Nicely cool by TX standards, Wreck-Free Sunday

My ride to church this morning was nicely cool by TX standards, 87 Heat Index on the way to church and 92 Heat Index on the way home, (83 and 89 in actual temperature). However some of my relatives in the Pacific Northwest and in-laws in Upstate NY would say that was too hot for riding a bike, or being outside an air-conditioned space. That is not the case here in the Suburbs of Hell. I barely broke a sweat coming home from church at a cruise of 13 MPH average of 11, and I didn’t break a sweat going to church.

I’m having an issue with something in my system that is creating files and using up the little free space I have on my hard drive. I found the issue with FireFox 13 making 75 MB of unsent crash reports per hour, but I can’t find that program that let me look for something that was adding files. If any of my readers are Ubuntu 10.04 gurus, I’m running this on a 12 YO PIII machine with “only” 10 GB of storage and I’m losing about 1 MB every day. I’m sending all my downloads straight to external media (my 2 GB USB SSD) so it’s not like it’s stuff I’m pulling off the web, unless it’s something else that FF is doing behind my back.

Last I heard from Dad he was doing fine, not liking the food much but eating well and gaining weight.

And that’s all I think is important for me to say on Wreck-Free Sunday.

PSA, Opus

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