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Body is paying today for the efforts of yesterday, and the Feed

I woke up this morning and tried to roll out of bed like usual, only to be assaulted by a barrage of sore muscles and stiff joints that I assume are a result of yesterdays trip to Oak Cliff in the heat. I know I still wasn’t feeling 100% when I went to bed but I assumed I was just tired from having been out in the heat. As the day goes on I get a little more mobile and lass painful, so it could just be I didn’t move last night after I went to sleep, unlike my normal sleep habits of tossing and turning and grabbing the covers then kicking them off, repeat until morning.

Up first from CA via BikingInLA, a deliberate assault on a cyclist in a parking lot with a motor vehicle. Van intentionally rams bicyclist in SLO Target parking lot, police say Charges at the moment include assault with a deadly, and hit-and-run. This is not something cyclists deal with, but fortunately not on an everyday basis. I have no idea how to avoid something like this aside from using the protocols like you would for the non-deliberate assault with a deadly weapon, and aside from making a driver’s license much, much harder to get and much easier to lose so that people who are mentally unbalanced enough to use a motor vehicle as a weapon are weeded out pretty quickly I have no idea how to prevent it either.

Still in CA, another report on a SWSS. Sonoma cyclist killed Again I find the narrative in this report fanciful: “The CHP said he began a left-hand turn, making a signal with his left arm, and rode into the oncoming truck.” If the driver had enough time to recognize the cyclist was signalling a left movement (lane change or turn) why didn’t the driver respond to that signal? And trucks are pretty noisy, I know I have no problem knowing one is behind me and my hearing is not that great (either that or everybody is mumbling just to make me mad).

Still in CA, cyclists pack the courtroom in support of a cyclist hit by a drunk driver. Cyclists rally to support injured rider and At Napa Courthouse, Cyclists Show Support for Injured Rider Used judiciously, this might be a good tool in individual cases, especially ones where the driver has prior convictions for DUI, but for every cyclist hit by a drunk the tool would lose its edge in very short order.

Not out of CA yet, a drunk cyclist is injured when he gets passed on the right. HEMET: Alleged drunk bicyclist hurt in crash OK first things first riding a bicycle drunk is better than driving drunk but you still shouldn’t do it, Second passing a slow-moving vehicle on the right is illegal unless there is a clear lane to the right of the slow vehicle, so it’s not like there isn’t a lot of blame to go around in this one. Pity it only seems to fall on the cyclist. To avoid, don’t ride drunk or leave enough room on the right that motorists would be tempted to pass on the right. To prevent a more rigorous testing procedure for getting a license, proper infrastructure for all modes of travel, and cops that recognize when a driver screws up and injures a cyclist.

A WI cyclist gets hit bad but survives. Cyclist injured in crash with car and Cyclist suffers head injury in crash not doe Bicyclist injured after being struck by a vehicle Apparently a sidewalk cyclist forgot that driveways are intersections, and the driver forgot that she was required to make sure that there was nothing coming on the sidewalk that her crossing it would interfere with. Bleh at that sentence structure. Anyway to avoid ride in the street where the drivers have a better chance of seeing and avoiding you and remember that every driveway is an intersection. To prevent get the infrastructure right including making driving without a license equivalent to illegal possession of a deadly weapon.

I don’t know what it means when someone getting charged with very serious felonies is good news, but here is some good news. New charges filed in death of bicycle rider The driver was way over the limit and refused a breathalyser at the scene, but because she reeked of booze LEO got a warrant for a blood draw, and toxicology came back over the limit.

From RI a cyclist is accused of running the red when he hits a cop car. Woonsocket bicyclist, 17, injured slightly in collision with police cruiser Yeah, don’t run reds even if it changed while you were in the intersection, just stop until you can proceed safely.

From Oz cyclists are learning that in order to get their side of the story heard they better get it on video. Cyclists with video cameras It’s a pity that unless you provide iron-clad evidence of a crime against you, you get ignored by the people that are supposed to be protecting you from those idiots.

Infrastructure! news from MN. Is Minneapolis Done Messing with the Sabo Bridge Barriers?

And you think this might be the biggest reason why drivers hate cyclists? The Killer Commute Interesting the longer the commute is by car the more psychological problems drivers have, but not cyclists…

And last link Bikeyface shows the difference between cycling for exercise and cycling to get somewhere. Dressing I dress something in the middle of those two cyclists depicted because in TX if you’re outdoors and moving under your own power or just outdoors and have a pulse, you get sweaty so you just learn to deal with it.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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