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Running hot and low on water, and the Feed

Things are a bit warm in the suburbs of Hell today, and I have been out running around in the heat. I did get to stop in at a Starbucks and have a cold drink before continuing, but that was only a momentary respite from the heat and humidity. Now I’m home for a bit before I have to run to the RPG group tonight at the church, so no time to dilly-dally.

Up first is news from Enn Zed about a hit-and-run in CA. Kiwi cyclist injured in hit and run and Pro Kiwi cyclist in critical condition after hit and run also NZ cyclist Michael Torkler seriously injured Nothing on the wreck itself, other than hit-and-run, but there are some reports that the cyclist had numerous facial fractures in spite of wearing a helmet and has been upgraded to stable condition as of the last report.

From the how do you avoid this shit? section of the Feed, a man gets hit from behind while riding on the bike path. Eau Claire bicyclist killed when struck on bike path and Bicyclist dies after car drives onto bike path in Eau Claire and Eau Claire bicyclist riding on bike trail struck, killed by car If you aren’t safe riding on a separated bike trail, where can you be safe? There is no way to avoid being hit by a car driving on the bike trail, and it is already on segregated infrastructure so “improving the infrastructure would have to include “improving” drivers so they don’t try to drive on anything paved and going the general direction they are. The driver in this case needs to be hung, shot, stabbed, and recycled with his car. “And” as in “all of the above” even if they have to restart the guy between hanging and shooting or whatever. This was either deliberate, or the driver can’t tell the difference between a bike path, a major highway, or a frontage road and tries to drive on the bike path. Either case, the driver does not deserve to be allowed to drive, and if intentional then this needs to be charged as a murder.

From AZ, a child is killed by a hit-and-run driver. Child on bike killed by hit-and-run driver and Police: Boy on bike killed in Chandler hit-and-run Also Police: Driver turns self in after child on bike killed in Chandler hit-and-run The kid was trying to cross a 7 lane (!?) street and was in the outside lane just before reaching the edge of the road when he was hit. From what I could tell from the report had the driver remained on the scene this would not have been a chargeable wreck, but because he fled and tried to hide the vehicle it became a major felony. Usual rant about drivers that hit-and-run from a fatal wreck, recycle his truck with him still in it.

More on the San Antonio Boerne cyclist hit-and-run fatality. Bicyclist Killed In Boerne Hit & Run — Grace White Still a hit-from-behind, still a hit-and-run, still on the only road that allowed access to the other side of the interstate. More on the victim. He sounds like a really nice guy getting ready for RAGBRAI.

Another fershluginer hit-and-run in another state, OR this time. Cyclist injured in hit-and-run off Hwy 101 I am so tired of this, but at least in this wreck the cyclist victim has a chance at recovery. He might have had a better chance had he been attended to immediately after the wreck instead of having to wait until someone reported his bike as abandoned on the side of the road, and the person sent to investigate determined it had been hit and called a search for the body. If the cyclist had been suffering serious blood loss he would have already been dead by the time he was found, More Cyclist injured in hit-and-run off Hwy 101

A DE cyclist is left-crossed. Hockessin man killed while crossing road on bicycle I’m still trying to pull up the street view, but the initial report is a classic left cross where the driver violated the cyclist’s right of way. Intersection protocols to avoid, get the driver’s side of the infrastructure equation solved for this residential area to prevent.

Another hit-and-run, this one in RAGBRAI country. Police looking for vehicle that hit cyclist Hit-from-behind, use the protocols for that to avoid a wreck like this. Make hit-and-run a major felony like attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon with mandatory prison time and mandatory loss of driving privileges for life if convicted to prevent.

Last link the UK’s slight drop in cyclist fatalities seems to fall more at the hands of the NHS than the MoT. Serious injuries to cyclists soar in new DfT figures When the SI number goes up (injury previously held to be eventually fatal) while fatalities go down, that is nothing to do with better roads safety and everything to do with better traumatic injury care in ER. More patients that would have died are being kept alive if they can stay alive long enough to make it to the ER in the UK.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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PS I’m not sure if I spelled “fershluginer” correctly, could someone with access to several 1950’s era Mad Magazines look that up and tell me if I got it right?