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Grocery run in the heat, and the Feed

Yep, yr fthfl svnt and scribe gets to do mule duty in weather that the ASPCA says is too hot for making mules carry things. Funny how that works out, but we’re out of milk here at the ranch, and somebody (me) gets to go to the store and get some, or else drink the coffee without milk. Since the milk in my coffee is a major source of my nutrition (and isn’t it sad that I drink that much coffee?), I must get some today. Also I need to pick up bread and yogurt, this being the light week for shopping.

Up first the driver of the second vehicle to hit a teacher in Rochester NY who was riding off the road has made a rather rude public statement about the case. Megan Merkel, Woman Who Killed Teacher Before Telling World To “Suck A ___,” Now Blames “Retard” Ex-Boyfriend For Deadly Wreck Neither driver had a valid license at the time of the wreck (and if I was ruling the world now they never will) and both drivers were drunk, making this the fourth(!) time the “retard” boyfriend has been arrested for DUI (he just got out of prison for his third DUI when he had this wreck). If this wreck had taken place here in TX then both drivers would be potentially looking at the death penalty because after the first DUI subsequent DUI become felonies, and under TX law any death that comes from the commission of a felony may be prosecuted up to the death penalty, even if accidental and unintended. It is seldom used in DUI fatalities, but had been used in a wreck not to far from WoaB World HQ in the Suburbs of Hell that killed most of the members of a family on their way home from church (as I recall).

Update on the rider hit by an SUV in PA, just yards from the site of a previous cyclist-killing hit-and-run. Bicyclist dies after crash on Penn Avenue I really wish I could tell you how to avoid a wreck like this, but when you deal with people that can’t see when they are guiding weapons of mass destruction being used for transportation, what are you going to do? Require states to do a test on whether the driver actually sees cyclists when they drive? And just how would you perform such a test? The only thing I can see working is to allow one “I didn’t see him” wreck, then permanently ban the driver from ever using a car again. After all if you can’t see a cyclist, how can you see those tiny stripes on the road? A cyclist is much bigger than the stripes… and I’m repeating myself again.

A MN cyclist is killed trying to cross a dangerous intersection. Bicyclist killed Tuesday at Highway 371 and Excelsior Looking at Google Maps this is another huge intersection with a high-speed through road and what looks like demand sensors for the light, the intersection is almost 150 feet across so even if the cyclist could trip the light making it all the way across before the light changes back looks like an impossibility. Also making this even more difficult this intersection is about a quarter-mile away from the exit of a limited-access highway with (I think) a high speed limit, so the driver could be in the intersection just seconds after leaving the other highway. long after the cyclist started crossing the intersection. Infrastructure like this makes me want to use foul language, because there is almost no way a cyclist can cross this highway safely. If there is a pedestrian signal, then it might be possible but it would require the cyclist to get off the bike and press the pedestrian crossing switch, then remount the bike and cross the intersection before the light changes again. And it fundamentally discriminates against bicycles as legal road vehicles for the infrastructure to require that action to make it work for a cyclist.

A MA cyclist is injured in a major cluster of a wreck that the cyclist was the only one that didn’t have some responsibility for the wreck, also the only one injured. West Roxbury cyclist injured in minivan crash Three people were involved in this wreck, the minivan driver, the cyclist, and the guy in the other vehicle that waved the minivan driver through while screening the cyclist from view. This guy almost got the cyclist killed. Under MA law there was no way for the cyclist to have avoided this wreck, and if this was an area of shared use by the Dutch model I don’t see a way for infrastructure to prevent it either. The only way to prevent it would be for the guy that stopped to allow the minivan through to not stop, not be so polite. And that really irks me because I like to be nice and let other people through when I can see that they have been waiting a long time. But when I do it I’m riding a bike that people can see through or around and doesn’t screen oncoming traffic from view.

A different kind of Ghost Bike in CT. ‘Ghost Bike’ memorial for 7-year-old Danbury boy Not as visible as the usual Ghost Bikes, but much more permanent. The WoaB approves.

And another ringing endorsement of riding with a helmet cam. New York Personal Injury Lawyer Laud Cyclist Helmet Cameras For Their Ability to Capture Accidents If any camera manufacturers are reading I would endorse the first one that sends me a camera to test, and also the best one if more than one are sent. The camera must be Linux compatible and work with a USB port.

And that is all the news that gave me fits today.

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