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Hoping the browser doesn’t crash, and the Feed

I have been having “issues” with Firefox lately that have included : 1. Making thousands of unsent crash reports per hour, at roughly 80 KB per report. I have to keep that folder open on my desktop and dump those useless files in order to have any working space on my hard drive. 2. I don’t know if this is related but about the time I get 75 MB of crash reports accumulated, FF crashes on me. Sometimes I get a little warning as it gets really slow to respond, but it crashes if I try to save any work in process when I get that warning. I’m thinking the crash issue may be related to the computer I’m using, a 12 YO PIII Coppermine 733 MHz with a half Gig of RAM. In its day it was a power-user gaming machine with high-end graphics, but that day was over about a decade ago. It is a testament to Ubuntu that I can do what I do with this system. The sound card died which borks Flash, but before it died I could watch streaming video and everything, just like it was a recently made computer. But that still doesn’t fix the problem I’m having with FF crashing and consuming the resources of my system.

Up first from CA, the plea on the low life scum accused hit-and-run driver. Arthur Ben Yu Pleads Not Guilty in Hit-and-Run Dude, they caught you in a stolen car with damage that matched debris found at the scene of the wreck, driving without a license or insurance, and drunk. If there’s anything you are, it’s guilty. Change your plea and throw yourself at the mercy of the court, and maybe you’ll get away with under a year in jail because of overcrowding, because the victim was in excellent physical condition and did not die from the wreck.

Also from CA a whole buttload of links to a serious hit-and-run. Cyclist killed in PCH hit-and-run in Santa Monica and Cyclist killed in hit-and-run on PCH also Female Cyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run Accident On PCH In Santa Monica even Bicyclist Killed in Santa Monica PCH Hit-and-Run Crash another Cyclist Hit, Killed on Pacific Coast Highway and last link Female Cyclist, 30, Killed In Hit And Run On PCH In Santa Monica OK SWSS being blamed on the cyclist, questions about why the cyclist was riding on the PCH when there was a dark and deserted bike path through a homeless camp right next to it (think about that for a minute). To avoid, use hit-from-behind protocols, to prevent make sure bicycle infrastructure access is preserved during construction, including lights.

Still in CA, yet another hit-and-run in SoCal. Cyclist Killed in Fullerton Hit and Run Traffic driving too fast for conditions and too close resulted in 2 vehicles colliding with the cyclist. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent, including making hit-and-run a major felony with identical punishment as if the driver was DUI.

A WI cyclist’s guardian files suit to recover damages. Belleville bike rider’s injuries subject of suit I’m thinking if the injuries damaged her employability, that dollar amount quoted in the article is missing at least 2 additional zeroes.

Updates on those 3 NY wrecks. Two of them were within 20 miles of where my wife grew up. Boy killed in bike crash died of internal injuries: police and Teen bicyclist hit by car dies in Hudson Valley also Teen bicyclist killed in Gallatin crash OK it now appears that what I thought were 2 separate wrecks are in fact the same wreck with different details, including the age of the victim. More ESM student, aspiring artist killed in bicycle accident another link ESM student, aspiring artist killed in bicycle accident also East Syracuse teenager killed in bicycle, car crash identified and last link Boy killed when hit by car in Colombia County intersection

LifeStyle news. Live Longer, Ride a Bike I’m Opus the Poet, and I approve of this message.

Infrastructure! news from the Twin Cities. Metropolitan Council Needs Your Help The app will allow planners to know where current cyclists are and install infrastructure that will aid their travel, but it doesn’t measure where people want to ride but can’t/won’t because of perceived or actual danger on the streets/roads.

Last link, why I didn’t fix or replace my car when it died, courtesy of Bikeyface. Simple Solution I liked the chewing on the steering wheel bit.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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