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Waiting on my Death Day celebration, and the Feed

I’m a little excited about tomorrow, it being the 11th anniversary of the day I died, and they are including celebration of that in the Full Moon service. Not the dying part, the part that “I got better“[/Monty Python]. I will call Coyote to come join the celebration of Life (Coyote never seems to be far from my life anyway, might as well invite Him to the party), and then we will drum and dance around the fire. I don’t have any Zombie Chow to serve at this one, cash is a scarce resource around here, but I’m told that Coyote and I will get to share a cold one at the circle. One of the things I’m going to request of Coyote is that since I have become “an idiot magnet” to quote a Richardson PD officer from 12 years ago, that I also attract people that can do something about the idiots I attract on the roads. IOW when someone drives on the sidewalk to pass me, or other such dangerous and illegal acts, that there be a concerned LEO there with the ability to capture and punish the idiots. I want the idiots to get what they deserve for putting my life and the lives of others in danger, and otherwise risking my and other’s safety. Since I can’t get away from them it seems only fair that they should have to watch out for me and my “angels”. Catch the one batch to make room to catch the next batch, until there are no more idiots to catch or I die of old age. Either one is fine by me as long as I don’t get hit by any of the idiots, or the idiots don’t actually hit anyone else.

Up first is a link that popped up yesterday right after (less than 30 minutes) I posted yesterday. Bicyclist hit by pumpkin thrown from car in Carlisle I think the pumpkin chunker was disappointed last year when his pumpkin patch was judged insincere . This does not fall into the category of things a cyclist can avoid, as with any thrown object.

Another bicycle wreck in PA from the same paper. Bicyclist injured in crash with car in Carlisle This is why you don’t ride salmon, why you don’t ride without brakes, why you don’t ride without your brain… Seriously, this has to be the stupidest surviving cyclist I have ever read about. note the emphasis on surviving, I have read about cyclists that really did more stupid things than this cyclist, but none of them lived…

A story I never thought I would get to see, the driver that ran over 2 cyclists on a tandem bike southwest of Austin is going to trial for their deaths. Man Who Killed Couple on Bicycle on Trial This is the guy that ran off the road twice before hitting the couple riding on the shoulder of the highway from behind at 65 MPH in a 60 zone.I don’t know what his problem was but he had no business being on the road in that condition. I hope they get him and throw the whole frelling library at him. This guy ran down 2 people because he couldn’t be bothered to keep his vehicle on the road or travel at a legal speed. The fact that he left tracks from running off the road all the way past the shoulder twice shows just how dangerous he was that day. If he wasn’t under the influence of intoxicating drugs then he needs to go to jail for a few years and never be allowed to drive a motor vehicle ever again for the rest of his miserable life. And if his life is not miserable enough I can change that for him. I am really mad that it took more than 3 years to bring this guy to trial, I hope he spends at least that long in prison for killing these people and leaving their daughter an orphan.

A kid in CT is killed riding his bike. Juvenile killed after being hit by car in North Haven while riding bike And the headline is almost as long as the article. Nothing about the mode of the wreck or the location in the link I was reading (I hope that changes). Just a vague reference to a several square mile neighborhood near New Haven. And the word that the kid was riding a bicycle when he was hit.

From MI a cyclist is attacked twice with a deadly weapon. Bicyclist shot, killed after traffic dispute, prosecutors consider charges From the description of the vehicle direction of travel and other movements this was a right hook that they tried to blame on the cyclist running the pedestrian signal, when the pedestrian signal means as much to the cyclist as it did to the driver, nothing. Intersection protocols to avoid the initial wreck, infrastructure to prevent it. I don’t know what to do about drivers that pack heat in addition to the weapon of mass destruction they drive. More Motorist who shot Taylor bicyclist in road rage incident released

Another CA cyclist is hit-from-behind and left to die. Norco bicyclist killed in Rancho CucamongaThe Norco man was wearing a helmet.” Then he shouldn’t have died, right? I mean that little thin shell of EPS and thin skin of ABS plastics over the cyclist’s fragile skull and brain should have protected him from all harm, right. I mean bicycle safety begins and ends with wearing a helmet, from most of the “safety” articles I read on the web. So why did this man die in spite of wearing a helmet?

A wreck in LA that makes very little sense to me. Police identify cyclist killed in accident If I read this correctly something made the cyclist fall in the intersection and then the driver ran her over, independently of the other wreck. IOW, the driver is claiming that his hitting of the cyclist was not his fault because the cyclist was already down when he got there. HeLLOOO!? Adult human being laying in the street and you can’t see her. Do you not have headlights capable of lighting the road? Anyway to avoid try not to get wrecks as you cross an intersection, intersection protocols might apply here as there may have been a second vehicle involved hit-and-run. To prevent get the infrastructure right, including things like headlights on cars and teaching drivers to not overdrive their headlights.

Another report on the cyclist hit from behind in OH. North Ridgeville native dies when bike struck in Cincinnati Eyewitnesses have posted in the Facebook group Cyclists are Drivers pictures of the remains of the bike impaled on the weapon vehicle. From the pictures I can get there was no way for the cyclist to avoid this wreck as he was not in the middle of the road as first reported but riding the fog line.

A report from NY that makes very little sense. Police ID man hit by car while riding bicycle in Rochester The cyclist made a U-turn in the middle of an intersection? I’m going to assume the writer was not on crack but reporting the actual facts as they were related to him, but this really sounds like the most elaborate SWSS I have ever read. UGH! Anyway to avoid the wreck as it is described intersection protocols apply, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

An apparent ninja cyclist is killed in CO. Cyclist struck, killed by SUV on Wadsworth I looked at the possible scenes in Google Maps (Street View doesn’t work for this box of rocks) and it was about 3/8 of a mile between controlled crossings but there were several intersections where he cyclist could have been trying to cross the road. Most were from parking lot driveways which are uncontrolled but the through traffic always has right of way. Intersection protocols including lights and reflectors to avoid, and get the infrastructure right so a cyclist of any age does not have to cross a 6 lane urban highway to get a cup of coffee or a news paper. But you still need lights and reflectors even with the perfect infrastructure.

