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Back in the saddle, and the Feed

OK the previous several days were strange for me, what with no internet access at all leaving me with a box that was essentially the world’s worst video games without any multi-player options. Klondike gets old real fast, but I have to say that my citizens in LinCity were healthy, fed, housed, and employed for several hundred years with the transportation system evolved to mostly paved roads, and very low pollution levels. I was in the process of getting electricity to the entire city when the router got fixed, I was above 90% electrical coverage.

I’m going to start the links with this one via Ted Rogers at BikingInLA, on aggressive vehicular cycling. Taking the lane, by any means necessary The only problem I see with these tactics in TX is carrying the chain in your hand would be classified as brandishing in TX, which is a felony.

From PA a blotter report of why you need lights when riding after dark. Wednesday’s Sentinel police log The cyclist could have avoided several serious charges if he had just had lights, and possibly not been drunk…

From the Carolinas, the driver that hits a cyclist from behind is officially blamed for the wreck. Trucker charged in crash that killed NC mental health director Hit from behind by a driver that was driving too fast for conditions. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Moving to CA, a cyclist is hit from behind and left for dead in Oakland. Oakland Bicyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run Accident Cue rant about what to do with hit-and-run drivers that kill, chain them to the steering wheel of their precious cars and let them watch the car get recycled from the inside. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid if possible, get the infrastructure right to prevent, including making driving without a license the same as being in illegal possession of a firearm, and making getting and keeping a license about 2 orders of magnitude harder than it is right now.

Still in CA a cyclist is injured by a rarer but still common road hazard. Bicyclist mauled by pack of dogs in Delhi To avoid carry a can of dog or bear repellent (same thing you just need less of the bear repellent so it lasts longer with multiple dogs) and apply copiously to the closest dog’s muzzle. The only other alternative would be a firearm which comes with a whole laundry list of downsides, including being able to not shoot people who may be standing behind the dog(s).

An IL cyclist dies in a SWSS wreck. Cyclist, 81, Killed In Crash With Car On Northwest Side and Cyclist, 81, killed in crash on Northwest Side Basically, instead of “swerving” from the shoulder this cyclist “swerved” from the median…

A NJ cyclist is left-crossed in a park. Bicyclist injured in collision with SUV in Woodland Park Intersection protocols for the cyclist might have avoided the wreck, making drivers licenses hard to get and easy to lose as part of an encompassing infrastructure with separated lanes and sensible laws.

From Canuckistan, a cyclist is killed by a person that had no business being at the controls of a motor vehicle ever. Cyclist struck and killed in Oliver and Cyclist Killed in Oliver The car was not registered and the driver was not licensed, making this hit-from-behind wreck super easy to avoid or prevent. Just shoot unlicensed drivers of unregistered vehicles and leave the body in the road for the scavengers. In the meantime use the hit-from-behind protocols to stay out of a similar wreck.

Also from the Great White North is this wreck. Cyclist killed on highway struggled with bike The driver hit 3 adult human beings, I should think a vision test would be the first order of business. The thing is this was the second wreck for the female cyclist, but because of the damage we have no idea what caused the first wreck that put her on the road.

Final link to a person that knows a heck of a lot more about Dutch-style infrastructure than I do, because he lives there. Unravelling of modes Mr. Hembrow is a Brit living in the Netherlands and does a great compare-and-contrast between UK bike infrastructure (which is several orders of magnitude better than what we have in the suburbs of Hell) and Dutch infrastructure that is always being improved.

And that is all the news that gave me fits today.

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