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Late ritual last might, and the Feed

I seldom comment on the content of rituals I don’t write in this blog. The preceding statement is true on two levels, but I digress. Part of the reason the rit ran late was one of the ritualists was late getting off work. He does personal service for a living, which sometimes runs late. It happens, nothing can be done about it, so carry on and muddle through as best you can. The other reason the rit ran late is we were cooking in rit and part of the process was waiting for bread to rise. Yeasts are fickle creatures and operate on their own schedules not ours, and in this case we couldn’t put the bread in a proofing oven at 90°F, we had to let the dough rise at room temperature which delayed the rise considerably. Then there was baking, followed immediately by consumption in ritual with much spreading of the ceremonial jams and butters and smacking of lips (I defy anyone to eat bread fresh from the oven quietly), then a discussion of the lesson of the ritual (we are UU Pagans, we talk everything to death). So by the time I got home for dinner it was a quarter to midnight. Finishing up last minute emails and checking the bike news sites took until 2 AM (0200) and I skipped about half of the news sites.

Up first a teen tweets a picture of a hit-and-run victim in the street, doesn’t lend aid. Photo Of Craig Williams, Dying Man In Road, Tweeted By Teenager Who Didn’t Stop To Help I don’t know the man was or wasn’t riding a bike, he was a vulnerable road user that had been hit and left in the road, and all this kid did was take a picture and add a snarky comment. I have been first on scene in several wrecks, I always do what I can to stabilize the victim until professional help arrives. I even know what CB Channel 9 is for (yes, I’m old) and have told people to use it in an emergency. I expect you the reader to get out and learn first aid, have a cell phone (it doesn’t have to be activated on a current account to contact 911, mine isn’t) and keep it charged so that you can call emergency personnel for back-up. The only bike wreck I have been at was mine, so all of the times I have helped someone they were in a motor vehicle of come kind when they were hurt.

The comments in articles like this make me want to just arrest every driver and charge them with assault, manslaughter, or murder. Bicyclist Critically Injured In Point Breeze Crash and Another bicycle rider hit on Penn Avenue also City taking action after second bicyclist in a week hit on Penn Avenue more Officials urge caution after bicyclist hit by car on Penn Avenue for 2nd time in week not done yet Pittsburgh to bicyclists: Avoid Penn Avenue in Point Breeze Grr. Blaming the victims instead of going after the behavior that causes the problems, drivers that treat the roads like they are their own private racetrack and everyone slower than them should just get off the road. How angry do you have to get to spontaneously combust? OK, focus, the cyclist was right-hooked by a driver that was driving too fast and lost control of their vehicle after hitting the cyclist, at least as the wreck is being presented as I do this post. Nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid this one without superhuman levels of speed and reaction (and if you can do that why are you riding a bike?). To prevent get the freaking infrastructure right and get cars slowed down where they have to share space with people, and away from people as much as possible. How much is “possible” in the US, given that the new “mall” up the road from me has car parking in front of the stores because people got tired of walking in the AC of the conventional mall it replaced is subject to debate.

Another wreck that the comments got my dander up. Cyclists urge more caution for drivers and bikers riding road I have previously covered this wreck.

A wreck in VA. UPDATE: Police ID bicyclist killed in Richmond hit-and-run, seek suspect Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The victim was hit just seconds after she left work on her bike as shown with her clocking out at 2210 and LEO getting the call at 2214. It must have happened right in front of her coworkers for the call to come in that fast.

A wreck in CA that was investigated by the fire department? Cyclist Injured In FiDi Crash If this wreck was in the UK I would probably know more about it, as I read it now the cyclist hit or was hit by something, and as a result parted company with the bike and ended up in the street. So, don’t run into or get hit by unknown objects? and this is the only link I have to this wreck.