A wreck with life-threatening injury in Canuckistan. Cyclist injured in crash I don’t know the mode of the wreck but the bike seems to be in fairly good condition so it was probably a buzz job side-swipe. There was a comment that the cyclist died after the wreck. I couldn’t find any followup to this breaking story link.

Another cyclist is hit in the Great White North. Cyclist seriously injured in Gatineau I’m pretty sure Gatineau is somewhere in Quebec, but don’t hold me to that, it could be a Québécois name for a body part for all I know. This was another breaking story with no followup that I could find.

We finally find out what it takes to get a half-way decent jail term for a surviving cyclist’s wreck in the UK: They have to be a potential Olympic or Paralympic Gold medal, and the driver has the be quantifiably drunk, and also leave the scene. Farmer jailed for hit-and-run on Paralympic cyclist I had a very hard time reading this article as a large black box covered most of the page. I was able to scroll up and down and read the article above or below the box. While the sentence was ludicrous it was still several times more strict than most cyclist deaths in the UK which in most cases amount to 200 hours or so of community service, and maybe a few months ban from driving. Even when the prosecution can prove deliberate actions to kill a cyclist the drivers seldom get a custodial (jail or prison) sentence. This wreck is truly out of the ordinary.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Programming note, there will be no blog posts until Monday. I’m taking the weekend off to celebrate not dying 11 years ago and also Labor Day (and beat my spell checker over the head a few times about how to spell “labor” in the United States). Also I have to leave early Saturday to level up my Warlock to 5th in the RPG we are playing at church, I have a new invocation I have been dying to try, “Eldritch Lesser Pantsing”. It causes the bottom half of any biped’s armor to fall off and remain around his feet for as many rounds as I pass my concentration check, plus a round for each level of the caster so as a “fire and forget” spell I bollux up the recipient for 5 rounds, or I can really make it evil for them as long as I pass my concentration check plus 5 more rounds. This does 2 things to the “victim”. First the victim’s movement is cut in half for medium and smaller characters, by 2/3 for large and giant characters. Second the characters AC is reduced because the spell removes half the armor, and reduces the ability to dodge, because the armor is tangled up around the victim’s feet. The victim can pull up the armor to restore rate of movement but they still get the AC loss as the armor is less effective when just held in the hands than worn properly. Also when the victim is holding up the bottom of the armor he can’t use any two handed weapons because one hand is full of his pants. The spell is cast against the character’s charisma stats, and has a DM discretion to work any time “Rule of Funny” can be invoked. There is a penalty that can be used when the spell isn’t all that funny to go with the DM discretion.

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Well that was unpleasant, and the Feed

I wouldn’t go as fas as to say that yesterday was “doubleplus unfun”, but I have had days that were better. Because of some issues I mentioned from earlier in the month I had to hang around the office for longer than anticipated and I missed the cattle call (my agent said not to worry, he was there with another client and I was not what they were looking for in the slightest, they didn’t even interview unless the meat was mostly bald and totally white-haired), and I didn’t get someplace with food until after 1600 (4PM). I then spent the next roughly 45 minutes stuffing my face, with a woman flirting with me for about 20 of those minutes (hey I did say I worked as a model, there’s a reason for that). Also I got confirmation of my high metabolism, I weighed 198.0 when I got to the office, but 196.2 when I left and I didn’t give that much away in specimens. Apparently when I’m hungry I go into fat metabolism with a vengeance, but I don’t think I had enough activity to burn 3600 Calories an hour.

After I got done with that I had to get to a meeting of the Faith Development committee for the upcoming Full Moon this Friday, and the installation of the new Patron and Labor Day service. As the full Moon coincides with the 11th anniversary of my death, I will lead part of the ritual where we celebrate Life and Being Alive, because I may have died, but I’m not dead now, Woo! Also as part of the Labor Day service we will devoke the service with music from The Call, “Let the Day Begin”. Read the lyrics and you can understand why we chose that ditty to honor those who work and earn a living.

Up first because I got to it first is a report on a cyclist that left-crossed a speeding car who was then left for dead. Lakewood cyclist injured in hit-and-run near Cleveland’s West Boulevard Eastbound cyclist making a left, westbound driver hits her an keeps on going. I suspect the driver either was a sociopath, or had some other reason to not hang around (no license, no insurance, registration not paid, you know all those things that drivers do to “pay for the roads” that don’t actually pay for the roads). The irony of this is the cyclist was at fault in this wreck, had the driver remained on scene there would have been no repercussions against the driver unless there was some reason to ticket the driver not related to the wreck. To avoid use the intersection protocols paying particular attention to making sure you can clear the intersection before making that left turn. To prevent make it so cyclists and drivers are not trying to occupy the same space at the same time, i.e. get the infrastructure right.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike 8 years running, they killed another one. Jacksonville bicyclist dies of injuries suffered in Saturday accident Until LEO release the directions of travel for both vehicles in this wreck I can’t say what happened or how to avoid it. At this point there are two scenarios presented: 1) cyclist “turned left” and was hit from behind aka SWSS, 2) Cyclist turned left in front of vehicle coming the opposite direction AKA “left cross” only the cyclist left crossed the other vehicle. Either one could be prevented with getting the infrastructure right and the second one could be avoided by using the intersection protocols.

A PA wreck that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Bicyclist killed in crash on Creek Road What this reports sounds like to me is there was a powerline touching the truck where the cyclist couldn’t see it and when he “came in contact with the truck” it electrocuted him.

More information about the cyclist hit from behind in OH. Bike Community Rides To Remember Bicyclist Killed in Crash Still nothing about which direction he was in relation to the intersection, and lots of really stupid comments about cyclists “asking for it” by riding in the road. More Family of bicyclist killed Tuesday: ‘People need to be careful watching out for bikers’

From The Great White North a bike wreck that almost killed a 2 YO that wasn’t even riding the bike. Child escapes serious injury after bicycle carrier run over in Cambridge Driver turning from one street to another fails to yield to the bike that was already there and hits the bike and the trailer behind it carrying the 2 YO victim. Driver arrested. To avoid use intersection protocols, to prevent use Dutch infrastructure models.

