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Why are the Dutch reading me?! And the Feed

One of the recent features added to WP was a map of where the IP addresses originated, and I have had a recent surge in readers from the Netherlands to the point that they are a significant percentage of my readership, between 5 and 10% of the daily total. US readers still account for the largest chunk of readers, while our friends to the north are a variable bunch, when there was a fatal bike wreck they might be 20% of the readership, but if I’m just covering infrastructure articles from Canada I might not have any Canuck readers. I can count on the UK to provide 1% on a regular basis, and Russia and India send readers over in dribs and drabs. I get individual readers from just about every Anglophone country, plus a whole lot of the rest of the world.

Up first a rare UK wreck story, that had more information than usual because of who got hit and where/when. London 2012: Rachel Morris, Paralympian Cycling Champion, Hit By Car The wreck is a “buzz job” or one step removed from hit-from-behind, use the protocols for hit-from-behind to avoid.

An IN cyclist is somehow in the intersection after the light changes (deliberate or not). Bicyclist injured in collision with vehicle Obviously the point in this one is to not be in the intersection when the light changes (and don’t even enter when the light is red unless there is no cross-traffic and the light is a demand green that won’t change for a bicycle). I’m thinking the light may have been either green or amber when the cyclist entered and just not enough time to clear the intersection before the crossing vehicles came through, but that is based on supposition, not on facts available. I know that there are many, many intersections locally that I can’t get through if the green changes to amber while I’m within 12 feet of the stop bar either way, but I’m a slow cyclist in urban areas because I’m trying to conserve energy and not get all sweaty.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 years running, another hit-and-run that was survived this time. Clermont bicyclist injured after hit-and-run Hit-from-behind, which at the very least should result in a ticket for violating the 3-foot-to-pass law in FL as well as a felony hit-and-run charge. Use the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. All LEO needs to do to find this perp is to stake out windshield repair shops, because this is not a DIY repair. Even if you could get a good windshield from a junkyard or other source, specialized tools and chemicals are needed to install them that are not sold to he DIY market.

More on the OR woman hit from behind on the shoulder on a signed and heavily promoted bike route. Hood River woman critically injured in 101 bicycle-involved traffic crash Witness reports are coming in now that the cyclist was riding inches from the soft shoulder and well to the right of the fog line that marks the edge of the space allowed for motor vehicles to use. IOW the cyclist had pre-bailed to her escape route and the driver followed her to impact.

From the area Mrs. the Poet is visiting (her old home town), a cyclist is killed. 17-year-old on bike hit, killed in Columbia County From the picture of the bike it doesn’t look like either vehicle was going very fast in this head-on collision. The report stated the cyclist had just pulled out from wherever he was waiting, but was unable to hear the oncoming vehicle because of headphones. Be that as it may there is still the fact that the cyclist had eyes that he failed to use to avoid this wreck. The combined speed in this wreck was high enough to make whether a helmet was worn a moot point, which is probably why it wasn’t mentioned in the article. Mrs. the Poet says her family knew the kid’s family but she did not know the kid, and everybody in the town is sad over the wreck and death.

Another NY wreck that was very similar to the previous wreck except for location. Upstate NY bicyclist dies in collision with car Intersection wreck, intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

More CARnage in Upstate NY. Ossining Cyclist Killed in Briarcliff Manor From the voluminous details about the actual wreck, you would think this was a UK paper reporting the wreck. More Woman whose car struck, killed Ossining bicyclist had suspended license, Briarcliff cops say Well, there you have it, killed by a person in illegal possession of a deadly weapon. And the mode of wreck is known to be a left cross, intersection protocols to avoid or mitigate damage, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A MI wreck. Cyclist killed in collision with passenger vehicle AND Police ID Howell bicyclist killed in crash Hit-from-behind, other than that I know nothing about this wreck. I guess hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent, but that’s just the blanket statement I could make with any wreck where the cyclist was hit from behind.

An exceptionally detailed article about a wreck in the DC area. Gay cyclist killed in Rehoboth accident I don’t know if this was because this is a site that provides news to the gay community and both sides of this wreck were gay men, oh who am I trying to kid besides myself? That is exactly why this article is so detailed about the wreck and “participants”. Anyway, hit from behind, use hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and prevent people from driving drunk ever to prevent a similar wreck. And I have to commend the site for a very even-handed look at the wreck including assessing the defects in infrastructure that may have led to it or made the wreck worse.

A SWSS in NC that was blamed on an allegedly drunk cyclist prior to toxicology tests being processed. Update: Woman riding bicycle killed in Plymouth and Plymouth Woman Killed While Riding Bike Interesting time discrepancy on the two reports, one stating the wreck happened at 9:54 PM (2154 hrs) and the other giving a 10:30 time of wreck (2230), and typical narrative for a SWSS. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and fix the infrastructure to prevent. And if the cyclist was actually drunk, don’t drink and bike.

A NV wreck that could have been a cyclist, as a moped is hit from behind. Driver who struck, killed mo-ped rider sought in Reno Yep, struck from behind in the bike lane and dragged for several hundred feet, that could definitely have happened to a person riding a bike. Hit-from-behind to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent, including making it very easy to lose that driver’s license and felony charges for getting caught driving without a license.

The driver in a CA hit-and-run faces charges. Man Accused Of Killing Bicyclist Set To Appear In Court I hope this guy gets everything coming to him if he’s the driver that killed the cyclist. Cue rant about how to “dispose” of drivers that kill: chain them to the steering wheel of their cars and let them watch from the inside as the car gets recycled. The comments section was exceptionally blood-thirsty for the driver’s blood.

From the Great White North someone riding either a real e-assist bike or a very low-powered electric scooter is hit in the bike lane. Crash kills e-bike rider in Windsor after seeing the pictures in that link I can say it’s a low powered electric scooter, not an e-bike. Charges pending after fatal e-bike crash and final link E-bike rider ‘always cautious,’ son says AFAICT the Denali in this wreck ran the red, while the scooter was in the intersection and caught the rider with the driver’s side of the vehicle. I’m still doing this one because the speed and visual profile of the e-scooter in the Great White North is very similar to a regular cyclist, which is one reason why they are permitted to use bicycle infrastructure. So, intersection protocol would have been useless in this wreck as the cyclist was already in the intersection with the green light and had no time to react and avoid the SUV, and infrastructure would not have prevented the driver from running the red light unless that infrastructure included retractable bollards (I have seen video of those in action and they are fantastic for preventing motor vehicles from entering an intersection during the red). So the only way to avoid a wreck like this would be to get rid of all cars/SUVs or to change the legal infrastructure so that it would be much harder to get a driver’s license, and much easier to lose one, and to have the physical infrastructure such that losing a driver’s license was not an automatic loss of job because thee was no way to get to a job (any job) without a motor vehicle.

Infrastructure! news from CA. Sunnyvale Latest City to Consider Anti-Harassment Law for Bike Riders This removes the “no harm no foul” escape clause from drivers, allowing cyclists to file civil charges when backed up by evidence like the nearly ubiquitous helmet camera files on YouTube.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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