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Dealing with the real world, and the Feed

Yeah, there’s this thing out there where I don’t do my blog, there are cars on the roads, and I’m pretty much the only guy on a bicycle for miles. That’s one reason why I call it the Suburbs of Hell, the other reason is we are having a cold spell with temperatures that have only been in the mid 90sF. Most places mid 90s with Heat Indexes running in the high 90s would be a heat wave, for the Suburbs of Hell it’s unseasonably cool. I feel for all you in the American Midwest who are getting our usual weather, I feel for your pain, and try mightily to not do a Nelson “Haw, haw!” and point. Anyway, Since I do most of my riding late afternoon and early evening I have been doing about half of my riding within a degree or two of the high for the day, but the other half is after sundown when temperatures are declining and there is no sun beating down on me. I don’t understand why more people aren’t out riding during that time, it’s so comfortable then. All you need to have to ride this time of day is front and rear lights, and maybe a reflective vest. Everything else you need is just like when you ride during the day: bike in good running condition, wicking layer next to the skin, water bottle, and a helmet.

Up first is a possible hit-and-run from CA. Police Seek Witnesses After Berkeley Cyclist Killed Near Campus and Bicyclist killed in Berkeley crash was renowned Israeli psychology professor also Cyclist killed after collision with truck on Bancroft and Fulton more Cyclist killed in accident involving a dump truck another one Cyclist Killed in Collision with Dump Truck and Cyclist Identified as Israeli Psychologist not done yet Bicyclist dies after possibly being hit by a dump truck in downtown Berkeley OK from what I can glean from the sum of the reports is that the dump truck either grazed the cyclist (and “grazed” by a dump truck is like getting hit full on by a regular car) or the cyclist went into a car parked on the side of the street to avoid the truck with fatal results. Either way, the truck driver did not pass with enough clearance for the cyclist to avoid the wreck. In this case hit-from-behind protocols would not work because there was no place for the cyclist to go for an escape route. Infrastructure would be the only way to avoid or prevent this wreck. If there’s “no room” to put a protected bike lane on access to routes in or out of town or that access retail, then there needs to be a law that makes hitting a cyclist a felony that results in loss of license. I would bet that if such a law was passed there would be a clamor for protected bike lanes to be installed almost everywhere.

Still in CA a cyclist is killed in a hit-and-run. 25-year-old Cyclist Killed in Hit and Run Hit-from-behind with the driver leaving the scene, this is such a familiar scenario. Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Not out of CA yet, a cyclist loses his front wheel and has a fatal face-plant. Bicyclist Who Died After Crash Identified This is another example of why you need to do the ABC Quick Check every time you ride.

A cyclist is killed in Paradise. Cyclist killed in Akoni Pule collision is identified and Man killed in Hawaii island bicycle accident is identified Hit-from-behind by a driver that was asleep at the wheel (literally). Another wreck where the cyclist had nowhere to go, and given the root cause of the wreck infrastructure would not help much either. I don’t know that laws making hitting a cyclist from behind a felony would have helped as the driver fell asleep at the wheel with an adult (the driver’s mother) in the car and drifted off the road and into the back of the cyclist.

From NYC a cyclist was one of the victims of 2 fatal hit-and-run wrecks. Two Killed, Including Teen Bicyclist, In Separate Hit-And-Runs Hit-from-behind wreck, maybe the protocols would avoid the wreck, and maybe getting the infrastructure right would prevent it. Lots of “maybes” there.

Another hit-and-run, this one in TN. Cyclist Injured in Hit and Run and Local Cyclists React To Hit And Run Crash Another hit-from-behind hit-and-run, another wreck where the protocols may or may not have helped, and another wreck where getting the infrastructure right might have prevented the wreck. Dang, this is getting monotonous, isn’t it?

They caught one in TX (yay!?) Man charged in hit-and-run that injured cyclist OK another hit-from-behind wreck, this time with a possible drunk driver, nothing the protocols would do here as there was not enough room for a cyclist and a drunk driver. Given the possibly drunk driver and the location infrastructure may not have been any help either. I mean driving drunk is already against the law and people still get drunk and drive.

The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike adds another corpse to the total. Teenage Coral Springs bike rider struck by a car dies If I’m reading this right the victim in this case was riding the handlebars of another person’s bike when he fell off the bars when the rider was avoiding the wreck that killed the victim. There is so much gone wrong in this wreck I can’t even start to tell you how to avoid it, I mean riding on the handle bars without a good grip or a seat, not watching where you’re driving or riding, and then riding away from the wreck.

From IL, a fatal wreck with a truck. Family of bicyclist seeks answers after fatal accident involving truck The driver in the wreck was driving without a license or insurance, and had a long history of driving violations, but LEO in this case are acting like none of that matters and are completely mum as to the mode and fault of the wreck. Well the evidence says that one or the other of the vehicles ran a traffic control at the intersection, but LEO are not blaming either party at this point. Anyway intersection protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent including making driving without a license or with a suspended license equal to possession of an illegal weapon.

SWSS in WI. Bicyclist injured in crash Of course the driver was believed in this wreck, otherwise hit-from-behind with the protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A child cyclist is injured in MI. Child on bicycle injured in accident at Young State Park The report is the child was riding kind of semi-salmon and crossing the centerline of the road then over-correcting and losing control of the bike. This is mostly a skills problem and could be considered as an infrastructure problem as skills and laws are not being taught like they should.

Terrible news from the UK as a child cyclist is injured by a trap set on the bike path. Boy injured by bike rope trap If the perpetrator was literate it was obviously a Daily Mail reader (notorious for hating cyclists of all types). Yes, I still read the links from the UK even though I can’t use them in this blog.

A bad wreck in Oz. Cyclist critical after collision in Sydney OK LEO are sitting on this one, all I know is the wreck was in an intersection and they don’t think the driver was drunk or on drugs, but they’re testing for that anyway.

Bad infrastructure news from El Paso. Insurance for Sun Metro does not cover rider’s bikes It turns out their insurance doesn’t cover things attached to the bus, like anything in the bike rack, which makes bikes the only personal property that isn’t covered by insurance while riding the bus. The bus company obviously doesn’t like this because it puts them on the hook for bikes that get smashed in wrecks.

An important part of infrastructure for cyclists that had been missing until now for US cyclists. Bicycle insurance is new, but do you need it? For renters and people that are car-free, this is a great idea. I would like to see something that would cover me when I get hit by a hit-and-run without leaving me hanging with thousands on deductibles and co-pays. The last time I was hit my medical bills were in the quarter-million dollar range, fortunately covered by TX Victims of Violent Crime fund then, wouldn’t be covered at all now.

LifeStyle about a wreck that I didn’t even know about when it happened. Memorial fund for cyclist killed in wreck near UAMS The comments indicate the cyclist was riding without proper equipment on a bike he was not familiar with and that may have not had the brakes properly adjusted.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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