Still in the GWN a US cyclist is injured. Cyclist critically injured in Niagara Parkway crash At this point they don’t know why the cyclist crashed, but they do know what didn’t make him crash: he wasn’t hit by a car and he didn’t hit the other cyclists he was riding with. They are also pretty sure it wasn’t excessive speed because the other 2 cyclists he was with didn’t have any problem and the cyclist used that route regularly without any problem. As a guess I would say that flying insects are the most likely cause for the wreck, getting hit in the face by a bug will cause a startle reaction that can cause a wipe-out. Add speed to the startle and you get a major wreck.

More from Canuckistan on the cyclist that hit the driver’s side view mirror and went under a cement mixer. Cyclist killed on Whyte was U of A track athlete and Cyclist killed in mishap on Whyte Avenue today also Edmonton cyclist loses control, dies under wheels of cement truck I would really like to see a picture of the pickup truck from that wreck, because this story just doesn’t make a whole lotta sense without it. Just how far out did it extend and how much further than the standard mirror for the truck? how high was it from the ground? The reports have mentioned it hit him in the head and that he was trying to duck under it when he went under the cement truck. So many questions, so few answers.

A cyclist is killed in Guyana, but the article is behind a paywall… Good Hope cyclist killed on the spot From what I can read of the article the cyclist was hit from behind and died immediately, or the cyclist was hit head on and died immediately. Either way this is a dead cyclist we are dealing with and almost no information about it…

An unusual brake design has a manufacturing defect that may cause the brakes to lock unexpectedly and the rider to fall. Eecycleworks Recalls Bicycle Brakes Due to Fall Hazard The design looks sound to me, but brakes that break when they are supposed to be braking is “doubleplus ungood”. And a really bad pun.

LifeStyle as two cyclists train for the Paralympics. Cycling pair riding toward gold It’s not about racing, it’s about two guys riding a tandem bike.

And that is all the news that gave me fits today.

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I’m hungry and in a hurry, and the Feed

As I mentioned yesterday I have a trip to the Lab Rat Keeper today, but what I didn’t know was they are taking a fasting blood test for lipids and blood sugar among other things. My appointment isn’t until 1330 (1:30 PM for the 24 hour challenged) which means I sit at this computer with stomach growling and not even so much as a cup of coffee, just water as I kill the time until I hop the bus to the doctor’s office. I fear for the levels of snark in the blog today, they may go supercritical.

Hit-and-run in MD. Cyclist Struck On Massachusetts Avenue Left ‘Unconscious and Bleeding’ and Hit-and-Run Leaves Cyclist Reluctant to Ride, See Friends Hit-from-behind by a driver that just merged right into her the cyclist had no time to react, so no way to avoid. Getting the infrastructure right might prevent this but as it was in what is described as suburban residential this would be mixed use in the Dutch model.

“Idaho stop” does not meant just ride on through, it means you stop if there is anyone there to stop for. Boulder police: Cyclist injured after running stop sign, colliding with car Seriously, at least slow down and look before you go through a stop sign. Yield to oncoming traffic (stop). This is an infrastructure failure between the cyclist’s ears.

A PA cyclist is hit by a driver looking at his cell phone? SUV hits 17-year-old bicycle rider in Hereford Township Gee I wonder what could cause a driver to look at his cellphone long enough to hit a cyclist so hard it sent him into a row of trees?

In MA a young cyclist is hit by a landscaping truck. Foxboro boy struck by truck while riding bicycle The kid was hit in a residential area right in front of an apartment complex, 200 feet from an intersection. The pictures from the scene show a cyclist struck directly from behind while riding in the passenger side wheel track of the street. Nothing the cyclist could have done, and as this is already shared space under the Dutch model the only changes to the infrastructure would be a drastic lowering of the speed limit for the area and eliminating motor vehicle cut-throughs.

A CT police officer who killed a cyclist while off-duty is sentenced in the hit-and-run. Koistinen Receives 5+ Years For Killing a Teenager Riding a Bike OK as I read it he has 15 years where he can be sent back to prison after he gets out after the 5 years and 4 months, during which he will be subject to random drug tests and required to put a breathalyser interlock on the ignition of his car when he is allowed to apply for a new license. Not so happy about him getting to drive, very happy that for the next 20 years he will be subject to drug tests and forced to stop drinking or spend a very long time in prison.

From TN a cyclist is hit head-on by a drunk driver. Crossville cyclist struck by pickup in White County Yeah, not much chance of avoiding a salmoning driver at speed. The driver is charged with vehicular homicide only because they can’t prove he did it on purpose to raise it to murder, because from where I’m sitting it really looks like murder.

A “freak accident” in Canuckistan kills a cyclist. Edmonton cyclist dies in ‘freak accident’ The cyclist hit the mirror of a parked truck with hit forehead as it hung over the bike lane, and fell under the wheels of a concrete truck. Just how big was that truck that he hit it with his head? Blue has a seat height about 6″ lower than a regular bike because of the crank-forward design (both feet on the ground when stopped, full leg extension when pedalling) and most pickups are right at my shoulder height, about mid-chest when on a “regular” bike. I noticed in the comments section a little dig about “small penis syndrome” for the truck.

From Oz, a cyclist killer gets just over 5 years in prison. Hit-run driver sentenced over cyclist’s death and Drunk hit-run driver jailed for five years for death of cyclist in Cottesloe A violent death, compounded by a total failure to render what comfort the victim could get. Only 5 years 3 months maximum, probably out in 3 years. Words fail me.

From NYC a “person” has riled up some strong emotions. At Least 24 Cyclists Were Killed In NYC Last Year, But Gawker Wants More The “Gawker” in this case refers to a movie review that had the headline “First kill all the Cyclists”. The movie was gawd-awful, but the review was even worse, comparing cyclists to terrorists, etc &sf.

And those are all the links that gave me fits.

