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Nothing special going on today. I’m making beans and rice in the slow cooker, Mrs. the Poet is cleaning the church, the crazy house mate is still crazy but at work instead of in my face. One thing we discovered last week but forgot to relate until now, the mixture of beans and brown rice I use takes on a decidedly “meaty” flavor when the leftovers are reheated with soy sauce, and the cheapest soy sauce we had on hand made for the strongest “meat” flavor. I would have to say it was something between ground beef and ground turkey in flavor and texture, and not strongly flavored, more of a strong hint of a flavor. The bean combination in question is equal amounts of dry beans by volume of black beans, pinto beans, and lentils. And the spell checker just borked over “pinto”. What kind of spell checker does not recognize the word for a dappled color pattern on beans and horses?

Also I have been tracking down storage leaks in my system and found another hog in a folder called minidumps inside the Firefox folder. What are minidumps, and why do I have 700+MB of them in 41+K files? Related question, what will happen if I just delete them? I now regularly delete unsent crash reports from the pending folder because they have a limited shelf life measured in the .01 of seconds (IOW by the time I can see them in the pending folder, they are already past their expiration date and can be deleted so long as FF is still up and running). I mention this because several weeks ago I found 1.5GB of unsent crash reports in the pending folder, and now I have almost half that number of minidumps in a different folder. So to reiterate, are these minidumps good for anything, and would something bad happen if I just deleted them?

Up first is a CA cyclist riding a MTB on the road that was injured in a solo wreck. Bicyclist Injured in Crash North of Azusa I especially like the bit about the cyclist striking the mountain La Puente man seriously hurt in bicycle crash on San Gabriel Canyon Road north of Azusa and also La Puente Man Injured in Azusa Bike Accident Looking at that last link I see that the last sentence of the first paragraph has been changed to remove the word “mountain” from the mountain bike, so now I don’t know if he crashed on knobby tires, or road slicks. Either way he lost control because he went too fast for his skill level and his equipment. To avoid and prevent ride within both your skills and your equipment. And if you’re going to be going downhill at a high rate of speed a helmet does provide a small degree of protection, particularly the hard shell ones like I wear or the bike/skate helmets sold for “urban” riding conditions.

Another CA cyclist is killed, his riding companion injured. Bicyclist Killed After Being Struck By Car In Bermuda Dunes also Bicyclist struck, killed in Bermuda Dunes The driver hit 2 cyclists so I strongly suspect either intoxication or deliberate act on the part of the driver, especially since the wreck happened on early Saturday morning but after sunrise.

A CO cyclist didn’t quite make the crossing before the light changed and was ticketed for the wreck. Cyclist ticketed, receives minor injuries after coliding with car in South Boulder This is one of the greatest problems facing traffic engineers trying to integrate bicycles with cars in environments where motor vehicle speeds are high and the intersections are big. The amber phase of the light is timed for the motor vehicles, resulting in a case where a cyclist entering under a “stale” green is still in the intersection several seconds after the light turns green for the opposite direction. To the driver the cyclist appears to have run the light, and if the cyclist survives he is frequently given a ticket. The article even admits the cyclist may have entered the intersection just as the light turned yellow, meaning the cyclist was legal (in spite of the ticket). I don’t know how to fix this except with separate signals for cyclists, as I wrote this is a huge problem for traffic engineers.

A College Coach falls off the bike and breaks a hip. UConn hoop coach Calhoun suffers hip injury while riding bike I didn’t realize rolling hoops was such a big sport in CT 😉 Anyway, cyclist lost control because of loose dirt/gravel on the road, strictly an infrastructure problem that can be fixed by keeping the roads in good repair to prevent loose gravel in the first place, and by regular street sweeping.

Another cyclist rides in front of an oncoming train with predictable results. IN man dies after riding bicycle into path of train and Bicyclist hit, killed by train Let’s go over this one again, you can only get hit by a train if you are on the tracks at the same time as the train, trains are big and mostly very noisy especially if there is somebody standing on or near the tracks. They can be seen and they can be heard, and they can only be found in very specific locations from which they mostly do not leave. Also the areas where they inhabit usually have warning devices to alert you that there will be a train there shortly and that you should not be there when the train is there. So, can we all stay away from the trains and not get killed now?

For all those drivers making Internet comments about riding only in parks, I present this article. Bicyclist killed in a hit-and-run accident Friday evening in Mangonia Park identified and Homeless man killed in Mangonia Park hit and run wreck The description of the driver’s behavior is consistent with a legally drunk but not totally sloshed driver. Anyway, hit from behind, use the protocols to avoid and fix the infrastructure to keep drink drivers away from cyclists and other vulnerable roads users to prevent a wreck like this. I strongly suggest that all the cars driven by drunk drivers be recycled as a step towards reaching this goal. To be fair about this I suggest making the first DUI a misdemeanor, with the driver allowed to have the car back after getting out of jail, and all subsequent DUI be felonies with the car getting recycled upon conviction. And in all cases where the DUI results in a fatality the driver gets to witness the recycling from inside the car.

Also from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike like the previous paragraph, cyclists are killed and the driver and passenger are charged with murder. Miami-Dade men arrested in hit-and-run deaths of two Broward cyclists See, not only was it hit-and-run, but the reason they were running is they were trying to evade arrest, which is a felony in FL. FL also has the provision that deaths caused by the commission of a felony are murder, even if unintended or the victims were not the intended targets. Another batch that qualifies for watching the car get recycled from the inside. As for avoiding these cyclists barely had time to register that there was any danger before they got hit. Avoiding would require either super speed and reactions, or supernatural knowledge of impending doom. And how can you prevent a police chase of fleeing felons with infrastructure changes?

LifeStyle from NY. Bicyclists pay tribute to woman killed, man seriously injured

The same as above but in CA. ‘A summer of sorrow for cyclists’

More LifeStyle from the Great White North. Solidarity bike ride for courier hit by car

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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