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Getting ready to run around like an idiot, and the Feed

Either after I get this post done, or sometime in the middle if things go the way things normally go around here, I have to go pay the utility bill and buy some groceries. The good part about doing things around here is the two trips will probably be done separately, as feeding the blogger is less important than making sure the blogger’s computer is cool and has internet access. First things first, you understand. As was demonstrated earlier this week I can’t get any work done at all without internet access, and I get antsy after a day without being able to do my work. I swear it’s an addiction, this writing thing…

In the Feed today there were a number of reports from NC on two bad things that happened to people on bikes, which we will get to shortly, but first up from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years in a row, is a demonstration of the innate superiority of the bicycle as a mode of transportation. Bicyclist injured after colliding with car This is a drunk on a bicycle that ran into a stopped car, how can I write that it demonstrates the innate superiority of the bicycle? Two reasons, first of which was the drunk only injured himself in this wreck, not the occupant(s) of the second vehicle, and second the drunk tried to hit-and-run as DUI tend to do, but because he was riding a bicycle instead of controlling 2+ tons of motor vehicle he was too badly injured to be capable of leaving the scene. To avoid don’t ride drunk, and at least this prevented a DUI hit-and-run tragedy, to prevent well get the infrastructure right and again don’t ride drunk.

From CA what was first reported as a hit-and-run may be a homicide as acceleration skid marks are found at the scene of the wreck. Police say hit-and-run driver saw bicyclist before striking, killing man For the moment they are treating this as a traffic wreck instead of as a murder, but that may change at any time. There are sub-circles of Hell dedicated to drivers like this one, where they circle endlessly looking for a parking space with no A/C and the windows stuck up. Until then though I wish the very worst for this driver in this life, including seeing his car recycled from the inside of the car. From what I have read shredding the car first is much quicker and less painful than crushing the car first then shredding it.

First of the NC stories, a more detailed look at the hit-from-behind wreck that killed the head of NC mental illness. NC Mental Health director dies in bicycle crash and North Carolina Mental Health Director Killed In Bicycle Crash also State mental health director killed in bicycle accident Still the driver’s fault, still use the hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and still get the infrastructure right to prevent.

The kind of bike news I genuinely hate to read. Henderson teen shot while riding bike and Police: NC teen shot and killed on bicycle I have nothing on how to avoid something like this. At this point LEO don’t know if this was gang-related, a random killing like the shotgun death of a cyclist in CA, or if the shooter was hunting cyclists. None of the scenarios is particularly easy to avoid as the cyclist was riding near his home.

From ID, a cyclist is hit in a crosswalk. 10-year-old on bike hit and killed in Meridian and Meridian Police: 10-year-old boy killed after being hit by SUV while riding his bike Thursday LEO are having a hard time figuring out how this happened, but here’s a clue for them: “The driver was driving too fast for conditions and was at fault.” I still do not understand the reluctance of LEO to asses blame where it is so obvious where the blame rests. This would have been shared space in the Dutch model of infrastructure, so avoiding and preventing come down to the same thing, drivers having to drive slower and punished more severely when they cause death or injury. In this case the driver was in too big a hurry to “get somewhere”, and the kid died as a result.

Moving north, a Canuckistani cyclist is injured in a hit-and-run. 89-year-old cyclist clipped by car Hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid, see above for what should happen to hit-and-run drivers.

A SWSS in far-west Canuckistan. Collision leads to minor injuries for Vernon cyclist Classic SWSS narrative: “The driver of the vehicle was following the cyclist when it appears the cyclist veered in front of the car“. Or another case of a driver that failed to drive according to conditions, the condition in this case being a cyclist in front of the driver. Hit-from-behind protocol to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Officials in a small OR town are concerned about a seasonal rise in cycling creating a target-rich environment for drivers. Police concerned about bicycle riders increasing street danger A big part of the problem is the educational system that teaches kids false information about riding facing traffic from uninformed teachers who haven’t been trained in the legalities of riding themselves and kinda just wing it when the kids ask. Another problem is unless the kids ask they don’t get any information from the education system. This needs to change and street/road skills needs to be part of the basic curriculum. If they are going to teach to the test, then by gods put it in the test to be taught to.

Sad times in CA celebrating the bicycling lifestyle. Memorial Bike Ride for SSU Cyclist Scheduled for Sunday RIP Steve Norwick.

And that’s all the news that gave me fits today, I’m outta here to go run errands.

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