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Up too early for two days of busy busy, and the Feed

Yep, the next two days will be interesting to say the least. Today I have the blog post to do, the lawn to mow, a toilet to repair, and a pot of beans and rice to prepare. The lawn and blog post are self-explanatory, the toilet has a broken fill valve that won’t stop running, and today is bean day. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the Lab Rat Keeper followed immediately by a cattle call for a modelling assignment. I don’t get many of those any more as I’m starting to reach the age where “mature” bleeds into “senior citizen” and I don’t fit the “look” for the senior citizen jobs (still have most of my hair, still have the broad shoulders and narrow waist that got me the jobs as a “fit mature man”, and I don’t have easily detectable grey or white in my hair). I haven’t let myself go enough to get the “senior” jobs, but gravity is working long enough on my face to keep me from getting the “fit mature man” jobs. I could get the “fit mature man” jobs for several more years if I had a lift, but if I had the $$ for surgery like that I wouldn’t be going to cattle calls, they would be calling me.

Up first is not a bicycle wreck but has many of the same mechanics of a bicycle wreck. Car runs down NH memorial ride cyclists, killing 2 Driver went into a procession of 200 motorcycles, some with large American flags. If they couldn’t hear, or see 200 motorcycles and avoid them, how do they avoid hitting anything?

They found the driver that killed a cyclist in MA. Police interview driver of truck involved in fatal cycling incident in Wellesley Notice I didn’t write “caught”. At this point it looks like the driver of the weapon vehicle in this hit-and-run will get away with out even a ticket. More Neighbors remember Wellesley Cyclist killed in crash This was the wreck that I couldn’t tell what happened because the pictures of the wrecked bicycle were two mangled wheels and part of the rear triangle sitting on the side of the road and no other bike parts visible. I still have no idea what the mode of this wreck was from the little bit of the bike I could see.

A cyclist is hit in MD by a bus travelling in the same direction. Cyclist dies in Ocean City accident At this point that is the only information being released by LEO about the wreck other than the name of the cyclist. There’s a link near the bottom of the blog about the person that was killed, who he was when he wasn’t riding a bike. More Nacho Mama’s Owner Killed in Ocean City

An OH bike wreck where at this point LEO have no idea what happened. Road reopens near airport after cyclist struck I don’t even know if the cyclist was riding on the road or standing next to it or riding next to it. Nor do I know which direction either vehicle was going at the time. None of that information has been released yet. More Bicyclist Serious Hurt In Eastside Crash another link Hamilton Road Reopens After Bicyclist Struck also Bicyclist Struck Near Port Columbus OK after reading all the latest links and seeing the wrecked bicycle, the cyclist was hit from behind near an intersection and was in a lane not near the right edge of the road. This tells me he had either just made a turn or was preparing to turn when he was hit, the information about whether he was approaching or leaving the intersection being left out of the reports. So, intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

From Jolly Olde a cyclist is injured by a trail booby trap and he’s not the first. Chopwell biker injured in wire sabotage I don’t know how to avoid stuff like this without staying away from the sites that have been booby trapped, which is exactly what this terrorist wants. I don’t know why UK authorities are not treating this like an act of terrorism. If someone placed wires at neck height on a B road (minor road that still gets lots of car traffic) it would be an act of terror particularly if it caused death or serious injury…

The victim of a MD bike wreck is remembered by the community. Vigil for Nacho Mama’s Owner Killed Bicycling Still nothing about the wreck other than he and a bus came into conflict going the same direction.

When the first man to walk on a physical body not on this earth died there was some confusion among the publicly educated. Neil Armstrong Died, Not Neil Young (And He’s Not A Cyclist) Actually I don’t know if that person was publicly schooled, home schooled, or went to a private school. But I would bet they aren’t very old.

Another bicycle “safety” program that begins and ends with “wear a helmet”. Youth in Salem County will be rewarded for practicing bike safety

From WI as the numbers of cyclists goes up, the numbers of injuries goes down and the deaths stay the same. Community Conversation: For bicycling, safety’s in numbers The number of injuries is a good way to track bike wrecks as most bike/motor vehicle wrecks result in the cyclist getting injured. Those numbers are going down. Cyclist counts in urban areas are going up, the combination of the two is a confirmation of the “Safety in Numbers” hypothesis that as more cyclists hit the roads drivers become more aware of cyclists and are less likely to hit one. The death toll remaining flat confirms that even if any individual cyclist is less likely to get hit, motor vehicles are still deadly deadly things and can kill, so the ratio of injured to killed is going down, not a good sign for the infrastructure design. If the infrastructure design is working for bikes that ratio of injured/killed would go up as the wrecks would be less serious and more survivable.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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Random thoughts on Wreck-Free Sunday

Well I don’t have anything coherent planned for today, just a few random thoughts.

Last night my church selected Hestia as our patroness for the coming church year. The problem is finding 6 virgins to tend the eternal flame out of a committee of 4 ritualists, with half of those being males and a different half being over 50 YO. That kinda makes us fresh out of virgins. On a related note we missed having Lakshmi as our patroness by a single point for the selection process. A few food items or a few votes would have swung the process either way.

Here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell the citizens are an important unpaid part of the PD and streets department. Both are reliant on citizen input to fix problems whether those problems are drivers that drive like they have the only vehicles on the roads or roads that are changing from paved to potholed gravel. I mentioned that I can do camera enforcement of road infractions if I buy the cameras and install them on the bike, well I also need to tell the Streets Department where the dangerous pavement is. Part of the problem is that what is most dangerous for a bicycle is a complete non-issue for a car, cracks and steps along the direction of travel. Those can trap a wheel and throw a bike (and rider) to the ground in a heartbeat.