A different CA wreck with a touch more information. Man On Bicycle Killed After Being Hit By Pickup Truck In Santa Rosa and Cyclist killed in Fountaingrove collision more Cyclist Dies In Fountaingrove Parkway Collision Left cross by another blind driver, with LEO being deliberately complicit in the aftermath of the wreck… Anyway, intersection wreck, use intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent a similar wreck. Apparently infrastructure in this case includes training LEO to not take the killer’s side when the law is quite explicit that drivers hitting cyclists when making left turns are automatically at fault?

A NYC cyclist is hit when he “cuts off” a driver. Cyclist Injured in Upper East Side Crash When the cyclist is at fault the cyclist gets injured, when the driver is at fault the cyclist gets injured. Try not to be the guy that’s at fault.

Another NYC wreck, but the narrative in this wreck makes no sense whatsoever. Cyclist Killed by Cab in East Harlem Look at this and see if I’m crazy: “The cyclist, who police have not yet identified, was heading east with traffic on 108th Street around 7:50 p.m., according to an NYPD spokeswoman. The cab was traveling on 108th and had the green light, the spokeswoman said, when the cyclist entered the intersection and was struck by the cab.” So the cab and the cyclist were on the same street, the cyclist was riding with traffic and the cab hit him in an intersection? and “No criminality is suspected.” [facepalm]

Update on the cyclist hit from behind while riding on a bike path in WI. Police: Driver not wearing glasses when cyclist killed Not wearing his glasses is the least of the driver’s problems, taking a prescription medication that had warnings not to drive while taking the medication is much more serious… And all the “stuff” the driver had to ignore to get his car on to the bike path, about 6 or 7 full-sized curbs and other obstructions…”Witnesses said Van Wormer’s vehicle drove over two concrete traffic standard islands and a curb before driving on the bike path.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike another on dies. Man on double-decker bike killed after car hit him in suburban West Palm Beach From the article about a man killed riding a bicycle as tall as a semi at 10:45 in he morning: “The bike did not have any lights or reflectors and was a “flat grey color”, the release says.” 10:45 AM The driver of the weapon vehicle had the cyclist directly in front of him, and ran right into the cyclist, and this is what LEO had to say about the wreck? Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, smarter LEO and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another wreck from FL. Jacksonville bicyclist killed crossing St. Johns Bluff Road Apparently the cyclist was running a red light with multiple witnesses. One of the major tenets of the intersection protocols is following traffic controls, that is don’t run the red light until you know it won’t change, then treat it like a stop sign.

From Far West Canuckistan, a driver convicted of a hit and run that happened 4 years ago finally gets sentenced to prison. Driver who killed native housing advocate in ’08 hit-and-run faces sentencing Unfortunately killing someone with a motor vehicle automatically excludes the killer from lifetime imprisonment or death…She hit 3 people and killed one (not the cyclist) and permanently crippled another, she should be getting a very severe sentence.

I’m a little puzzled at this Infrastructure! story. Bicyclist Dies On Dangerous Oakland Roadway – Suit Filed By Family In Oakland Superior Court For Wrongful Death and Cyclist’s widow files lawsuit against Oakland The cyclist was unable to avoid hitting the crack in the road because he was trying to avoid getting hit by the insane drivers driving like he wasn’t there?

More infrastructure from CA. Hundreds of bike crashes near UC Berkeley over 5 years and Visiting professor’s death highlights bike crashes in Berkeley

LifeStyle in VA. Fairport School District to honor biology teacher killed in crash They could honor her with a law that makes killing a cyclist with a car just like killing them with a gun… just sayin’. Neither driver that hit her had a valid license, one because he had multiple DUI convictions (and had just gotten out of prison for the most recent conviction), so this was illegal possession of a deadly weapon in addition to the vehicular charges.

More Lifestyle. Ghost Bikes Stand As Memorial For Cyclists Killed This was for the cyclist whose assailant stole the bike after he killed the cyclist… They found the car but not the bike.

And very frustrating was there was an entire Feed report full of UK bike wrecks with almost nothing in the links. The victims deserve to be remembered here, but unless and until I can use the links to tell you how to avoid the wreck I won’t waste the bandwidth. I mean they died, their deaths should be remembered, but I can’t do it here.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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