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Back from rescuing a bicycle, and the Feed

I just got done making that bicycle I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post safe to ride (I almost added “again” but this bike has never been safe to ride). and it took all of maybe 5 minutes to adjust the bearings and tighten the lock nuts. Seriously it took longer to set my tools out than it did to make the adjustments, which makes me really mad at the person that “assembled” the bike at the store. There is no telling how many people were permanently turned off from cycling by this store’s slapdash “assembly” methods. If it wasn’t for the fact this bike was at least 10 years old I would march down to the store and file criminal charges against the manager. The saving of maybe 5 minutes assembly time per bike placed Ghisallo knows how many potential cyclists in mortal peril with forks that were not secure, cranks that were not secure, and brakes that more a “suggestion” to slow down than a means to stop.

Up first I’m going to run with a story from the Great White North. Alberta cyclist dies in P.E.I. crash and Edmonton woman killed by suspected drunk driver while cycling in P.E.I. also Edmonton woman killed while cycling on vacation in P.E.I. another Cyclist killed on vacation in P.E.I. I had to resort to Google maps to even know what part of Canada this was, as PEI was not a separate province when I last lived in Canada. Anyway, hit-from-behind in low-light conditions, the cyclist was lighted and had additional reflective material on her clothing, and the road precluded having a safe place to bail when the driver failed to pull over to pass. No official BAC% given for the driver except that he was “well over” the .08% limit. Also a hit-and-run which triggers the “chain him to the wheel and watch his vehicle get recycled from the inside” rant. So, no way for the cyclist to use the hit-from-behind protocols to avoid the wreck, but infrastructure including some way to prevent drunk drivers from having access to motor vehicles to prevent a similar wreck.

In TX a trucker tops a hill and there’s a cyclist, so they blame the cyclist instead of the trucker driving too fast for conditions. Cyclist killed overnight in San Marcos LEO are trying to blame the cyclist for not having a light or reflector, but the trucker didn’t have any problem seeing the cyclist after topping the hill, just in stopping after seeing the cyclist. So, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A wreck in CA with limited information when I filtered the link. Bicyclist killed in crash ID’d by medical examinerThe cyclist, who was wearing a helmet, suffered massive head injuries, police said.” That was in the original link and still in the article when I made the link for this post. At this time it is believed this was a single-vehicle wreck without motor vehicle involvement.

Still a SWSS still looking for the driver in CA. Local Yeah, the headline disappeared while I was making the link.

Back to the Great White North for a single bike wreck. Cyclist dies in St. Catharines Another cyclist that apparently overcooked a corner.

From Oz, a wreck where LEO are still trying to find out what happened. Cyclist injured in crash Intersection wreck, so intersection protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another Oz wreck that LEO aren’t ready to say what happened. Cyclist seriously injured in crash at Kingsford Another intersection wreck, intersection protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent.

LifeStyle in OK. Tulsa Duathlon Honoring Cyclist Hit By Drunk Driver From what I understand duathlons are fun, in a hitting yourself in the face with a board sort of way. Or this is what happens to tri guys that can’t swim? 😉 I think this event is why I have been getting lots of searches for Tasha Borland lately.

Infrastructure! from Oz. Drivers blamed as cycling deaths, injuries rise If this is what I think it is, it involves a review of the physical evidence in a couple hundred bike wrecks to determine the actual cause of the wreck.

And those are all the links that gave me fits.

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