Fun stuff I’m up to is I have a few parts that I’m using to improve the altermotor assist bike. Since I never mentioned this bike before, the short story is I’m converting a junkyard car alternator to a brushless motor that adds power to the drivetrain of the bike and has no additional drag when it isn’t assisting. The idea is to climb easier, or faster with the same amount of human power, so only about the same power as a human can produce is added to the mix. The original setup had a small sprocket attached directly to the converted alternator pulling the chain so that it saw the gears used on the back but not the front. There were 2 problems with this method. The first was that there was a limited range of RPM that could be used, and all of them were very low. This kept the motor below the speed where it developed the most power at the voltage used which caused a big current drain and also caused the cranks to spin too fast when the motor was activated in the middle and granny gears on the crank taking those gears away from use with assist. So, to get better power and use less electricity I needed to get the motor speed up above power peak at the voltage used and also do something so that I have granny gears even with assist, so that no matter how steep the climb I have the option of adding assist. The plan is to use the same sprocket on the motor driving a jack shaft with 3 output cogs and one input cog for human power and one for assist. This reduces the pedal speed to human levels and also gives granny and mid-range choices for both the rider and assist as both power sources have a single input that feeds through a choice of 3 outputs. I’m still building this so I’m not sure about the ratios yet for the motor side of the shaft. The human power side of the shaft uses a 48 tooth chainring to a 16 tooth cog on the shaft, with an 11 tooth small cog up to a 22 tooth big cog with a 16 tooth middle cog, converting that to what the equivalent crank would be is 33 granny, 48 mid, and 66 big going to a 20″ drive wheel. The equivalent for a full-size bike would be 25, 37, and 50. I still haven’t figured the power peak or the speed that happens at with the motor as I’m building a new controller that will run at full power. The old controller would only run at a maximum of 95% power because of using the power switching process to run a circuit that allowed the high-side FETs to be saturated when turned on. Also I was running the motor at such a low speed that the controller would lose commutation (knowing which phase of the motor to turn on). The new controller uses different high-side FETs that don’t require that circuit to function at full efficiency. This will allow the motor to be run at 100% without any worries about burning up the FETs in the controller. I think the free-spin RPM at the voltage this system runs at will be something between 800 and 1000 RPM. But I’m not sure because there are 2 parts to the equation, the power applied to the rotor which controls the magnetic field in the motor with a stronger field making a slower motor but more torque, and the Kv of the stator windings which I have no idea what it will be because that is a measured variable that I haven’t measured yet. Incidentally that power applied to the rotor is the main reason why this project exists, when there is no power applied to the rotor there is no drag from the motor, which means that a single control lets me select assist or no assist with no drag.

And that’s what has been banging around the inside of my skull this week.

PSA, Opus

Hope to get done early today, and the Feed

Yesterday was a nightmare as the links I was trying to open from the Feed almost all had some kind of ads that were bolluxing up my browser. Actually I think it is the crippled version of Flash I have to run because I have a trashed sound “card” integrated with the MB and I can’t bypass it or turn it off and when I have any kind of Flash that uses sound it crashes the browser eventually. Yesterday there were a lot of those and other things in the links that caused a crash an average of 45 minutes, with several that happened in an interval of 25 minutes each. I need a new computer, along with a bunch of other things I need replaced.

Opening up is another reason why we hate the Dutch here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Spectacular New Floating Cycle Roundabout We can’t even get a plan to put paint on the streets and make residential areas 20 MPH, and they get a circular suspension bridge to keep bicycles separated from motor vehicles in time and space that costs more than our entire bike/ped program. As a result they have a 33% bike mode share and 45% commute share, we have a 0.5% mode and commute share.

A hit-and-run in OH. Troopers searching for Grand Am after teenager injured in hit-skip Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid and fix the infrastructure to prevent. Crush the cars of hit-and-run drivers and that will stop in a big hurry.

A MA cyclist is killed in a somewhat strange wreck. Bicyclist killed in Wellesley and Cyclist killed in Wellesley crash Friday is identified At this point it hasn’t been released if this wreck was hit-from-behind or a right hook or a hybrid between the two. Since the Intersection protocols cover all three cases those protocols might have helped the cyclist avoid the wreck if the driver would allow it. This was a wreck I reported on yesterday that I didn’t understand because all I could see was the wheels with a part of the rear triangle attached to one, well I still don’t understand this wreck.

A MD cyclist is hit by a bus. Cyclist dies after being hit by bus in OC As the wreck was near an intersection intersection protocols might have helped, or the bus could have run over the cyclist while pulling in to a stop. I can’t tell you how to avoid it until LEO releases their report on the geometry of the wreck.

In the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike 8 years in a row a working cyclist is killed in a hit and run as he was working. Cyclist struck, killed by hit-and-run driver Yep he was riding one of those upright tadpole trikes that are used to sell food on the street and he was hit and run. It’s not like the driver a) didn’t see the cyclist on a vehicle the size of a small car or b) know he had hit a vehicle the size of a small car. This is another one of those cases that I thinks merits the death penalty for the driver.

Update on the CO cyclist hit-and-run by a drunk in a Subaru. Cyclist In Lakewood Hit-And-Run Dies This was the cyclist hit in an intersection earlier this week.

Update on the CA kid in a tank Escalade that killed two cyclists on the sidewalk. Concord teen pleads not guilty for crash that killed bike-riding father, daughter in April The charges were reduced and he still pleads not guilty…This is the perp I wast curbstomped outside the courtroom.

A cycling priest in WI is laid to rest after a fatal wreck. Funeral services scheduled for priest killed in bicycle crash and Holy Family priest killed in bicycle crash Apparently the good father failed to yield to traffic as he crossed the highway. That makes this an intersection wreck use the intersection protocols to prevent. fix the infrastructure to prevent, because in this case you have bicycles crossing that are not separated by either time or space from motor vehicle traffic.

A cyclist is assaulted in the UK. Morons! South Yorkshire cyclist badly injured after push from car yob Buzz job by the driver compounded with a physical assault by the passenger. Unavoidable for the cyclist. Get the infrastructure right to prevent, plus charge both the passenger and the driver with assault with a deadly weapon.

