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Gotta run tonight, and the Feed

I have to go out early tonight and open the church up for Family Fun Night. The people who normally do this have another meeting to attend that is vitally important to the health and future financial stability of the church, so as the guy that lives closest to the church the responsibility for getting the place unlocked and cooled to liveable for most humans (instead of comfortable for me) temperatures devolves to me. No biggie, I just have to fix my noodle bowl earlier than usual and also get the blog post done early. Waitaminit, get the blog post done early?!?! I’m already running late!

Up first is a post from BikingInLA and Ted Rogers. Update: 8th Southern California cyclist killed in last 8 days, as Chula Vista cyclist dies in solo fall I really feel for Ted right now, this would be an insane rate of cyclist deaths no matter where you are and this is all right in his back yard. At this point nobody knows what caused the cyclist to lose control and fall (personally I would check the front tire for air pressure, but I’m thousands of miles from the scene) so I can’t tell you how to avoid a wreck like this beyond the ABC Quick Check .

Still in SoCal is a wreck of a cyclist that may have been run off the road. 77-year-old cyclist seriously injured in fall I can’t see any cyclist willingly riding through a construction zone and into the wet concrete, I suspect the cyclist may have been “assisted” there by another vehicle. To avoid use the hit-from-behind protocols if another vehicle was involved, or just be real careful around construction if there wasn’t another vehicle. To prevent use good infrastructure including bicycle-specific detours around construction.

More on the insane mass murderer driver pleading not guilty in SD CA. Man pleads not guilty to hit-and-run crash that killed bicycle rider in San Diego County There is a good chance the cyclist could have survived with prompt medical attention, so the hit-and-run would have directly caused the cyclist’s death. Also the worthless piece of trash driver stopped and tried to destroy evidence of the wreck instead of calling anonymously to 911 and reporting the wreck.

From a town I used to live in a cyclist gets left crossed. Bicyclist injured in Thursday morning crash on Old Fairhaven Parkway Intersection protocols to avoid, infrastructure to prevent. And wear your helmet to mitigate injury if you can’t avoid the wreck.

A NE cyclist runs a red and gets smushed. Omaha cyclist injured in crash To avoid intersection protocols, which includes stopping for red lights. If the light won’t change for a bicycle you still have to stop and make sure the way is clear before proceeding. Infrastructure may have had a hand in this wreck (cyclist became “trained” to ignore red lights that don’t change for a bicycle).

Something cyclists just can’t avoid and have no protection against. ECORSE: Man shot, killed while riding bicycle The rider was targeted for some reason, but LEO are not stating why they believe this to be true.

Something kind of infrastructurist-related from NYC. Pols call for crackdown on electric bikes OK motor vehicles killed 300 people in NYC last year, more than one a week while walking on the sidewalk as the motor vehicle came on the sidewalk, and they are up in arms about e-bikes that have not had a recorded fatality in NYC ever! The “evidence” presented was purely anecdotal and involved near-misses as in “That e-bike almost hit me and I might have been injured!” The proposal would make running a red light with an e-assist bike more expensive than the same offense in a semi-truck. Can we say the dude is insane? I think that has been pretty well established.

Infrastructure from the UK as bad design is being blamed for a series of wrecks at one intersection. Cycling in focus: Campaigners demand safer roads after deaths rise That was a gruesome list of killed and injured at the bottom of the article, with so many coming in the last 2 years…

And that’s all the news that gave me fits.

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