.

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