Also from Jolly Olde a really blind driver killed a cyclist. Chirk driver who killed cyclist in crash had degenerative sight condition I have nothing I can add to the story. A person driving while fracking blind. Since 2004.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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How to “fix” the blog, and the Feed

I’m sure many of you are asking “The blog is broken? It just loaded fine for me.” but I’m not talking that kind of “fix”, I’m talking the kind of “fix” that brings in eyeballs to advertisers. I did notice a slight uptick when I did that product review on the tires, and another when I reviewed my helmet, and a big uptick when I mentioned zombies yesterday. But these are correlations without specific causation. as none of the search results noted in my stats mentioned product reviews or zombies and I certainly didn’t tag the post with “zombies” (although maybe I should tag this one, since I have used the word several times now). I know I could get more eyeballs if I was a better writer, but I don’t think F. Scott Fitzgerald could do much better with this subject matter, and I’m not “plugged in” to the national bike scene enough to get the kinds of Life Style articles that bring in the eyeballs. The only national bike event I’m close to is the Hotter ‘n’ Hell Hundred that I’m going to miss this year because of lack of $$ even though it is a hard day’s ride away. And before you ask yes I have ridden a bike from the DFW area to Wichita Falls, ridden the HHH the next day, and then rode the bike home (actually I rode the bike 6 miles toward home when the tire valve separated from the tube on the only 451 tube in a 90 mile range and loaded the bike on the sag wagon for the rest of the trip, but that is another story). So, loyal readers, as an adjunct to yesterdays request for making the blog pay out, what should I do to get more readers? Contests? Better writing? P0rn (not really)?

Before I get into the wrecks I have to note that there were a larger than usual number of them from Canada today, more than half of the links I got were from the Great White North or Canuckistan. But up first is a hit-and-run from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 6 7 8 years running (the stats from 2010 and 2011 were released within days of each other). Police: Mom jailed after killing man on bike in hit-and-run crash Nothing on the mode of wreck but from other facts laid out we can deduce it was a hit-from-behind, so use those protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure tight to prevent. Also since the driver sold car insurance she should know the laws about driving without a license and all that other stuff since it determines how much you pay (and how big a commission she gets). So no excuse for the driver to leave the scene of the wreck or wait until her car stunk of rotting flesh to admit she hit somebody.

From the other side of the country the driver of a Cadillac Escalade that was speeding and went over a fire hydrant and onto a sidewalk killing adult and child cyclists and injuring a second child will not be tried as an adult. Juvenile charges in Concord auto deaths I reported on this wreck ages ago, and they’re just now getting around to filing charges. This waste of human skin needs to be curbstomped repeatedly, not tried as a juvenile and his record expunged when he turns 21.

Still in CA a cyclist is right-hooked. Cyclist hit, killed by big rig in Ukiah The way the report reads now the big-rig was making a right turn while passing the cyclist and just flat ran him over. Intersection wreck, but from the report the cyclist never had the opportunity to use intersection protocols to avoid this wreck, getting the infrastructure right would prevent big rigs from being close enough to cyclists to injure them.

A wrecked cyclist in MA. Cyclist killed in Wellesley hit and run Apparently a hit from behind, the picture that came with the article showed only a pair of wheels and part of a rear triangle (I think). this is the kind of wreck that could only be avoided or prevented by fixing the infrastructure to keep idiots in cars (and pickup trucks) away from people on bicycles.

Multiple links from the Great White North about an ICE-assist bike rider getting killed. Police seek public’s help in identifying cyclist killed in crash and Cyclist dies after being hit by car also Cyclist dies after collision in Toronto’s west end Well there were multiple links when I filtered them but they turned into just the three. The two links from the broadcast media were overwritten by the later stories so five links turned into three. Anyway intersection wreck that LEO are as of yet unwilling to blame on the cyclist (so far), so intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. With the front suspension and fenders on the bike this looks like it was built as a serious commuting machine, I hope they can find out who the cyclist was.

Another wreck in the GWN. Cyclist injured by hit-and-run driver Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid. Get the infrastructure right to prevent including making hit-and-run a major felony with serious penalties that are equal to what you would get if the wreck was DUI or without a license.

From Oz a cyclist waiting out winter weather before continuing his round the world trip is killed in a hit and run. Chinese tourist killed in hit and run Hit-from-behind and knocked so far off the road that his body wasn’t discovered until 10 AM, maybe hit-from-behind protocols would have helped, but getting the infrastructure fixed so this could not happen would definitely have “helped”. I really found the bit about the cyclist’s helmet being damaged in the wreck ironic.

A bit of Infrastructure! news from Canuckistan. Police point speed gun at cyclists From one point of view this is a good thing. They don’t know what is a safe speed to ride on a MUP so instead of pulling a number out of a convenient bodily orifice they are taking measurements of what cyclists not running into pedestrians are actually doing. From another point of view this is terrible. Nobody has been seriously hurt or killed on the MUP so instead of spending precious resources getting dangerous drivers off the roads they spent all day clocking bicycles on what is essentially a big sidewalk without a road that is as safe as most living rooms.

And while there were more links that gave me fits than this I have tired of trying to post to this blog when the browser keeps crashing every half hour or less…

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I need to monetize this blog, and the Feed

Well, this is the longest running “job” I have done since I was killed back in ’01. Us zombies just can’t get a break. 😉 But all that aside I have been doing this blog with various service providers since the fall of 2006, here at WordPress since November of 2008 (wow, 4 years almost), with only the occasional gift (greatly appreciated) to sustain the operation. From the looks of the job market people with fully-functional brains are having trouble finding work of any kind. Those of us who died and left something on the road haven’t had a chance in years (for me the job market went south in 2006, that’s when I had my last interview). So as the headline says I need to make this thing pay off for me. WP has indicated a willingness to work with me but I have to bring my numbers back up, and to be blunt this is not a subject that draws people like flies to honey. I know this is a depressing subject matter, and the few bright spots I can find are few and far between. So, I’m open to suggestions as to how to make this blog a viable source of income aside from the few jobs investigating bicycle wrecks it has gotten for me. And don’t suggest I write for a newspaper, they’re in almost as bad a shape as I am.

Up first a wreck that didn’t involve a cyclist but very well could have. Weird News: Police say fast food reach caused Mass. car crash with police cruiser If the driver had hit a cyclist instead of being in “Weird News” this would have been a tragedy. The driver could have changed lanes or gone off the road to hit a pedestrian instead of running a red light, or hit a cyclist crossing legally while she ran the red. It doesn’t have to be a cell phone distracting the driver.

From CA more on the POS driver elderly gentleman that is accused of chasing and running down a cyclist. Oakmont road-rage suspect delays plea in first court appearance I notice that his lawyer is still trying to decide whether or not to plead guilty and throw his client at the mercy of the court. To recap, when LEO found and impounded his car they found paint from the victim’s bicycle and debris that could be positively matched to the golf course where the cyclist was hit (from a previous media report) on the car.

