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Everybody is gone today, and the Feed

I finally got to see some cycling from the Olympics last night, by accident. I have made repeated searches with the set-top box’s search listings function (because it takes almost a half-hour just to scroll through the program listings for the current half-hour) and searching for “olympic” anything comes up a bust, searching for “cycling” just sends me to VOD short films on gear and technique. So yesterday I had just finished watching the replay of Sprint Cup practice from Pocono and accidentally switched to the main network Olympic coverage, and there it was: track cycling. I watched the men’s 4000 m team pursuit final, the women’s 3000m team pursuit eliminations, and a heat from the women’s Kierin. The are using an e-assist bike this year in the Kierin instead of the old duerneys with the big V-twins and the rider standing on the back of the bike with handlebars that run the length of the bike. This makes for a much smaller hole in the air for the first rider and therefore much less fighting for the wheel of the pace bike, and instead of the race being won or lost in the first lap behind the pace bike someone can storm out of the pack from third or fourth to win after the pace bike leaves the track. So, just for informational purposes I do like bicycle racing, I just don’t cover it in this blog as there are already people doing that much better than I ever could.

And the headline? Well the crazy house mate is gone to an all-day movie marathon over at the $1 theater, Mrs. the Poet is gone to an out-of-town baby shower, the other boarder has to work after taking Mrs. the Poet to the shower, and the cats are enjoying the sun before it gets too hot outside, when I’m sure they will come back in and sprawl in front of the sink in the kitchen (we decided they do that because they think that is the most comfortable rug in the house to sleep on). And I have RPG group tonight after I complete this blog, so at one point or another everybody is going to be out of the house on a Saturday, not the usual situation.

Lots of links in the Feed today, but fortunately for us most of them were LifeStyle, Infrastructure!, motorcycles, or not in the US. About the only US bike wreck link I could find was this salmon cyclist getting hit by 2 trucks in GA. Savannah bicyclist critically injured in wreck With the number of vehicles involved I believe this narrative of a cyclist riding against traffic. To avoid, ride with traffic and use the hit-from-behind protocols if you’re afraid of getting hit from behind. To prevent, education and physical infrastructure that makes cyclists feel safe instead of a system that cyclist felt compelled him to face his doom rather than have it sneak up on him from behind.

Moving on, a cyclist is hit in the land that originated the Bermuda Short. Cyclist injured in South Road accident and Pedal Cyclist Seriously Injured In Taxi Collision The pictures in the second link tell the story. The taxi was driving on the wrong side of the road and hit the cyclist head-on, a totally unavoidable wreck for the cyclist. The pictures show an area that would be shared space under the Dutch infrastructure model, so the only Infrastructure change would be a very slow (by MV standards) speed limit to minimize conflict between cyclists and MV and also to reduce the risks to pedestrians.

LifeStyle in VA. Memorial service for woman killed in bicycle hit and run

Infrastructure! in Seattle. Remember Mike Wang by rethinking how we behave on roads The current model of how we use the roads is deadly even to people that use motor vehicles even if they aren’t driving (CDC says that motor vehicle wrecks are still THE major killer of people under the age of 15).

Another (sort of ) infrastructure story from CA. Bicycle poll results I know what we could do, have a referendum on motor vehicles, but only allow pedestrians, cyclists and transit users (only) to vote. If you drive you don’t get to vote on this tax and fee package that would require large annual taxes to pay for hit-and-run victims, and also registration fees that actually pay for the road damages done so the roads are not torn up where a bicycle isn’t safe on them.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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