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Hot, tired, and cranky, and the Feed

I had some errands to run today that took me into the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, riding on a busy street with the local air temperature of 100-101°F. Even though I only went 8 miles on the bike I went through more than 24 OZ of fluids from 2 water bottles. I don’t care how well acclimated you are to the heat, that kind of stuff can kill you if you don’t stay ahead of it, and I almost dropped to “even”. I’m still a little woozy and not quite thinking straight (or spelling right either, I keep dropping letters). I had some pretzel sticks, a PBH, and lots of cold iced tea and things are coming back slowly.

Up first, a reminder of why FL is the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 6 years in a row. Man Arrested in Hit and Run That Killed Teen Cyclist They found his car where it had been repaired after the wreck, he was driving another vehicle to try to throw LEO off the scent, and in spite of proving himself a flight risk by leaving the scene, he only has a $9000 bail.

Also from FL, a possibly drunk cyclist is hit. Cyclist Receives Life Threatening Injuries in Late Night Crash Just because a drunk cyclist is mostly a danger to him- or herself, and a drunk driver is a danger to anyone within a quarter mile of the vehicle, doesn’t mean it’s OK to get wasted and ride your bike. Just DON’T!

More on that MI woman hit while she was taking a break beside the road. Washtenaw County Sheriff Releases Name of Bicyclist Killed in Accident in Dexter Township Nothing much new here on the wreck, the only thing new is the name of the deceased cyclist. More links Bicyclist killed in crash at Dexter-Pinckney and North Territorial roads and Bicyclist Killed in Accident Near North Territorial and Dexter-Pinckney Road in Dexter Township

A NY cyclist is killed Coworker: Killed Cyclist Was ‘Really Good Person’ Who ‘Liked to Bike’ And a link that covers the actual wreck Cyclist Fatality on Route 9 So, hit-from-behind because the driver was in too big a hurry to drive only as fast as he could see to stop. Hit-from-behind protocols might have helped avoid or reduce the severity of the wreck. Getting the infrastructure right would prevent it.

In East TN, a cyclist is attacked twice by a driver. Knoxville cyclist says he was injured after sideswipe, attack The initial attack was the sideswipe AKA “buzz job”, then the second attack was the driver getting out of the car to physically assault the cyclist until the cyclist had numerous facial fractures and needed surgery to repair the damage. Find this driver and put him down, he’s a wild animal behind the wheel and has lost the grace of civilisation.

A wreck In Chicago kills a young cyclist. NW Side Boy, 11, Dies After Being Struck While Riding Bike From the information provided the cyclist came out of an alley without looking, and hit the side of the car. A high price to pay for a second’s inattention.

More on a wreck in CA. Accused DUI Driver Who Hit Napa Cyclist Due in Court The accused driver already had one DUI that week when she hit the cyclist while driving under the influence of prescription drugs and pot for her second DUI in less than 7 days. How is a cyclist supposed to be able to avoid habitually drunk and stoned drivers. Someone needs to drop her on her head, from low earth orbit, or maybe cislunar space? You don’t want to go too far out, she might not come back to the right planet. We wouldn’t want to pollute any of the other local planets (assuming anything survives re-entry).

Another cyclist is hit in the Great White North. Guelph Police looking for witnesses after cyclist hit and run Apparently this was a drive up to the cyclist from behind, knock him off the bike with a buzz job, and keep driving because “Hey, them cyclists ain’t got no right ta be on MY road!” Or whatever the equivalent is that far north. Recycle the weapon vehicle and make the driver watch the whole procedure, if the cyclist dies or the driver was drunk, make him watch from inside the car. And yes, I’m not in a very happy place today.

A cyclist in Oz gets hit bad. Sydney boy on bike hit by elderly driver Apart from the existence of the wreck, LEO are not releasing any details about it.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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