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Family under one roof again, and the Feed

For the first time in more than 3 months everybody is under one roof at WoaB World HQ in the Suburbs of Hell. Mrs. the Poet rolled back in about 3 AM today after visiting her family in Upstate NY. Everybody is very happy to be back together again. Mrs. the Poet returned from record-setting high temperatures in NY just in time for our run of low to mid 90s to end and a return to triple-digit highs.

Up first today is an update on the NZ cyclist hit-and-run in CA. Cyclist Talks About Being Run Down Near Healdsburg and A cyclist’s miraculous survival And now we know how the cyclist survived getting hit head on, he was standing on the side of the road when the weapon vehicle same all the way across the road to hit him on the shoulder. This makes this wreck impossible to avoid, as you have to be moving to avoid a wreck. Also I don’t see how getting the infrastructure right can fix this either unless there is a concrete wall between the car and bike lanes.

Another wreck in CA. Bicyclist Seriously Injured in Escondido Collision SWCC, but to the credit of LEO it appears they are not taking that as Gospel. Until I can tell what the cyclist was actually doing immediately prior to the wreck I can’t tell you how to avoid this wreck, bu getting the infrastructure right would prevent it.

Another NYC cyclist gets hit. Cyclist seriously hurt after crash on Long Island SWSS and no charges against the driver because “no criminality suspected” because either there was no tire tracks showing where the cyclist was hit or LEO is ignoring the evidence of where the cyclist was hit so as to place all the blame on the cyclist… Anyway hit-from-behind protocols to avoid the wreck, get the infrastructure right including getting LEO on board about traffic safety to prevent s similar wreck.

From way out west of WoaB World HQ, another TX cyclist is hit. Midland cyclist dies in Brewster County wreck LEO have not completed their investigation and are not releasing any information until the investigation is complete.

From the Great White North an electric scooter in the bike lane is right-hooked. E-bike rider struck in central Windsor I include this wreck because the visual profile and speed of the e-scooter is very similar to a human powered bicycle. The scooterist might have avoided the wreck with intersection protocols, and the wreck could have been prevented by getting the infrastructure right.

More on the PEI wreck… Memorial on Saturday for cyclist killed in P.E.I. I don’t know what to do about drunk drivers except install interlocks on all motor vehicles that prevent drunks from starting their cars.

Infrastructure! news from SF CA. Bikes Are Not Cars: Why California Needs an “Idaho Stop” Law From observing cars in CA you would think that there already is an “Idaho Stop” law in effect for cars, but bicycles face a different standard.

More on the cop murdered while riding his bike in PA. Officer Killed While Riding Bike Laid to Rest Friday RIP Officer Cyclist.

And those are all the links that gave me fits, or not, today.

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