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Different definitions of infrastructure, and the Feed

Yesterday’s trip to the City Council here in the Suburbs of Hell showed that we have widely diverging definitions of “streets infrastructure”. My definition starts with the basic design and layout of the streets and the zoning, and includes things like speed limits, traffic controls and education for the users. I see infrastructure as a basic tool of transport, and like any tool some instruction is required to use it properly. On the other hand many in the City Council see the streets as “finished” and only requiring of maintenance. Their definition of “infrastructure” is “keeping track of what the city has and keeping it up”, rather than actually making it work for the new situation of expensive fuel and too many cars.

Up first a cyclist running a stop sign is hit by a driver exceeding the speed limit (as shown by the damage to the cyclist). Bicyclist killed in NE Houston traffic accident The cyclist was knocked out of his shoes in the wreck, which usually indicates a high rate of speed on the part of the weapon vehicle. And don’t read the comments, Vincent1952 needs to be horsewhipped.

A MA cyclist is injured and the main feature of the article was her helmet. Cyclist seriously injured when struck by car Note that she was injured in several locations on her body. Also note that nothing was given about the mode of the wreck. I attribute this to the fact that LEO had not concluded their investigation at the time the article was posted.

A left cross in ME with a twist. Woman hurt in Belfast motorcycle-bicycle crash listed in critical condition Did you see the twist? The bicyclist left crossed the motorcycle. Intersection wreck but the protocols are mostly written for avoiding someone else doing the right hook or left cross on a cyclist, not the cyclist doing it to another vehicle. The section in the protocols that calls for the rider to be especially vigilant are the ones that apply most. And of course if the infrastructure had been done right so that bicycles were separate from the fast-moving motorcycle then this wreck would have never happened.

And IN cyclist is severely injured. Biker suffers severe injuries after accident The cyclist was hit from behind by a blind driver. “The driver of the SUV never saw the man riding the bicycle.” Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Closure in a MN bike wreck. Man, 28, pleads guilty to hit-run that killed Mpls. bicyclist I have been “covering” this wreck since it first hit the Web, I hope the miscreant is given the maximum sentence allowed by law. Given the number of second chances he has gotten I think it’s long past time to straighten him out and now all we can do is just keep him from hurting anyone else.

A cyclist is hit-and-run in NC. Bicyclist Killed In Hit And Run Identified The driver was turned in by the passengers of the car, so it’s not like he can claim ignorance of the wreck since everyone else in the vehicle knew. Amazingly enough, the mode of the wreck was omitted from the article, so I can’t say for sure how to avoid this wreck, but getting the infrastructure right would be a major start in preventing a similar wreck. I strongly suggest letting drivers that kill watch their vehicles getting recycled, watching from behind the steering wheel.

A cyclist is left-crossed in the Windy City. Bicyclist struck, killed by truck identified Left cross, and a hit and run. Every driveway is an intersection, intersection protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent. And make a major part of that infrastructure laws that make killing a pedestrian or cyclist a crime rather than collateral damage that is the unavoidable consequence of motorized transport.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, another cyclist is killed. Teen bicyclist killed in traffic crash This was a crossing movement and the cyclist was already doing what the protocols call for to prevent the wreck, by riding in the most visible spot on the road.

A wreck in the Great White North that involved a solo bike. Toronto cyclist killed after wheel gets stuck in streetcar track This is another one that the cyclist may have been required to multitask beyond his ability as he dealt with motor vehicle traffic, obstructions in the street, and an unsecured load on his bike. Having to pay attention to three things at once could have been fatal in this case. Also the wreck was the kind that bicycle helmets are designed to protect against injury from. I advise wearing helmets, I just don’t advise making laws to wear helmets.

Update on another wreck “up North” in Canuckistan this time. Cyclist killed in crash with pickup This was a cyclist that reportedly ran a stop sign and wasn’t wearing the legally required helmet. “And he had B.O.”

A rare UK link, a cyclist is “doored”. Bromley cyclist’s death was an accident says inquest Obviously the person conducting the inquest has never ridden a bicycle in his adult life.

An Infrastructure! note I should have mentioned in my post on driver’s licenses. Make cycling proficiency a compulsory part of driving licence

I don’t know exactly how to classify this article, except the actions reported are akin to grave robbing. Ghost Bikes Raided for Parts by Thieving Jerks and Thieves poach Brooklyn’s ghost bikes for parts Maybe someone should U-lock one of these jerks to a Ghost Bike and destroy the key and also make the lock unpickable by filling the cylinder with epoxy, so that the only ways to remove the lock involve severe pain for the lock-ee.

Another view of Ghost Bikes. Where cyclists die, ‘ghost bikes’ rise in tribute

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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