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>yawn<, Last morning service this summer, Wreck-free Sunday

D&D ran very late last night, and I didn’t get to bed until almost 0300 (that’s 3 AM for you civilians). Where we are in the campaign is we all have jobs now, guarding a caravan train from monsters and supernatural terrors. We managed to get through the first 3 weeks “game time” just making free money, eating, sleeping and spending 8 hours a day walking beside the caravan train. After 3 days we got to a small village and the people in the caravans set up shop to trade with the village, so we set up a skirmish zone for security so nothing could jump us and rob the caravans (or the customers). Sure enough a couple of hours after we got set up we were attacked by Shadows (non-corporeal undead) that could only be hurt by magical weapons. Since the only weapon my character uses is 100% magic I was handing out a bunch of hurt on them. This was on my side of the caravan, on the other side was some kind of bear-sized canine (not a wolf) that was very susceptible to ordinary physical attacks. Well actually there were several of them, but the part of the company on that side had to deal with them. I was able to hold station and guard my section of the caravan while using my new long-range attack that I got when I levelled up a couple of sessions ago to lay the hurt on anything in view from my station. So, I followed orders and still killed lots of bad guys and protected the caravans. Any places where I saw the NPCs getting attacked by the Shadows I would send a blast from my weapon to take out the bad guy (or hurt them bad enough that the red shirts could take care of them) I was in place in the middle of the train and had the range to hit anything on my side. My character was very popular at the beer wagon after my shift that night. The game session ran to a little before 0200 and after getting the building straightened up and the game put away, riding Blue home the 3.6 miles, logging the miles at BikeJournal.com, and getting ready for bed, I didn’t get asleep until about 0300. The just after 0900 this obnoxiously perky person tells me it’s getting late and I should be getting up…

Most UU churches take the summer off to reduce their energy bill when their attendance is lowest anyway. We are just going to drop the morning service for the rest of the summer because we get the required ritualists, plus a person or two from the congregation sometimes (when you get more people putting the service on than are there to attend the service, the people putting on the service get annoyed). We get nearly full houses for the evening services, empty or nearly empty for morning, so morning services are taking a break until the weather cools off.

I was lucky enough to get to watch lots of races this weekend, between NASCAR, ARCA, ALMS, WoO, Indycar and some sanctioning bodies I have no idea who they were… And those were just the cars, there was Olympic bike track racing too…

While I was doing this Mrs. the Poet was attending the youngest child’s baby shower, with said baby having a name finally: Alexander Riley Causseaux.

And that pretty much covers what I did this weekend, except for going to evening services tonight.

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