A bunch of links I got from BikingInLA starting with another deliberate assault on a cyclist. Jury Seated for Trial of Man Accused of Running over Bicyclist The 68 YO victim displayed incredible bike-handling skills as he was hit from behind hard enough to make the front of the bike “jump” but did not go down. The driver hit the cyclist at least twice without dismounting him from his bike until he deliberately ran the cyclist over. Now the driver faces life in prison for the murder of the cyclist.

Still running on Ted’s links (but I got this one in the Feed as well) a woman appears to have deliberately hit a cyclist before leaving the scene in NorthEast CA. Bicyclist in critical condition, suspect arrested after chase The weapon vehicle was abandoned after the driver impaled it on steel and concrete posts protecting the front of a business. There was no way for the cyclist to avoid this one as witnesses reported the driver swerved directly at the cyclist in a bike lane, but getting the infrastructure right would prevent it, including getting repeat offenders off the roads.

Another link that Ted and I both found (and that I would have found just reading the site as I do daily) BikePortland has a report on a power grab by LEO being thwarted. In Roseburg, popularity of bicycling thwarts punitive police power grab LEO wanted to be able to write cyclists tickets for not riding in bike lanes but needed a “public hearing” before they could do so, so they tried to get all the bike lanes “certified” in a single hearing. As bike lane conditions can change from moment to moment, this is a fool’s mission. Fortunately the fool declined the mission. Activists who had mobilized before the hearing as cancelled were allowed to speak and tell the city how bad conditions were in the bike lanes that LEO wanted to write citations for leaving.

A MI cyclist took a long time to die after getting hit from behind by a blind driver. Cyclist hit by car dies 4 months later The driver claimed to be “blinded by the setting sun” and hit the cyclist hard enough to send him “flying” over the cyclist in front of him which tells me the driver was going way too fast for conditions. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and fix the infrastructure which includes getting blind drivers off the roads to prevent a similar wreck.

A CO wreck that was very similar to that Lake Tahoe hit-and-run. Lakewood woman charged with DUI in hit-and-run that nearly killed cyclist That wrecked car looks familiar. I think I might have posted a link about this wreck yesterday.

Right hook in AZ. Bicycle rider hit and dragged by pickup truck Intersection wreck, use the intersection protocols to avoid until they get the infrastructure fixed to prevent a wreck like this. I couldn’t tell if there was a bike lane at the intersection but the description of the wreck and the location of the truck after just don’t make a lot of sense as the truck appears to be stopped in the inside lane well to the left of where the cyclist was supposedly hit. To paraphrase the Bard, “there is a distinct odor from Arizona”.

A fatal wreck in MO. Man on bicycle struck, killed by pickup truck near Poplar Bluff Drunk driver hits and runs but gets caught immediately. And that headline is wrong, the cyclist was killed by a drunk driver with a pickup truck. I’m not just saying the headline was incorrect even though it is, it is morally wrong too. It makes it seem that the driver was just there not really responsible for the wreck caused by his condition instead of being the sole cause of the death. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the drunks of the frelling roads to prevent (and you get 2 geek points if you can tell me where that particular word that means another word came from).

A wreck in the 49th state as a vehicle crossing a sidewalk fails to yield to traffic occupying that sidewalk. Boy killed in North Pole collision identified Of course the driver thinks it was the kid’s fault for “riding in front of the truck” but the kid couldn’t get in front of the truck unless the driver had failed to yield. So, intersection protocols because every driveway is an intersection, and infrastructure including education for drivers of when to yield.

A bicycle cop in (NH,MA,ME?) is hit by a drunk on a motorcycle but is still able to ride faster than the drunk and catch him. Wells summer officer hit by suspect, police say Of course it isn’t hard to catch someone when they hit a parked car. I don’t consider this a wreck the average cyclist has to be concerned about avoiding as we very seldom try to pull over drunks when we ride. I would go so far as to say we never pull over drunks when we ride.

From the Great White North a cyclist gets run over by left-crossing a car. Cyclist injured following collision with motor vehicle Yes there are places where you have to stop for the cars, just like another car would have to do.

From Jolly Olde a not-so-jolly report of a cyclist attacked with a knife on the street and repeatedly stabbed. Cyclist stabbed in Elderslie street attack The attack was so bad that initial responders believed it was a car wreck.

For all my cycling friends that are “in the dark”, from Instructibles. DIY Bike Lights Seriously if you can’t find something in your range of budget and talent from this list you should really be questioning if you are safe to ride a bike at night in the first place 🙂

Last link from Ted in L.A. is a LifeStyle article on someone I have had long technical conversations with over in the fora. Cyclist star defies near-death setback Yep, a lot of us dead guys ride ‘bents… That “big race in Nevada” mentioned in the article is 2012 World Human Powered Speed Challenge

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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Just back from an experiment, and the Feed

I think I might have mentioned a time or two that I like to tinker with electric assist for bicycles. Well most of my experiments were built as bicycles first with assist added as well “assist”, a little something extra to make the ride a little easier. What I’m working on now is something different, more along the lines of a “Bionic Bicycle” that rides like a bike but has so much power that easy pedalling can make the bike do 20 MPH just about anywhere. It’s still a bike but when you select assist (by holding a button on the handlebars) your pedalling motion acts like pushing the gas pedal in a car. Want to go faster? just pedal a little harder. Today I was simulating what happens when you forget to charge the battery and run out when you still have miles to go before you get home. I loaded some junk in the buckets on Blue and put him in the 20 MPH gear and just left it there. The bike I’m simulating is single speed and weighs about 50 pounds empty so I had to carry about 20 pounds of ballast to make Blue weigh the same with all the other stuff I have on him. The trip was to a grocery store about 5 miles away to get some refrigerated food and carry it home before it thawed. Well, I won’t lie, it was strenuous to say the least. While having a single speed and adjusting motor output based on pedal pressure made sense for the powered assist portion of the ride, when the power goes away it makes riding a pain. Interestingly enough I saw a similar increase in average speed for the route that I noticed when I was riding the same gear as part of my training for drag racing, but that was riding a bike that weighed 20 pounds less and also had less aero drag and was over a much flatter course. But like I wrote earlier when the battery dies on this bike you had better be close to home on flat ground because it will be a miserable ride home, if the experimental simulation is anything to go by.

