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Trying to see if the new FF fixes the crashing problem, and the Feed

I have been dealing with 2 symptoms that may be the same malady in FF13. I get about a half gig of unsent crash reports clogging my hard drive, per hour, and the browser periodically crashes on me, fortunately without wiping out all my work I’m doing at the time, but still. It usually happens when I’m creating a link and trying to think of something to write with the post that isn’t going to look like I opened a fresh tin of previously canned phrases, and re-hashing stuff I already wrote hundreds if not thousands of times before. If I was on the brink of having an original thought about the wreck or the other circumstance I was linking to the browser crashing and the hoops I have to jump through to get everything back ensure that that original thought will never see the light of day. So, anyway, I got a system update today that included changing the browser from FF13 to FF14 with a laundry list of bug fixes and security patches from one version to the other. I’m watching the folder where the unsent crash reports go, and as of the moment about 30 minutes after starting 14 there are still no reports in the Unsent folder. Crossing fingers that the crashing problem has been fixed as well..

Up first is closure of a sort in the death of a Seattle cyclist. Driver pleads guilty in hit-and-run crash that killed cyclist and Guilty plea in hit-and-run death of Seattle cyclist also Driver pleads guilty in crash that killed bicyclist last link Man pleads guilty to 2011 hit and run death of cyclist in Seattle The driver could get 31 to 41 months in prison for killing Michael Wang, a commuter cyclist and professional photographer who documented the lives of children helped by the group he worked for, so that more children could be helped who didn’t take such good pictures. Since his death the group’s mission to help children has been hampered by his absence.

They finally found the weapon vehicle in the hit-and-run assault of a NZ pro cyclist in CA. Police: Car in Alexander Valley hit-and-run cyclist crash found and Police Find ‘Hit-Run’ Vehicle in Pro Cyclist Crash I can’t believe that LEO left critical evidence on the street for 3 weeks after the wreck and after they had the driver in custody, and I can’t believe it took them almost 2 months to find a stolen car sitting on the side of the road. The charges just keep getting deeper and deeper for the driver. I would say the usual punishment for hit-and-run drivers with DUI, but this case is different. For one thing the car had been reported stolen about a month before the wreck, for a second the time elapsed between the wreck and the arrest makes getting the DUI charge to stick very unlikely. So, the weapon vehicle will not get run through the crusher, probably, and if it is the driver won’t get chained to the steering wheel.

An unusual intersection wreck in PA. Mechanicsburg man injured after bike crash To be honest the narrative sounds like the cyclist was blamed for being unable to avoid a right hook: “Police say Gutshall was on a bike and was unable to slow down to negotiate a turn.” In an intersection. Then he hit the side of a car. That is the very essence of a right hook without placing any blame on the driver. Anyway, intersection protocols to avoid which it sounds like the cyclist did, almost, and infrastructure to prevent.

A wreck in NC. Cyclist killed in crash at Camp Lejeune Intersection wreck, otherwise the mode isn’t specified, intersection protocols to avoid, getting the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another report from the Great White North of the continuing saga of a road that eats cyclists. Another cyclist injured near scene of fatal bike crash Same advice as yesterday, ride slower because there may be stuff on the road that cars have no problem with but that can cause bikes to wipe out. Also they need to do something about that guard rail.

Also from the GWN, a bike wreck that LEO haven’t figured out yet. 14-year-old cyclist killed in La Prairie As this is in Canada I’m sure the truth will eventually come out and the driver jailed for incompetence… Actually it looks like a right hook from the damage.

A suspicious bike wreck in Israel. Famous Mossad Spy Killed in Freak Bike Accident As I have posted before it’s way too easy to kill someone on a bike deliberately and make it look like an accident, particularly if you use a very large truck.

A pretty picture of a bike to wind down with. Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day: 7.18.12

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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