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Strange looking Feed

I was perusing the Feed folder last night (a sort of pre-filter to give me a leg up on the next day’s post) and apparently there was a big wreck in yesterday’s TdF stage, because there was an entire report that had nothing but different reports of many different wrecks on the stage. I usually like this particular report better than the others because it only brings me links to non-fatal bike wrecks, but today it was wall-to-wall TdF. I didn’t watch yesterday’s stage because of running around town and the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Daytona last night. (NASCAR at Daytona with any series is always a blast to watch, because it’s a crap shoot as to who will win. About half the time the driver leading off the third turn ends up finishing third or worse by the time they get to the finish line.) I guess I should mention that yesterday’s errand ride was 7 miles in 98°F temperatures and a level yellow ozone alert, which meant by the time I got home my voice had lost most of its timbre and I felt like a lobster, post pot of boiling water.

Up first because it is literally just down the road from WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell, a child is hit by two vehicles when she can’t stop with her Flintstone brakes. Dallas Child Killed While Riding Bike I don’t blame the driver of the first vehicle, but the second driver was definitely following too close/driving too fast for conditions. As for how to avoid, the cyclist panicked and forgot she had brakes, so more practice time away from motor vehicle traffic for young riders to become used to depending on things like brakes. To prevent, make this practice session part of the elementary school curriculum and put it on the skills test to make sure it gets taught and kids know it.

From the other side of the same state, more on the hit-and-run of a cyclist outside San Antonio. Cyclists invited to doc’s funeral The cyclist had done everything possible to avoid this wreck, it’s all on the driver for this one. Infrastructure would have kept the homicidal maniac behind the wheel away from the cyclist.

More on the 10YO killed in ID. Idaho boy riding bike dies after being hit by SUV and Ten-year-old on bike hit and killed in Meridian also After 10-year-old is killed on bicycle, neighbors grieve boy’s death I noticed they are still trying to place the blame for the death on the kid not wearing a helmet.

More on the Murder of a cyclist in CA. Driver Kills Cyclist: Hit-And-Run Was Intentional Says Eyewitness What can I say about a deliberate attempt to kill a cyclist with a motor vehicle. When they catch this guy I hope they charge him with murder, not a traffic “accident”.

More on another CA hit-and-run. Bicyclist killed in Rancho Santa Fe hit-and-run and Bicyclist Killed By Hit-And-Run Driver Identified The cyclist did everything possible to avoid this wreck, as I posted earlier.

Another link to the memorial ride for Steve Norwick. Memorial Bike Ride for Steve Norwick to be Held Sunday Another CA fatal wreck.

LifeStyle from MA. Bike riders take part in Jim Fund Pan Mass Challenge For readers in the DFW area, this would be like riding from Weatherford to Greenville, except with seafood at the end and not having to cross the free-fire zone through the Mid-Cities.

Infrastructure! from NC in the wake of a fatal wreck blamed on the driver. Mental health director’s death reignites bike-car debate This one has a comments section full of rednecks with zero understanding of the law.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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