Up first a couple hundred miles east of the Suburbs of Hell a kid rides out into traffic, Lufkin boy on bicycle seriously injured in wreck with vehicle also Boy injured in bicycle wreck to undergo surgery Intersection wreck, driveways are intersections too. Intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A CO woman is charged with multiple crimes in a hit-and-run on a cyclist. Lakewood woman charged with DUI in hit-and-run that nearly killed cyclist Since all I have to go on was the picture of the weapon vehicle with the left front corner and the right side windshield collapsed. Given a wreck location that was near an intersection this could be a left turn from a cross street in front of the cyclist. That would be a variation of normal intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent, including making DUI impossible.

Another wreck with a SUV in CO. Cyclist Hit, Killed By SUV In Arvada Intersection wreck, intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. There is a question about the cyclist’s BAC%, don’t ride drunk…

An intersection wreck in CA. Teen cyclist critical after being hit, dragged 50 ft. by car in Rancho Cordova The intersection in this case was the driveway from the train station, and the cyclist was pulling into the main road when he was hit. Intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

More on the SWSS wreck of a cyclist in CA. Cyclist Killed in Peninsula Crash Still blaming the cyclist for being there to get hit rather than a driver that was passing way too close. More One Dead in Burlingame Bike Collision

Another bike wreck in CA with nearly no information in the link. MORENO VALLEY: Teen killed in bicycle crash About all I can tell is the wreck happened in an intersection and they blame the cyclist. Intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another wreck as a cyclist tries to avoid running the red and does an endo. Cyclist injured in flip over handlebars at Santa Rosa intersection Trying to watch too many things at once and loses focus causing the sudden stop when the light changes. Intersection protocols to prevent and fix the infrastructure to prevent.

From the Great White North, the murderer of a cyclist gets to tell his side of the story after he was never prosecuted for the state to tell the victim’s story. Michael Bryant’s book met with anger from slain cyclist’s father, police The lying son of unmarried parents continues to lie. He was caught on video hitting Darcy Allen Shepard from behind and then when Shepard gets up from the road to call him on the behavior Bryant tries to run Shepard over with his convertible. Shepard is seen grabbing the side of the car where Bryant tries to knock him off the car by driving into planters, light poles and a mailbox. Bryant them leaves the scene of the assault. All of that is caught on video from security cameras stationed all along the street/scene of the crime.

A SWSS cyclist in the Great White North. Cyclist suffers serious injuries Note the classic SWSS narrative. Hit from behind, use the hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another GWN wreck. Cyclist Injured In Cambridge All I can tell about this wreck is it was in an intersection, so intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Closure of a kind for a UK wreck. Custodial sentence for 20-year-old motorist who killed cyclist on Lancashire road The driver got a little over a year and a half in jail for killing a person with a known deadly weapon…

Infrastructure! from CA. Cycling Injuries, Fatalities Underscore Proposed New Law The comments… If you can’t pass a cyclist because you’ll hit another car head on, DON’T PASS THE CYCLIST! it isn’t safe to pass there.

Really stupid infrastructure news from the GWN. Councillor proposes cycling ban on west-end street after fatal accident So instead of fixing the street just ban bikes? How about preventing rapes by banning women from going out in public while they’re at it?

And really late, those are all the links that gave me fits. Also my computer gave me fits because of the browser locking up and crashing, which is a big part of why this is so late today (tonight).Billed @$0.02, Opus

I can make a difference, but I ain’t got the $$

I have been in discussions with the City Council here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell about the way people “drive” around my bicycle in particular and mentioned that if I had cameras and a transmitter then GPD could make a freaking fortune just off the tickets they could write on my regular ride to church where I get at least one and sometimes two illegal passes every trip, not to mention all the drivers that run the stop sign I’m stopped at. When the guy on the cargo bike pulls up before you do you had better wait until the guy riding the cargo bike actually leaves the stop sign before you go. I mean seriously if you can’t wait the full second I spend doing a track stand on a crank-forward comfort bike before you leave you are in way too big a hurry. And way too many drivers don’t wait that long. I mean I push it on the lower bounds of what actually constitutes a “stop” at a stop sign, but these fools don’t just cross the line they do a running broad jump over it.

So what does all of that have to do with the headline? I think I have mentioned that here at WoaB World HQ “We be P’ ” as in too impoverished to afford to buy a vowel. Obtaining a single camera of high enough resolution to be used as evidence in a court of law is outside my budget. To do the job right requires at least 2 such cameras and either a high capacity SSD, or a transmitter that would allow a LEO to watch the violation from cover and use a squad or motor to catch the driver and write a ticket. To be able to write a ticket from video LEO need to be able to read the license plate from a frame grab as the act is taking place on camera. To be able to make the ticket stick there needs to be a timestamp on every frame of the video record. As most of the idiots I see endanger my life or the lives of others (the guy on the sidewalk as the car was driving on it to pass me last Saturday), they can add aggravating circumstances to make the job worthwhile from a labor costs perspective. So you can see this needs to be an expensive setup. I would need cameras front and rear with a field of view that would cover both sides of the bike because I get stupid from all sides when I ride. A helmet mount would catch the events that take place while drivers are alongside the bike (Blue is a rather long bike and covers a lot of ground for an almost-upright bike). Plus the high-capacity recorder or a high-bandwidth transmitter (3 HD quality cameras use a lot of bandwidth or storage no matter how you slice it) and a battery pack that will provide juice to all those watt-hour hogs for long enough to make a difference

The thing is to do this I have to supply the equipment myself. Yeah, that’s going to work, right? So, if any of you out there has an “in” with a video camera seller that can provide that list drop them a line and tell them they would be doing a Mitzvah sending it out to the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. If you need an addy leave a comment with an e-mail where I can get in contact with you.

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