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Who cranked up the humidity, and the Feed

I went outside to check the mail and pick up the paper this morning and stepping from my 80°F living space out onto the front walk caused my glasses to completely fog over. This, by means of deduction, can mean only one thing: The dew point was over 80°F, and secondary deduction, it’s going to be a miserable day to be outside.

I have been contemplating making myself a coffee mug, for exercise. That is a coffee mug that lets (makes) me exercise while I’m drinking my coffee, a heavy, manly mug that could also be used to rescue people trapped inside cars by using it to batter your way through the windshield, doors, or possibly to rip through the roof. To give an example of just how manly this coffee mug will be, I’m thinking of using 1″ rebar to make the handle, and 1″ plate to make the bottom so it’s a tip resistant mug. If I used 1/4″ wall tubing for the cylindrical portion of the mug, we are looking at a 16 Fl.Oz. mug that weighs about 10 pounds full or empty. I think using food-safe glazing compound to enamel the interior would be a good idea, just so I don’t get any kind of poisoning from weld contaminants or anything, but I could just leave everything in raw metal and still have a usable item. I wonder what kind of patina I would get from coffee soaking every day on mild steel. I know what happened to my “stainless” steel mug: it got a rich mahogany colored glaze except where the spoon I stirred with physically removed it to bare metal. But that was just coffee building up on the surface of the metal, I’m curious about what physical and chemical changes being in constant contact with the coffee would do to mild steel. I’m also thinking that gluing a sheet of synthetic felt to the bottom on the outside might be a good idea for keep domestic tranquility… And there you have a tiny window as to how my mind works, squirrel! (ADD without the H and a bit of autism and OCD mixed in.)

Up first because it’s in TX, a cyclist is run down from behind by a drunk driver. Bicyclist killed in Saturday morning accident Drunk driver and the vehicle was too badly damaged to drive from the scene, so not sure even following the protocols would have allowed the cyclist time to avoid the impact. Even with proper infrastructure, keeping drunk drivers off the roads would be required to prevent a wreck like this.

A bit closer to home, more on the little girl who tried to Flintstone brake her bike and rolled in front of an SUV on a frontage road. Mother of child killed riding bike was on a cruise Now it is found out the girl was riding in an area away from her normal riding area, and was not familiar with where she needed to stop.

A wreck in OH. North Royalton: Bicyclist dies from head injuries, cause unknown and Accident claims life of cyclist in North Royalton LEO are not sure if the cyclist fell on his own or was buzzed by a black car seen in the area at around the same time as the wreck. The description of the injuries makes anything less that the helmet I wear (a full-face BMX/all-mountain design) pretty much useless to prevent death, and neither article mentioned if the cyclist was wearing a helmet, which is usually a pretty good indication he was wearing a normal bicycle helmet. Until I get more information about what actually caused this wreck I’m not going to be able to tell you how to avoid or prevent it.

More on the hit-and-run death of a grocery store clerk in CA. HIT-RUN DRIVER KILLS BIKE RIDER I hate all-caps headlines, there is an HTML tag that lets you set your headline apart without resorting to all-caps. Anyway, hit-from-behind, not known if there was anything the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck as the requisite rear visibility had been established (reflective vest with lots of reflective surface), and bits of the vehicle are at the scene. Infrastructure might have prevented this wreck, I say might because I think the actual wreck took place in a residential area that would have been shared space under the Dutch model.

Another bike death in the same general area as the CA wreck in the previous paragraph. Bicyclist Killed in Collision with Motorcyclist and Police: Drunken Bicyclist Dies After Crash also Bicyclist killed in collision with motorcycle in Mission Bay another link Bicyclist dies after crash with motorcycle Aside from the location, it’s almost like there were 3 different wrecks, because the narrative was so different between the articles, 2 were hit-from-behind with the third being a drunk cyclist riding against traffic, and one of the hit-from-behind had the cyclist splitting lanes. So I don’t know what story is right, or if any report was just made up by a malicious reporter.

Still in CA, update on an Enn Zed that was seriously injured in a hit-and-run. Pro cyclist’s condition improving after hit-and-run crash Glad to hear the cyclist is recovering

A KS cyclist is hit by an inattentive driver in a crosswalk. Bicycle Rider Hit By Car AFAICT from the article the cyclist had the right of way, but the driver failed to see her. Infrastructure would not prevent a wreck like this because this would be a similar situation to the Dutch model where cyclists have to cross roads in a designated space with a stop sign or red light to establish right of way, but the driver still has to be paying attention to what is in front of him.

Multiple links to a wreck in OR that is not yet settled as to who was where. UPDATED: Kennewick driver, cyclist identified in Oregon coast crash and Collision on Hwy 101 south of Cannon Beach results in critical injury – UPDATED also Bicycle, vehicle crash results in critical injury south of Cannon Beach Not done yet Cyclist critically injured in Cannon Beach crash last link Bicycle, vehicle crash results in critical injury south of Cannon Beach At this point most observers think the cyclist was hit riding on the shoulder, but there are some that say the cyclist “swerved” in front of the driver. I can’t say how to avoid this wreck, but getting the infrastructure right would prevent it.

A cyclist runs a red and gets hit in MT. Cyclist hit by vehicle in Helena This is another reason why cyclists should ride in the street without separated bicycle infrastructure. Infrastructure to prevent, intersection protocols to avoid.

From WI a report that lacks any details because LEO haven’t released them yet. Muskego Resident Killed on Bike, Details are Few So far all we know about this wreck are the general location and the name and age of the victim.

From Canuckistan, the victim of a motor vehicle/bike wreck was from the US. North Carolina woman identified as cyclist killed in collision near Okotoks and N.C. State student killed in bicycle accident in Canada This is another SWSS where the victim was blamed for “swerving” into the vehicle’s path. There is some indication that the cyclist had a mechanical malfunction just before the wreck that might have contributed to her not being able to avoid the wreck.

The door prize is presented in Oz. Cyclist injured in car door crash The only way to prevent “winning” the door prize is to ride outside the door zone, but that might not be possible in areas with mandatory sidepath laws.

In Enn Zed, another cyclist gets hit by a train. Man listening to iPod hit by train Again, this is the easiest kind of wreck to avoid, just don’t be where the train is when the train is in the crossing. Trains generally make a lot of noise, the places where they cross where bikes go there is usually some kind of signal to prevent riding in front of trains when the train is there, and almost every time there is a clear line of sight down the tracks when there is no guard or signal at the crossing.

LifeStyle of a fallen cyclist in NC. Dozens remember cyclist killed in Raleigh I have to call attention to this, the driver was criminally charged in this wreck, something almost unheard of in NC when a cyclist is killed.

Infrastructure! from ID. The Rise of Idaho: From Horses and Pick-Ups, to Bikes and Peds The infrastructure issues for a mostly rural state like ID where most riding is in small towns and inter-city.

Infrastructure news from CA where they are trying to fix an interchange where cyclist was killed by a semi-truck a little over 2 years ago. Redesigning bike lane where cyclist was killed Of the proposals (which are linked in the article) I think that structurally D2 is best, with the colored bike lane of D4 added for further clarity if and when budgets allow. Establishing bike position prior to the stop sign/red light would reduce conflicts with merging traffic in the limited visibility zone of the underpass. Making the bike lanes the MUTCD green color would make where bikes and cars go and don’t go much easier to follow than just white stripes on the pavement.

More CA infrastructure news. Deaths cast shadow over Sonoma County’s status as cycling destination Basically, the problem is a lack of attention from all parties, cyclists, drivers and pedestrians.

More infrastructure from the TX panhandle. Bresenham: Distracted driving hurts cycling hobby All the author wants is for drivers to pay attention to the road when they drive, but some of the comments would make you think that she asked for exclusive rights to every road and street in Texas.

Final link is infrastructure news from NY state. Cyclist Says 3 Foot Law Ignored By Cars, Cops I have been saying for years that when a cyclist is hit from behind in a 3-feet-to-pass state the driver had to have a ticket, but usually won’t get one.

And that is all the news that gave me fits today.

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